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Brand letter from the Mothers of the Netherlands: "Follow your conscience, not the rules!"

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Brand letter from the Mothers in the Netherlands

We sound the alarm on behalf of a large group of mothers and for all children in the Netherlands. The recently tightened corona measures in schools, including a new testing, quarantine and possible vaccination policy, will continue to disrupt the lives of our children.

This could result in irreparable, serious damage.

Our mother's heart goes wild at the idea of ​​having to see this helplessly any longer, how a generation of children and young people get stuck in what now mainly looks like a rigid, accounting policy that (fixated on fighting viruses)
completely eliminates and sacrifices.

With this letter we appeal to all Dutch people to turn this tide. Because it is not too late yet. And what are we waiting for?

Mother heart originated from women with a mission, but we also represent all fathers, mothers-to-be and everyone who feels responsible for a growing generation.

Divisive fungus in trust

Where we previously transferred the care of our children in good faith, the current measures are a divisive fungus in that trust. We can no longer rest assured that children will remain unharmed behind the doors of educational institutions.

Many worried parents report that they hit a wall in schools: “there are no rules for nothing, we just do it like this, we all want the best for the children,” they hear. However, that last statement means nothing as long as introspection and personal responsibility are not taken.

Certainly as long as we accept that our own (legal) duty of care, observations and intuition are subordinate to 'policy'.

For the record, we take the dangers of an infectious virus seriously, as well as the burden it places on healthcare providers and experts to map those dangers.

A number of the restrictive measures were therefore in principle justifiable, also in view of the previous lack of knowledge. Initial alertness saved lives, people 'held out together' and the
collateral damage was still manageable in the first months.

But all this no longer applies to the current, stricter measures, which are a constant and ever-increasing violation of fundamental rights, freedoms and individual responsibility, particularly through the entry into force of the Corona Act.

It should not become acceptable that the measures now cost more lives than they save. That they destroy more future than create (or as it is now called: 'better build back').

We do not cooperate in creating messes.

Take back freedom of action

While we measure the actual damage, we also see that there is no prospect of relaxation and improvement. We do not see constructive dialogue and no political leadership where it is required, but a downward spiral. Taking all this into account, we have to conclude that the interests of our children are no longer guaranteed by the government anywhere.

Not as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child requires of contracting states, and not as is appropriate in a human society. So we get up. Our limit has been reached. Beyond that border, we consider ourselves complicit in upholding an inhumane policy that no longer manages to put the brakes on injustice.

From our Mother Heart Foundation, with our actions, we take back our freedom of action concretely and with conviction, in order to save the spiritual and personal development of our children and to support each other in this.
We will not get that freedom of its own accord, not even through polite pleas or patiently asking for policy reconsideration.

We will have to show and take that freedom to choose for our children. In a way that can serve as an example and does justice to all people in this country. With an eye for all the vulnerable.

The actual situation in brief

For those who are not yet convinced of the necessity of our call, we will give a number of facts.

For example, the deterioration of home situations during the lockdowns has led to a large increase in the neglect and abuse of children.
It is estimated based on reports that nearly 40.000 children are victims of this.

In addition, there are now significant learning delays. Education minister Arie Slob predicted that a great many students will duplicate, whereby the work done in solitude and under high voltage also seems to have been in vain.

Research shows that wearing mouth masks in children can lead to serious physical and psychological complaints, such as shortness of breath, increased heart rate, headaches and skin problems.

The distance rules are reported to lead to communication problems and also psychological “removal from the other”. Children also report anxious and depressed feelings. There is an unprecedented growth of spiritual need across the board.

The GGD also reports an increase in suicidal thoughts and eating disorders.

It is predicted that one million children will need spiritual help in the foreseeable future. This is the price that children and young people have to pay by the government to fight a virus where they have none
notable problems. And despite the now available knowledge about mortality rates and the (limited) spread of the virus among children, the measures have been made disproportionately stricter for them.

This can no longer be explained.

We stand in our right

We are in our right, even if it often doesn't feel like it. The extent to which politicians and policymakers in the name of public health violate our rights in every respect justifies taking back control, and whether that is resistance or simply wanting to resume life, the message must be clear: Mothers, it must be different!

The cabinet's 'road map', largely supported by our parliament, is one that leads us into the dark. It is time for our own route, one in which humanity and love reigns and our children are offered a future.

In conclusion

We make an urgent appeal to primary and secondary schools, universities, childcare institutions, youth health care, GGD and many other institutions that have the task of guiding our children.

We make an even more urgent appeal to every individual professional who works in this area and are asked to enforce rules that are inconsistent with the duty of care and that cannot be explained to a future generation. If a rule is no good, it is no good.

We recognize that all those people we appeal to have been involuntarily put in the boxing ring, and that their positions depend heavily on whether or not they obey rules. But in our view, that is exactly the pattern that the system maintains. And if we can maintain that, we can also break through.

From mother's heart to everyone's heart we therefore ask you to put the rules along the bar of your own inner compass, and where they conflict with your conscience, not to follow them. Draw your line today on enforcing testing, enforcing quarantine, and enforcing face masks.

Our children, our choice.

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Download the fire letter here:

Well-known mothers such as Daniëlle Oerlemans, Connie Witteman, Marlies Dekkers, Doutzen Kroes, Lieke van Lexmond and Victoria Koblenko also call on NOT to follow the dangerous measures but to listen to your conscience and support this letter.

It's about your child's life and future!

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