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Vaccination gate: Again blood clots due to AstraZeneca vaccine

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Just pierce! Lack of fundamental rights and side effects!

The German health department reported that another 21 people who recently received the AstraZeneca vaccine developed blood clots. (source) (source)

Seven of the people who had blood clots have died, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Germany's federal medical regulatory agency, said. Nineteen of those affected by the blood clots were women and two were men.

Several European countries resumed the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this month after stopping vaccinations due to blood clots.

Denmark, Iceland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia were among the countries that stopped vaccinations with AstraZeneca doses.

But Germany and the Netherlands continue to force Russian Roulette on their populations' own bodies for a virus that has never been detected and that, if any, does not kill healthy people.

It will even be mandatory. Although Hugo de Jonge and Mark Rutte will never say it like that. They turn it around by stating that unvaccinated people are not welcome in “non-essential” places or occasions.

But who is Hugo de Jonge to decide what is essential to you? For some, that's playing football. Swim for the other. For yet another that is going to the theater. How could we have let it come to this?

It seems as if the Netherlands is not fully aware of it, but this one people take away our fundamental rights.  


Just to refresh the memory. Click here to see who in the House of Representatives agreed to take away your fundamental rights:


Any person from the parties who agreed should be prosecuted. But that time will come ...

In the meantime, we keep hearing from the so-called (interested) experts that in many cases of deaths and other severe and less severe side effects "cannot be proven". Those same experts do not ask questions about the fact that people are just registered as corona deaths when they tested positive for inoperative PCR test and after a car accident months later were still registered as corona dead.

Also GPs seem to be tempted for some reason to just register someone as corona dead while the person died of a heart attack on the spot. Dr. RJ van Rijn from Alphen aan de Rijn is an example of this. He did this without informing the family. The cause of death was put in the B envelope and what don't know doesn't hurt. Until the family opened that secret envelope. (source)

EMA confirms vaccine safety

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) eventually reconfirmed the vaccine's safety and efficacy, but said it could not rule out the possibility that it caused rare blood clots. (source)

In other words, nothing has changed, but we have to continue with those vaccines. Or do you think they made an adjustment just as quickly? Changed a setting so that it all works again without any problems?

No, as mentioned before ...

"The evidence we have is currently not sufficient to conclude with certainty whether these side effects are indeed caused by the vaccine or not", said Sabina Straus, chair of the EMA's Pharmacovigilance and Risk Assessment Committee. (source)

Well, then the bastards can safely line up again to get their shot.

The EMA did recommend warning patients and doctors about possible side effects of the vaccine, according to the AP.

What good is this type of message and why do people still accept these meaningless conclusions? 

Do not be fooled that almost the entire population has already been vaccinated. Don't fall for it if your figures of “96% of the country got vaccinated” as the American media tries to do.

Think for a moment. Why would a healthy person be vaccinated for a virus where only people over 70 have a small chance of dying?

You really are a cow when you stunt with vaccinations!

Spread the freedom!

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