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Vaccination? The virus does not exist! (I)

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[The masses] will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous deception.

Adolf Hitler *

Vaccination? The virus does not exist! (I)

To this day, the corona virus has never been found as such. Nevertheless, 'those scary creatures' remain a topic of conversation on the alternative news channels: “The virus is of course there, but the measures are disproportionate,” say the 'awakened ones'. “They just hop from one to the other via those annoying 'aerosols' in the air,” they say. “It is certain that the external enemy is indeed there,” the comments resolutely state. After all, nobody wants to be labeled as 'virus denier'.
Denying means, according to Van Dale, “not to admit, not to acknowledge or to deny”. But how can you confess when there is nothing to know, or deny when something simply isn't there? It is high time that it became clear that the virus does not exist. This is crucial because it shows acutely that the measures serve a very different purpose than virus control. Even more essential is that inexorably the true nature exposed of those who rule over us and their intentions. Then the scales fall from the eyes and massive awakening approaches.
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No evidence without application of Koch's Postulates  
Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch (1843-1910) was one of the founders of modern microbiology. He came up with the 'gold standard' that you must meet in order to be able to prove a germ, such as a bacterium, amoeba or virus. These four 'postulates' or starting points of Koch have the main requirement that the pathogen must be isolated from the patient in order to be able to identify and thus prove it. According to the postulates, the isolated pathogen must subsequently produce exactly the same symptoms in a host in order to be able to be isolated again afterwards.

However, the coronavirus has never been physically isolated and proven. It consists only of a computer construct - a fabrication - from 2020 by the German 'scientist' and corona consultant Christian Drosten. Just as the false image of mass death was generated with a computer model by fellow 'scientist' and corona consultant Neil Fergusson to enable the UK lockdown. No less than one half a million Britons would die of corona in the short term, was the fear propaganda.

Among other things, it shows that the virus has never been proven molecular biologist, physician and psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Kaufman in his banned presentation “The Rooster in the River of Rats”From 2020. In this clear presentation, Kaufman demonstrates that all evidence provided for isolation of the coronavirus (Sars-CoV-1 & Sars-CoV-2) is based on fraud. Immediately after publication, this whistleblower was censored by the major social media and his character murdered. However, Kaufman's findings are supported by many independent experts.

The Bulgarian, pathologist Dr. Stoian Alexov, president of the Bulgarian Pathology Association and member of the advisory board of the European Pathology Association, subsequently confirms on May 8, 2020 during a webinar of the latter organization, that he indeed has not found any evidence that people have died at all in Europe from a supposed coronavirus. Alexov personally performed 140 autopsies on alleged corona deaths.

All 'evidence' is fraud
All underlying investigations are deceptive or even fraudulent. For example, the 'evidence' of 15 May 2003, invoked by mainstream science, turns out to be pure deception in the authoritative 'Nature'. This prestigious magazine reports that the Sars-CoV-1 coronavirus is said to have been isolated. (Sars-CoV-1 is the brother of the current corona virus). Professor Martijn Luijsterburg of Leiden University, for example, refers to this alleged evidence as an answer to a critical question by Marcel van Hattum, which he subsequently referred to as conspiracy thinker disqualifies.

The article in question states in the title that Koch's postulates have been fulfilled: “Koch Postulates Fulfilled for Sars Virus”. But if we read on, it turns out that we are being misled and that in reality the six criteria of Thomas Rivers of 1937 were taken as the starting point.

However, Kaufman shows in the above presentation that the underlying studies of the 'Nature' article, including a study by the aforementioned Christian Drosten from 2003, also did not meet any of Rivers' six criteria! That while the article states that it did. With this, Kaufman characterizes this article that should prove the existence of the corona virus, as blatant fraud. At the same time, a deep shadow falls on the integrity of Drosten, who would later play a crucial role again in the corona fraud.

Likewise, Kaufman filters the studies that would prove the existence of the current coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2), namely the Chinese and Korean studies of Peng Zhou, Jeong-Min Kim, Na Zhu and McMaster University of Canada. None of these 2019 and 2020 studies isolated the virus. For a detailed discussion I refer to the heavily censored presentation “The Rooster in the River of Rats. "

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Koch's postulates for convenience 'adapted' at Rockefellers request
Thomas Rivers has been called the father of virology and published in January 1937 under the title “Viruses and Koch's postulatesAn adaptation of Koch's postulates to make them suitable for viruses. For example, Koch's first postulate, namely that the pathogen should only be found in a sick person and not in a healthy person, has been conveniently abolished by Rivers.

He made these adjustments on behalf of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, one of the tentacles of the Rockefeller family. This family also provided the blueprint and funding for the World Health Organization, known at the time as the International Health Division. Billions could be made from the production of vaccines against this new, invisible but very welcome 'enemy'.

In this 1937 article, Rivers writes on page three, “Now it is possible to provide excellent evidence that an organism is the cause of a disease, without complete fulfillment of [Koch's] postulates ”. Koch's postulates were tricky: “Especially in [diseases] caused by viruses, blind adherence to Koch's postulates can be a hindrance,” he states on page four. On page six, Rivers continues, “It is in the first place not required to demonstrate the presence of a virus in each [individual] case that it causes a disease ”.

Viruses, yet another invented enemy
Rivers also admits that viruses cannot in fact be isolated because these dead protein structures may be produced by body cells themselves and are therefore dependent on host cells: “Viruses, whether they are parasites or the products of autocatalytic processesare directly associated with host cells ”(page 6). Andrew Kaufman recognizes these lifeless particles secreted by body cells as'exosomes'. Exosomes are identical to viruses and are precisely 'helpers' that the body cells secrete in response to illness, stress, radiation or poisoning. The fact that the body is a harmonious community of life chock-full of 'viruses' (= exosomes) and bacteria that actually support the naturally self-healing body, does not fit with the manipulative fear propaganda and the resulting mega profits of the pill turners.

46 medical institutions from ten countries have no evidence
On the basis of the Freedom of Information Act, Canadian Christine Massey, founder of the website, wrote, by 2020 to forty-six scientific and medical institutions in ten countries. She asked whether they can provide evidence that the coronavirus has indeed been isolated and identified.

None of these institutions, including the Canadian and British Department of Health, were able to provide evidence. The comprehensive documentation thereof can be found on Massey's website. Here is the link to two compilations containing sixty answers from forty-seven institutes in ten countries: part 1, part 2.


Government recognizes that the virus has never been isolated
Top Chinese epidemiologist Wu Zunyou of the Chinese Center for Disease Control simply confirms Dr. Andrew Kaufman. When asked why the data on the alleged virus has not been shared with the rest of the world, Janis simply replies: “They have the virus CANNOT isolated. That is the problem!"

The American National Health Service (CDC) also admits that the PCR test was started without a single proof of the existence of the corona virus. On page 39 of a document dated July 13, 2020 and entitled “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel" sthe service writes under the heading 'Performance Characteristics': “… as at the time the [PCR] test was designed there were no quantified isolates available were for the CDC […] ”This phrase falsely suggests that coronavirus isolates were later produced.

The original text was much more definite, but the CDC hastily adapted it after the fraud became known. It can be found on the website of the American investigative journalist John Rappoport and reads: “Since there are currently no qualified virus isolates of the 2019 Covid virus present is“. See screenshot below.


Corrupt secrecy from an emperor without clothes
Other official scientific and medical authorities feel wet and do not want to bare their buttocks for fear of the same discovery. The multi-award-winning Gemma O'Doherty is an Irish investigative reporter whose character was murdered on Wikipedia. She requests her country's National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) to provide written evidence of the isolated and identified coronavirus. The institution refuses confirm in writing that the virus actually exists. As she reports in front of the NPHET building, a helicopter circles overhead.

She also shows the official reply letter in response to a similar request to the UK health service. From this, O'Doherty quotes the following sentence: "The Department of Health does not have any information about the isolation of a Sars-CoV-2 virus." Easy said: the virus does not exist. That while the entire country has been shut down on the basis of a false computer presentation in which 500.000 Britons would die from corona in the short term. O'Doherty links the two discoveries to the aforementioned CDC report which stated the same thing. (Video report title: “Live From NPHET Which Is Unable to Provide Any Scientific Proof That Covid19 Exists”).

It would normally seem only logical that there are scientific reports that justify the draconian corona measures and demonstrate the virus' existence quite plainly. But just like O'Doherty, the Dutch action group Virus Truth is also allowed under no circumstances can it be inspected in research reports from the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) and the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), the judge decided on 9 September 2020.

RIVM employees are waiting one and a half million euros!
The German Samuel Eckert has meanwhile set up a fund for the truth; Called 'Truth Fund'. This fund is offering no less than €1.500.000 to those who can provide proof of an isolated and identified virus. So far, no one has claimed the money.

Also nobody from the RIVM ...

The coronavirus, the coronavirus mutations and virus deniers do not exist
Once again; how can you confess when something cannot be known? How can you deny if something doesn't exist? From the findings of Andrew Kaufman and the structural failure of official bodies such as the RIVM to come up with hard evidence, the following follows:

  • The structure and composition of anything whose existence has not been established cannot be known, including the presence, structure and function of any hypothetical spiked protein [= "virus" with spines] or other proteins.
  • The genetic makeup of something that has never been found cannot be known.
  • "Variants" [mutations] of something whose existence has never been proven cannot be known.
  • It is impossible to demonstrate that Sars-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.


Above official statement with the names of 6710 supporters underneath, you can find it in several languages ​​on the website of Dr. Andrew Kaufman and is co-signed by Sally Fallon Morell (MA) of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Dr. Thomas Cowan, vice president of the American Association of Anthroposophical Physicians.

It is precisely the non-existent virus that allows full control in advance 
Nature is unruly. In the case of a simulated virus, together with a test (PCR) that does not detect viruses, control is much easier. And guess what? The pandemic is one plandemia and from oats to barley, entirely pre-directed. There was already a work plan for this in 2010, called 'Lock Step'. Countless evidence is now piling up that the artificial 'pandemic' was pre-planned with purpose. Just some of them are:

  • Two years before the alleged corona pandemic, hundreds of millions of Covid-19 (corona) test kits - today's PCR tests - have been distributed worldwide, according to World Bank documentation. (When this came out, the World Bank swiftly replaced 'Covid-19' with another word, demonstrating the importance of screenshots and downloads). Below an image of the original document.


  • The same World Bank shows that this 'project', as the bank refers to the simulated pandemic, is planned until March 31, 2025. In its document “Covid-2 Strategic Prepareness and response program” published on April 2020, 19, we find at page six: “Expected project closing date: 31-Mar-2025. "
  • On January 22, 2020 Marc van Ranst (Risk Assessment Group (RAG) / Scientific Committee Coronavirus, Belgium) explains at the “Pandemic Influenza Stakeholders Meeting” in Chatham House how to sell the fake pandemic to the general public. He does this in the presence of the Dutch veterinarian, major shareholder of companies in the vaccination industry such as Viroclinics BV and national corona advisor Ab Osterhaus.
  • Various exercise programs and many predictions have been described and implemented in view of the future corona 'pandemic' long before it happened. For example, the corona pandemic exercise 'The Event 201' organized for the Gates and Rockefeller families on October 18, 2019 in New York. On page 1 of the eponymous document document published in October 2019, it reads: “Event 201 simulated an outbreak of a new zoonotic [= transmissible from mammals to humans] coronavirus transmitted by bats […]”. Or the script that the Rockefeller Foundation published in May 2010, ten years before the 'pandemic'. This document entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” contains a detailed work plan describing the global pandemic, including lockdowns, economic collapse and envisaged dictatorial control society. See in particular the section 'Lock Step' from page 18. In Germany, the scenario for the corona pandemic will already be ready in 2012. In this year the Robert Koch Institute produces a document entitled: “Message zur Risk analysis im Bevölkerungsschutz 2012, Which describes a scenario surprisingly many similarities has with the current 'pandemic'.
  • Already on January 6, 2004 during the conference: “Sars and Bioterrorism, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Therapeutics and Immune Modulators”, the pharmaceutical multinational Merck introduced the international notion of the 'new normal' ('The New Normal') and its script . This slogan and script were adopted by the World Health Organization in 2020. That's what Dr. David E. Martin in the interview with attorney Rainer Fuellmich listed below.


For a comprehensive overview with accompanying documentation, I refer to the excellent listing in an undated article entitled “Evidence that the pandemic was planned with a purpose" on the alternative news site Unfortunately, this website still assumes the existence of a virus.

'Coronavirus', 'vaccine' and test manufactured and patented decades ago
It is not only at the organizational level that the planned epidemic has been prepared for a long time.

  • As early as 2015, none other than Richard Rothschild patented at the European patent office in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, a test method for COVID-19 under number US2020279585 (A1) - 2020-09-03.
  • In a July 2021 interview with attorney Rainer Fuellmich entitled “The Virus was engineered and patented decades agoshares Dr. David E. Martin, Director of  M Cam Innovation Risk Management International, its conclusions following its organization's investigation of 4000 patents related to HIV and corona (PDF transcript of this interview: .). This shows that 1999 patents have been granted for the 'new coronavirus' since 120. (M-Cam checks, among other things, the quality of patents and is recognized and deployed by the US government).


Said patents only relate to 'sequences' or series of the alleged coronavirus because a complete genetic series of any virus has never been found. To his dismay, the acclaimed inventor of the PCR test, Dr. Karry Mullis, all this with regard to the alleged HIV virus. Mullis sets part three of this article that no of the putative 'virus' sequences come from an external pathogen, but that all of these proteins originate in human cells as cellular debris or exosomes. He is supported in this by many truth-loving scientists.

These sequences are regrouped, 'completed', or recombined with the aid of the computer by the patent holders into a 'recombinant' virus: a computer construct or 'tinkering virus' in other words. In addition, according to Martin, they are 'strengthened' (gain of function) so that they can be used as a bioweapon, for example as an ingredient in what must pass for 'vaccines'.

  • The first corona vaccine was already patented by Pfizer on January 28, 2000, according to Martin's above-mentioned study into corona-related patents. That is, mind you, twenty-one years ago! The idea that we have recently stumbled upon a suitable vaccine by accident is therefore downright hilarious, says Dr. Martin.


Everything, but everything, is prepared from oats to barley…

Coronaplandemic also prepared in the Netherlands long before the alleged 'virus' arose
Not only internationally but also in the Netherlands, the 'pandemic' had already been prepared well before the fake virus was formally 'established' in our country on February 20, 2020. The Leeuwarden lawyer Arno GW van Kessel, acting on behalf of Doctors for Truth, discovered that during a online course about the corona emergency law organized by the Bar Association in May 2020. According to Mr. Van Kessel in a lecture entitled 'The state is a criminal organization' held in August 2021 and published by De Ommekeer/Independent Pers Nederland. When he saw the pro forma text of this law, he introduced Professor CA Schwarz (1954) the question of when the law was prepared. To that the professor replied:

“Since the first quarter of 2019!” 

COVID is the abbreviation for the Certificate Of Vaccination ID and turns out not to be a disease but a project which, also in the Netherlands, was prepared much earlier and is part of Agenda-21. Agenda 21 states in several places that new vaccines are to be developed and in Chapter 6 (6.12), among other things, that people want to “use vaccines as much as possible” (“to the fullest extent possible”). Everything, of course, shrouded in 'newspeak' and obscure language, in this case: "to prevent disease."

Ruud Lubbers signed on behalf of the Netherlands Agenda-21 presented at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on June 14, 1992, and has since been a staunch advocate of this policy.

The corona pandemic does not exist and was created for political purposes
Numerous doctors also confirm that COVID is a project and not a disease. More than 500 German doctors united in the foundation "Doctors for clarification" (Ärzte für Aufklärung) explained on March 18, 2021 during a international press conference in Hamburg made a shocking statement:

“Covid-19 is one false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a world dictatorship with a medical excuse. We urge doctors, media and political authorities to stop this criminal operation by spreading the truth. ”

In Spain, a group of more than 600 doctors declare the same under the name 'Doctors for truth' (Medicos por la Verdad). Similarly, more than 27.000 doctors and scientists who support the American documentary "Plandemic" conclude.

Virus deception reveals the immense depth of malice
That the rulers are abusing a supposedly existing 'virus' is horrifying enough, but knowingly putting on a virus that you know does not exist is nothing short of monstrous. Because of the medical education system - on which the Rockefellers have had a tremendous influence - and the way research is funded, the majority of medical practitioners worldwide are unaware of what is really going on.

The existence of the alleged virus has never been proven to date (as have all the other alleged enemies with which the government deceived us before, always resulting in the further diminishing of our freedom). Nevertheless, the measures wrecked our lives.

When the proof of a virus does not exist, a horrifying truth immediately looms before us. That is the

unimaginable, global malice

that drives our rulers. An evil that subdues the entire world by simulating a virus epidemic. A malice that robs the average Dutch person of more freedom than during the Second World War. A malice so deep that most average good Dutch people cannot imagine it.

This evil has a name: PSYCHOPATHY. M.but there are still good, but naive people who think that it is “ignorance with good intentions. "

The real agenda is not about a virus we are being cheated with but about a plan to take away all of your self-determination and enslave you forever. It is the greatest crime against humanity ever. For that I refer to the great documentary by Tim Gielen: “The truth about our system - Monopoly: a total picture of 'The Great Reset'”. Share this.

Dear fellow countryman, it is five to twelve.

Time to wake up.



* Adolf Hitler on the 'Great lie'as a mass manipulation technique Mein Kampf, full. I, chapter 10.


For part II, click HERE.

For part III, click HERE.


(Kaufman's presentation “The Rooster in The River of Rats” can be viewed below. A PDF of Part I can be viewed HERE to download. This article may be freely published and shared, but with reference to the source. Investigative journalism takes a lot of time: PLAGIAT = THEFT!

All messages and video presentations that highlight the truth are under severe censorship. If the presentation is not accessible via the link above, you can try this link: The Rooster in The River of Rats.

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