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Huig kicks the lid off the Demmink cover-up

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Huig Plug walks away angrily from Demmink lawsuit

It seems undeniable that Demmink and other people in high positions have done some terrible things to children.

These things have been going on for so long but are always pushed under the rug.

Demmink is far from alone. Every person involved is named by Plug. And those are people in powerful positions such as judges.

No one wants and dares to speak about it publicly, and that speaks volumes.

Are you innocent, do you know nothing? Then there is nothing easier than setting yourself free. Public. You would be furious about such false allegations.

But that is not done. And that says a lot.

There is even a pricelist available for children, Plug shows. But it was swept away by judge P. de Bruin and state lawyer Kingma on October 7, 2021.

There was to be a public trial, but at the outset they were told it would be a closed session.

Huig angrily walked away from the court together with his lawyer. What is shown and said in the following video is horrifying.


Source video:

Parliamentary questions

In October 2020, PVV member Markuszower already asked parliamentary questions.



Joris Demmink

Personally involved in all matters

After Huig's blatant revelations after the Dutch State's summary proceedings against whistleblower Huig Plug, uuig went to the Binnenhof on 8 October to confront the Rutte cabinet with the trade in babies & children (in the Netherlands).

You see confrontations between those involved and a whistleblower who says he is really personally involved in all cases.

One thing is clear. The truth about this has to come out.


He also raises the alarm about fire danger, procedural errors and racism in the prison hospital where he worked.


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