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Urgent approach to climate crisis and nitrogen hoax!

Dear reader.

With this writing I would like to help the Netherlands, to get rid of the lowest point that the Netherlands is currently in.

The problems are caused because this and previous cabinets have applied rules and legislation that were not in the national interest, but merely serve the interests of the EU, which affects our people hard, but are therefore completely at odds with the interests of the Dutch. population.

My goal is that this blog on Twitter, Facebook and Common Sense TV is disseminated to the readers and that you as readers are going to disseminate this to acquaintances, friends and family, leaving your name on it, so that you indicate this to disseminate this among as many people as possible.

Of course there are many letters in circulation should this set-up succeed, but by passing this message on each time, the number of names becomes more and more impressive, which could possibly lead to a tipping point, because there is an alternative to get out of this malaise, but the perpetrators of this problem do not seem exactly willing to support the originator of this initiative.

The big problem is that the PVV has been placed in a cordon sanitaire by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The PVV wants to apply an emergency law, which will be in force for six months, so that a solid solution can be found in that period of time

This cabinet, which devotedly devised all kinds of beautiful plans, to be able to be in the spotlight as the best-looking boy in the EU class, has shot itself in its own foot.

People therefore thought up beautiful rules for the eye, but these never came into effect, because it would soon have become apparent that this was a complete air bicycle business, but when a climate activist started litigating, this eventually ended up with the Council of State, which was followed by a court ruling.

Our herd has already halved in the last decades, but if it is up to this government, our livestock will again be halved and farmers, who are still practicing a fair profession, will be the victim of something that is not polluted at all and this will also largely eliminate a branch that is of great importance to the Netherlands. interest.

What our policy has completely ignored is that people use the land very efficiently in the Netherlands and since we know a relatively flat country, we have grown up in arable farming and animal husbandry, in which we have amassed an invaluable source of knowledge.

The Netherlands has been at the forefront for many years when it comes to floriculture, vegetable growing, fruit growing, animal husbandry, fishing and export of the resulting products, leading in the breeding of crops and extremely innovative in devising methods to achieve improvements.

Unfortunately, the EU apparently does not care and thanks to France, for example, pulse fishing was restricted, a stick was put into our breeding methods and now the Netherlands also has to break down in other areas of this EU, earlier it had been the drivers' turn and now it is again building and the groundworkers who have to break down in this EU are only getting a few people wiser and it is therefore high time that we took matters into our own hands, because a prime minister like Mark Rutte and his government coalition will only destroy us!

People were fully aware of this problem this summer, but the government has really done nothing to change it, it was thought that our farmers would be led to the slaughterhouse without a fight and to make matters worse, our country would also be filled with fortune seekers that we may never lose again.

Just like our neighboring countries, our atmosphere consists of 78% nitrogen and 20.9% oxygen, that is just a given fact, our environment is many times cleaner than a few decades ago, so you might think, then what's the problem? Well the problem is that the EU draws up certain guidelines and our cabinets of Rutte clowns go along with it completely, nature areas were created on this small piece of earth, the so-called stamps, which were dug to obtain the least possible soil, so that there plants that could not be found in the Netherlands for a long time and a worm that can only thrive in very poor.

That all sounds great, but in such a small country you are limited in the possibilities and to sacrifice your arable farming and livestock farming for that.That is the purest bastard, a simple thunderstorm can already affect such a stamp area, because in heavy lightning the necessary connections are also made with the nitrogen present, so that nitrogen will also precipitate in bound form with the precipitation and of which most plants in nature will only benefit!

The wind direction also plays an important role in supplementing nutrients from the air, industry and (air) traffic also emit certain substances, but there is hardly a word about that in The Hague either, which is what is now coming from that The city sounds like crazy measures that will not work, which will at most result in a reduction of 0,2% in nitrogen emissions and they do not address the emergency plan of the PVV, because this party is not a globalist party but can rather be called realistic.

We have a long history of arable farming, animal husbandry and fishing, but in the nine years that we have known the Rutte cabinets, we see a complete demolition of what we know, now the construction sector needs to be restarted, but what do you want when there are about 700 underprivileged people in the Netherlands every week? are going to do to come and live here!

In any case, the Netherlands should not become a third world country, the food banks have already sprouted like mushrooms, so now we have to make ourselves heard, so that our population does not end up in an unprecedented crisis.

In summary, it would be a very nice initiative if this column goes around the Netherlands as a message, in which case the reader adds his name, of course via Facebook and Twitter, via Google and YouTube and via other sources such as Common Sense TV. write through and support the emergency law of the PVV wherever possible.

People wake up! This cabinet is on a dead end and is not in our service, they are no longer representatives of the people, but lackeys of Brussels.

Sincerely Chris Collard!

PS Let you hear!
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