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Unvaccinated people must be combated in Menorca

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“The vaccine hesitancy rate is growing as vaccination progresses and that needs to be combated!”

The delta variant, the new toy that governments can use to frighten the population even more so that they will participate in this eugenic experiment, turns out not to be scary enough.

And because of that, Evil gets more and more faces. The despair is great. But also the downfall for us as humans. Which way is this going?

shameless statements

In the local newspaper of the Spanish island of Menorca, politicians and corrupt dark medics no longer shy away from publicly portraying themselves as actual Nazis who are completely over and will not stop at any price because they think they are on the winning side. and to think of their own interests.

Currently, the number of Menorcans vaccinated on the “full schedule” is significantly high, at 63,5 percent of those over the age of XNUMX.

As more and more people get the hang of the game, or at least see that these vaccines are life-threatening, a remarkable drop in vaccination rates has been noted in recent weeks.

“A foreseeable phenomenon. We call it The Last Mile”said one of the Dr. Mengele wannabes Maties Torrent.

Maties Torrent – ​​“Epidemiologist” of Menorca

Not vaccinating must be combated

“The percentage of vaccine hesitancy is growing as vaccination progresses and that needs to be combated”, he says.

He also has his ideas to make this happen.

“Measures will have to be taken against unvaccinated people. It's sad to have to get to that point."Torrent said.

President and socialist Francina Armengol this week urged parliament to demand that the government restrict access to cultural, sporting and recreational events for unvaccinated people.

And why? “They are at risk no matter how many others have been vaccinated, and they also make it easier for the virus to keep circulating, with the risk of implying it will mutate and who knows if it will become even more contagious.”

What nonsense. And people swallow it without asking the most obvious questions. Will you? Anti-vaxxer. conspiracy theorist.

And now: not vaccinated? subhuman. Fewer rights.

Exactly as predicted. Or do you think it is a coincidence that the vaccines are only for “70% work”. That variant after variant actually pops up all of a sudden? The most idiotic story ever is swallowed by the masses.

The newspaper also reports that the same conclusions have been drawn by epidemiologists advising European governments such as Italy and France, who have tightened their legal arsenal to encourage vaccination.

The TV virologists and those who follow in step for whatever reason, that is. Not the real scientists. They are stubbornly censored.

President Francina Armengol

Everything we have predicted together, for a year and a half, is coming out one by one. How we were ridiculed and laughed at.

I was also laughed at by friends and acquaintances. And the problem with those people who laughed at you then? They're avoiding you now. As if it's a game of equalizing. They even get angry. Out of frustration or what? I wish they would wake me up if I was in that situation.

That's what friends are for, right? In retrospect, you have very few. Real friends take you seriously

Stop poking, friends.

And it doesn't stop at shot 1 or shot 2. Shot 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will also come. (source) Maybe you're still lucky with 1 shot.

Now you can still resist as a human being. Without the obedience of the masses, these Devilish people are nowhere.

This is not about corona. This is not about your health. This is good versus evil. It's actually that simple.



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