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Urgent appeal to all catering entrepreneurs

Dear hospitality brothers and sisters,

Compared to most catering entrepreneurs, I don't think I was hit that hard. One major case under construction, another one for 2 years pending permits. In addition, only one cafe / restaurant is operational, which is now operational again and fortunately does not have such a large capacity, so these tightened rules do not affect me very hard now.

Yet my size has been full for a long time .. how is the rest? With those who know how to finish, are we going to wait until March? Until we can vote out these so-called representatives of the people who throw us into debt and slowly bleed us to death? Or are we going to rebel?

We have shown enough patience, shown solidarity and understanding. But nothing is left of my understanding. There is no second wave to be created. And more infections? What does that say?

We test with unreliable pcr tests and our cabinet is shamelessly voting down a motion to conduct a thorough independent investigation into this. This policy is unfounded, arbitrary and unjust. Our catering, events, art and culture are disproportionately affected. I think it is high time to really resist. Who's in?

SOURCE: Nadia Denise Duinker via Facebook

Source video:
YouTube channel De Kapitein

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