Keep your paws off us and our children!

Vaccinate children

During these "debates" you see dirty politicians and scammers from the medical world and the pharmaceutical industry who cunningly try to talk their way out of everything with many words without substance and with emo-politics.

This is about vaccinating children.

An insane thought. If those vaccines do work, why vaccinate children? Are the “vulnerable” protected?

Then again bring in a number of individual cases to scare people again. “Yes, but there were also young people in the ICU who died.” It's to puke.

How many children have actually died? These are the figures from the RIVM,

One child between 0 and 4 years old and 2 children between 15 and 19 years old.

So three! Sad but there are also at least 3 dead children a year from the flu. And how they diagnosed corona? Using a non-functioning PCR test.

And where does the number 3 come from? From TWO SEASONS! Because with corona we just count by instead of looking at it per season. The withers.

So one and a half children per flu season. Just wait when the vaccines come...

So this.


How? With an average death age of 83?

How about a death rate equal to the flu that has disappeared?

How? With more than 90% of the so-called corona deaths who had serious underlying conditions?

How? When YOUR numbers show that nothing is going on here and everything around it is spectacle and show to achieve very shady goals.

Stop your lies! There is something different behind vaccinating children.

But they don't stop.

When you get here Mr. If you hear Flauwekullberg, chairman of the Health Council, who has once again been summoned for his tune, you would prefer to kick him off his chair with his fallacies and arrogance towards people who really see that one plus one equals two.

FORBID people from joining society because they are not vaccinated? Are you in your right mind?

He knows. He's cheating. He knows the PCR isn't working. He knows that the PCR was needed to force the starting gun in order to be able to produce vaccines. The PCR kicked off the false positives generated by the futile test. After all, no vaccine can be developed without a “case”. Not without more favorable medicines. When yes as a doctor arrived with, for example, HCQ, you as a professional were suddenly called crazy and censored.

Why? Suppose it works. Then we cannot vaccinate. Then a vaccine cannot be produced against something that we can solve much easier than walking around with mouth masks like idiots, keeping one and a half meters away from each other, washing your hands, a curfew, a government that determines how many people you in your house, a government that closes all catering businesses, a government that determines your freedom of movement, a government that takes away your freedoms, a government that lets your children wear dangerous and completely useless masks and now they want you and your perfectly healthy children vaccinate. And do you think they'll release you? Never again! Understand power. You give the power to them and they'll never give it back if we don't take it back.

This hoax, this covid virus, is immeasurable. We're being injected based on a BS story.

By the way, also take a good look at the rest of the statistics. If you are a little good with putting these figures in the right context and a little logic, you will suddenly come to the conclusion. We're talking about nothing. Both here and in parts of the world where people did not participate in this madness. There is no difference. Your world is being created. Your worldview is what they want is to determine what you think about the world.

This top lawyer Riener Fuellmich, who actually seems to be preparing a tribunal (let's hope this actually happens) and has won several major lawsuits, such as against the Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen, explains it again clearly.



You are being cheated!

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It has to be much harder

People with a lot of mach are not people who care about the population or their health.

These people care about vaccines and all the huge interests attached to them.

Fortunately, Van Meijeren of the FvD kept asking questions and came up with the right logical arguments.

But it has to be much harder!

We're not talking to politicians and doctors here. We're talking about plans by criminals and murderers here.

Criminals who have sold their souls to a group of people who want to control us completely and impose their New Normal on us. These are people who lie and mislead us day in and day out. These are people who continue with this life-threatening experiment. At ANY price.

If you, as the person responsible, hear that there are deaths from the vaccines and you just continue with it, if you want to force people to take them anyway and you also want to fill children with syringes that will inevitably lead to deaths, may we speak carefully about murder or manslaughter? A healthy child with an mRNA vaccine with a 100% guaranteed chance of side effects and chance of death against injection? Healthy children who cannot die from it? And also 99,98% of the population? Is that really not getting through?

The TV cabinet. That's all you know about the world. So they have the power over your brain. About your way of thinking. It's FAKE!

Look at what has been done in the past 450 days with fascist life-destroying measures. One journalist or television channel that once raised big question marks and asked logical questions? 9 that know it can do something to your DNA but are definitely still an experiment. The dead and (chronish) injured are real!

It is now more than a month later and the number of deaths in the US and Europe is in the tens of thousands. The US government agency CDC has the numbers ready for you, but VAERSm their researchers, have been accused several times of writing down only a fraction of reality in the past. (source)

When vaccinate children are guaranteed to die. Guaranteed. An easily predictable fact based on the numbers we already know. For nothing!

What if a government is going to take your rights away if you don't want to take that shot? This is no ordinary flu vaccine. It is an mRNA vaccine that could edit your DNA and has not been tested for side effects. Monkey sandwich? Then again. Why would you do it?

Because the government is forcing you. They're monsters. You are left out just because you don't want to get yourself injected for whatever reason. Do we really just allow this?

If tens of thousands of serious injuries and deaths are already being registered by the US government agency CDC in all age groups, why are we going to inject a healthy child? Against a disease from which the child itself cannot die and 99,98% of the population cannot? Serious? And the vaccine doesn't even work? There are only problems with it.

The television is driving you crazy.

They think out what they want you to think.

The globalists have a wet dream that the media applauds but which is not ours and neither of the people who believe in these figures. They just haven't figured it out yet. They don't see the huge elephants in the room.

Our wet dream is that all these people have to answer to a tribunal so that everyone can see what these people have done to us. They are beasts.

Call it an exaggeration to call the most powerful people murderers. It's an understatement. Look what we're doing. Look what is being done to us. Look how many people die from fear, from loneliness, from late medical care or from a shot. The day will come when people will see.

If you don't want to see it and really stand up for your rights by stopping RIGHT NOW from this madness and showing that you are an ordinary free person at any cost then just bury your head in the sand and go against it. You will regret what you do to yourself and your child and regret that it also goes along with their story.

Not nuanced this piece?

It will be. But it is nothing compared to what has been done to us and what is going to be done to us. These are psychopaths. When you want to expose something because you want to do the right thing, you can expect police at the door like ours Marcel van Tol en Flavio Pasquino already happened. Is that normal?

The so-called “wappies” want anything but trouble, but a large group of people really do not let themselves be suppressed by a totalitarian power and a few people with increasingly clear plans. They pronounce it themselves.

The people who stand up against this are normal people from all walks of life with all kinds of different (political) preferences and colors and tastes. The penny has to drop for a while, but then you see the big picture and a world opens up for you. Then you start acting like that and they won't get you a second time. You then see the reality and not the created crisis of which you do not notice anything.

If the majority sees this, then the game is over and if we keep our backs straight and accept any consequences. Those consequences usually start with who they are first and who drum things up to live their lives together as they want, without following a single corona measure. Grow up and stop allowing this hoax into your life.

But who wants to be the first? 

You will see that these are sick people who are capable of anything on the backs of innocent and ignorant citizens. That must come to an end.

Bert van Meijeren kept asking the right questions here during a debate, but there is hardly time and a conversation never gets started. That is not the intention, because then they will fall through the basket enormously.

Think carefully. If there had been no television, everyone would notice that nothing has changed compared to previous years. It's their world they pull you into. The TV creates your reality.

But how do you notice it in the real world? Nothing, hence the…

Face masks!

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