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UvA receives fierce criticism after response to “Common sense”

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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has announced that it will waive the statements made by emeritus professor Karel van Wolferen in the journal Healthy Mind. According to the UvA, 'his publications detract from reliable scientific research and the dissemination of factual information, for example when it comes to corona'.

The University is distancing itself because it contributes to the disclosure of 2 major globalist scam ... problems: climate change and the coronavirus.

The only virus in all history that goes into a lockdown. 2 times even (or three or four).

The other “major” problem, climate change, is the one where you are being led to believe that we have some impact on a globe that spins about 4.6 billion years in our universe. With help from Oracle Greta Thunberg.

Corona and Climate Change. How do you come up with that. And how do people fall for it. What kind of world do we live in anyway?

“The UvA regrets that one of its emeriti is contributing to disinformation about major problems such as the coronavirus and climate change, ” said the university in a statement.

Healthy Mind, of which Van Wolferen is editor-in-chief, has been in stores this week. The magazine announces on social media that the first 100.000 copies are almost sold out within 2 days and that a new stock has been sent. “Subscriptions and sales have already far exceeded our expectations. ”

But… The reaction of the UvA is bad for many, even among people affiliated with the university.


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