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Urgent appeal to Thierry Baudet

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Yesterday, March 16, 2021, I saw Thierry Baudet in it second part from the Jensen Show. The man made an authentic and genuine impression on me. I have not voted for fifteen years because I have no confidence in politics, despite the fact that my job even required me to act as chairman of the polling station. I once voted 'red' but today I voted for Thierry because he seems one of the few with integrity and the only alternative to get our normal life back. But something is missing.

The fact that Thierry comes across as a good person is also his handicap. Good people project their own goodness onto other people. Especially if they themselves have not discovered through traumatization the actual existence of pure evil against which they have learned to protect themselves.

In the conversation with Robert Jensen, Thierry did not understand that there are fellow politicians walking around who operate from pure malice. Colleagues who, from a lack of empathy and conscience and a mere focus on their own ego, have no difficulty whatsoever in subjecting the Dutch people to an in-and-in devils planCalled 'The Great Reset'; a Grand Restart of society for which a nonexistent 'pandemic' as a cover and manipulative is used. People lacking conscience and empathy have no humanity; the quality that makes people human.

Professor Robert Hare speaks here of predators within the species or 'intraspecies predators', who get their energy from the suffering of others. In everyday life such people are called psychopaths or malignant narcissists ('malignant narcissists'). Dr. Kevin Dutton made one Professions Top Ten which shows that it mainly includes rulers, police, civil servants, media personalities and journalists. Countless studies show the high degree of psychopathy under political leadership.

Paralyzing disbelief
“It implies so much malice. I can hardly believe that ”, says Thierry literally, to which Robert Jensen shouts almost desperately "Believe it! That is how people can be and that is how it has been throughout the history of the world; a small group that wants to suppress the large crowd. And the big world is kept in a world with Netflix that it is all so-nice-and-beautiful. […] It is a group that lives in an evil energy. And we try to make the most of it in this world as human beings. We are beautiful individuals. ” Rutger Bregman also confirms the latter in his study 'Most people are good', while the group of psychopathic rulers continue to falsely portray civilians as potential terrorists, 'snorted hooligans'and virus wappies for which more and more mass surveillance would be necessary.

Thierry: “But how do you know that? Have you seen those people? Have you met those people? ” Robert Jensen, a man who is very conscious and now a national hero, replies: “Yes, of course […] Zero empathy! They don't know empathy! And they can fake charm to achieve their goal. Power is the only thing that gives them energy. The suffering of others and getting better yourself. … It is a malicious one, devilish energy that [these] people can live in, if you want to call them people. It is different than how we are. […] Monsters! Yes, they exist! ”

Clinging to familiar worldview and false presuppositions
For average good people, the concept of psychopaths controlling the world is indigestible and conflicts with their familiar worldview. It requires a huge dose of 'out-of-the-box' thinking. Against all facts, one continues to cling to a false premise as a means of coping with the insanity one perceives and the mental "short circuit" it causes. This phenomenon is called: cognitive dissonance.

Thierry; “I cannot take this step on my behalf. I can't believe that. I can't just take as much evil [niceness] as you suppose. I will then quit! […] Above all, I see a lot of silliness. […] I generally see that the road to hell with good intentions is paved. ”

Jensen: “It is not that you cannot understand it. You wants not accepting that it is because it makes you feel very unpleasant. […] That is very understandable and human. ”

Awareness of 'Fremdkörper' among humanity
Since 2012 there has been an enormous awareness of good people who have been victims of psychopathy or malignant narcissism in their upbringing or relationships. There was a real boom in assistance, online self-help groups, YouTube videos, literature and websites on this subject. Especially people who have experienced it themselves see through what is happening in the world.

Never before has people been so aware of this 'Fremdkörper' among humanity. The apparently ultra-sophisticated ladies in pencil skirts and gentlemen in tailored suits; in fact 'Snakes in Suits'. People of the Lie who hide behind a 'Mask of Sanity'and appear to be morally eminent through'virtue signaling'. Psychopaths are even very commonplace and can present themselves as your 'pleasant neighbor across the clothesline', Martha Stout describes in 'The Sociopath Next Door'.

Woman or man, black or white, old or young: The only thing that really makes a difference between people appears to be the focus of the mind, not outward appearances.

In the Netherlands, consciousness expert Jan Storms wrote a standard work on this subject entitled 'Overhaul destructive relationships, recognizing and handling psychopathy' and recently he gave an interview in which he discussed psychopathy within politics. That interview has been incorporated into this article.

Urgent appeal to Thierry Baudet!
Dear Thierry, study the phenomenon of psychopathy. Please watch this interview or make an appointment with Jan Storms. Your view of the world will change forever. It will greatly increase your personal power!

Spread the freedom!

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