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UPDATE: Trump's impeachment in the Senate!

Yesterday, the long-awaited trial of President Donald John Trump began in the Senate. This happens after Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi withheld the Articles of Impeachment for almost 2 months and the Senate was unable to initiate the process.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi finally sent the Articles of Impeachment to Senate leader Mitch McConnel so that the process could begin. The House Managers have also been appointed.

These managers include:

  • Adam Schiff: Impeachment leader in the House, and chairman of the Intelligence Committee;
  • Jerry Nadler: second man in impeachment, and Judiciary Committee chairman.

After the House's investigation, it is the Senate's turn to test the evidence and deliver a ruling.

There are 2 problems:

  1. The Democrats' charges are paper thin, and have not identified REAL crimes, their best argument was “abuse of power” but they did NOT include that as Article of Impeachment;
  2. They are trying to continue the investigation in the Senate because they don't have enough evidence. They want to have John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney and Lev Parnas testify. Even though they had the power to do that in The House, they didn't want to go to court because of the “executive privilege” that President Trump can use.

What was the impeachment about?

President Trump had a telephone conversation in June with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy in which he congratulated Zelenskiy on his parliamentary win. in this conversation the topic of a dismissed Ukrainian prosecutor was also discussed, about which Trump said:

“I heard you had a very good prosecutor who was fired. And I think that was unfair ”.

"Biden boasted everywhere that he was the one who stopped the prosecutor. So if you can look at that, I think it sounds awful ”.

The American media has always claimed that "there is no evidence that Joe Biden did this". This shows once again that the media is in the hands of the Democrats. Because this proof is there!

And this prosecutor was investigating Burisma Holdings, one of the largest oil and gas companies in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was on the board of directors of this company. And by chance, his father, Joe Biden, was Vice President of the United States at the same time! Vice-President Biden was also the one who determined the policy regarding Ukraine.

This in itself can be called suspicious! But it goes further:

During Biden's vice-presidency, Joe and Hunter flew to China together with Air Force Two, and they came back with a billion-dollar deal between Burisma Holdings and China, and we must not forget that Hunter Biden had NO experience in the oil and gas sector!

And now they try to spin this story in such a way that it shows a 'for what is what' situation between Trump and Zelenskiy.

What happened the day before yesterday?

It wasn't very exciting, because it was just the rules, Senator Mitch McConnel (GOP) wanted the same rules that were used during the Clinton process in the 90s.

Senator Chuck Schumer (DEMS) wants a trial with witnesses, and so, like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, wants to continue the investigation in the senate.

Senator McConnel did not agree.

McConnel's rules have passed, this ensures that no witnesses are called.

We will keep you informed…

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