Pope Francis "The Time of the New World Order"

Pope Francis made an astonishing call to make this the time of the new world order

Pope Francis is the most controversial pope in the lives of many.

But the Pope went a step further with his left-wing political activism that no one could have predicted.

And Pope Francis made an astonishing appeal to make this time the center of the new world order.

The New World Order - Is the future of our society and economy still tenable?

An excerpt was published on Vatican News on March 14. In it, the Pope denounces the production and trade of arms, for which large sums of money are spent that should be used to heal people and save lives.

'No political selfishness'

“It is no longer possible to pretend that a dramatic vicious circle of armed violence, poverty and senseless and indifferent exploitation of the environment has not crept in,” he says. "It's a cycle that prevents reconciliation, fuels human rights violations and hinders sustainable development."

Instead, the world must be “fraternally united” to face common threats. Without resorting to "counterproductive blame, exploitation of problems, shortsighted nationalism, propaganda, isolationism and other forms of political selfishness," according to the Pope.

He also says that changing the unfair distribution of resources does not imply “downward equalization” that deprives people who are now better off. Instead, it means that “wider rights” are given to those who are marginalized.


In an interview with journalist Domenico Agasso, Pope Francis called on nations around the world to use the Coronavirus to create a new world order based on radical environmental awareness and other "left-wing" goals.

“The world will never be the same again. But it is precisely in this crisis that we need to understand those signs that could prove to be the cornerstones of the reconstruction, ”stated Pope Francis.

Yet he emphasizes that men and women can turn "this time of trial" into "a time of wise and forward-looking choices for the good of all mankind."

Francis reiterated the Democratic Party's mantra of never losing a crisis to call for a reorientation of human society.

"Let's all keep in mind that there is something worse than this crisis: the drama of wasting it," added Pope Francis. "We cannot get out of a crisis in the same way: we get out better or we come out worse."

Pope Francis went on to say that the new reality will advance the left's agenda to impose socialism "by building a new world order based on solidarity, by studying innovative methods to eradicate bullying, poverty and corruption" , the Pope added, “for their own part, without delegating and paying. “

Pope Francis explained that a central part of this new world order would be a far-left environmental policy to combat so-called “climate change”.

"We can no longer happily accept inequalities and environmental disturbances," said Pope Francis. "The path to the salvation of humanity is through the creation of a new model of development, which is undoubtedly aimed at coexistence between peoples in harmony with creation."

"If we don't roll up our sleeves and take care of the earth right away, sooner or later our common home will throw us out the window." In addition, there are “radical personal and political choices”, a “green economy” and technological developments must be guided in that direction.


No salvation without a wife

The burden of economic recessions mainly rests on women, the Pope said. He stresses the need for the presence of women in “the center of social, political, employment and institutional renewal processes”. He also denounces discrimination against women “in terms of pay and work or by losing their job”.

“The world,” he says, “cannot ignore the fact that mankind's rebirth began with woman. Salvation was born from the Virgin Mary. Therefore, there is no salvation without the woman. If we care about the future and long for a flourishing tomorrow, we have to give women the right space. ”

This breathtaking call from the leader of the Catholic Church to create a “new world order” based on leftist dogma has concerned many people around the world.

Pope Francis has always behaved like a political activist.

But since he speaks on behalf of the church, his activism and his political views seem like this is church doctrine and that if Catholics - or anyone else - disagree with Francis, it goes against the teachings of the Catholic faith.


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