Update vaccine victims….

The latest figures from the EMA on the reported side effects and deaths of the various vaccines.




Arguments are useless to start a conversation with the lemmings, sheep, muzzles.

I only say to people like this these days:

“We are in the most terrible pandemic of the past 100 years. For 16 months now! How available huh?

How many people do you personally know who had to go to hospital and how many people do you know personally who have died during this terrible pandemic?”


The answer is usually: 0. Sometimes 1 or 2, but then it involved people aged 86 or 92 and with cancer or heart problems.

Personally, I know one person who had to go to hospital and unfortunately I know one person who died of corona.


I now personally know one person who had to go to hospital after vaccination and unfortunately I also know one person who died after vaccination.

The cure is worse than the disease, they say. But what an understatement that is.



I would like to point out again that the national health institutes and manufacturers are responsible for reporting all side effects and deaths to the EMA. There is no check for completeness. But if you consider that the reporting numbers from the Netherlands and Italy are at the top of the list and those from Belgium and Spain (and also France) are at the bottom of the list, then you can draw your own conclusion about the completeness of these overviews.

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