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Vaccination? The virus does not exist! (III)

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"If we do a good job in vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world's population by 10-15%."

Bill Gates *


The coronavirus is a computer creation and in reality has never been isolated and identified. The corona pandemic does not exist and was created for political purposes (part I.). But what about the many other pandemics and "life-threatening" viruses that have plagued us in the last century?


In the second part From this article, we saw how the Rockefeller and Gates families cashed in on Pasteur's false microbe theory, killing mainstream nature-based medical science. This led to the birth of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, resulting in the monstrosity that now threatens human existence. We saw that these two families began a first large-scale vaccination experiment on soldiers at Fort Riley, culminating in the 'Spanish Flu'. According to the official media, this new flu was caused by a type of H1N1 flu virus from army horses (Equus magazine, Fran Jurga “Did a Virus in Horse Manure Launch the 1918 Influenza Epidemic?” October 14, 2009).

The Guardian discusses a photo from 1918 which puts the alleged corona pandemic in a broader perspective. The newspaper writes that during the 'Spanish' flu, citizens were quarantined, that face masks were mandatory in many states, that entertainment venues were closed, and that at the height, not wearing face masks was fined up to a hundred dollars or ten. days in prison (“The big picture: spreading the message about the 1918 pandemic,” The Guardian, May 3, 2020).

Media propaganda in 1918: 'Wear a mask or go to jail'.


Spanish Flu: Genocide through vaccinations
Several witnesses tell us what actually happened. Below that Dr. Eleonor McBean (1905-1989), whose character has been murdered in the various controlled mainstream media. “I was an on-site observer during the 1918 influenza epidemic,” writes Eleonor in Chapter 2 of her book “Swine Flu ExposeFrom 1977.

She spoke to the soldiers after they returned home. “I spoke to some of the survivors of that vaccination offensive when they returned home after the war, and they told about the horrors - not about the battles and war itself - but about the disease in the camp. The doctors didn't want this colossal disease to radiate onto them, so they agreed to call it Spanish flu (pp. 286-287, Eleanor McBean and Sue Martson, “Vaccines The Biggest Medical Fraud in History,” 2018).

Regarding the antimeningococcal serum administered by Federick Lamont Gates and sent by the Rockefeller Institute to England, France, Belgium and Italy, she writes: soldiers that it was agreed in daily conversation that more men were killed by medical 'shots' [= injections] than by enemy shots with guns. ” (p. 286-287 "Vaccines The Biggest Medical Fraud in History", 2018).

Spanish Flu: Doctors as Mass Murders
Citizens, frightened by the media that they could be infected by the soldiers returning home, saw it as their patriotic duty to be vaccinated en masse. As a result, they died and the disease persisted. "That pandemic dragged on for two years and was kept going by the provision of more toxic drugs administered by doctors trying to suppress the symptoms," reports McBean.

“As far as I could tell, the flu only affected the vaccinated. Those who refused the injections escaped the flu. My family refused all vaccinations, so we stayed healthy all the time. We knew from the health teachings of Graham, Trail, Tilden, and others that humans cannot contaminate the body with poison without causing illness. […] ”

“The 1918 flu epidemic is said to have killed 20.000.000 people worldwide. But the doctors actually killed them with their crude and deadly treatments and drugs. This is a harsh charge, but it is nevertheless the truth, judging by the success of the doctors who did not administer the drug [vaccination] compared to that of the drug-dispensing doctors ”(Chapter 2,“ The Spanish Influenza Epidemic on 1918 was Caused by Vaccinations ”, from“Swine Flu Expose(1977), Eleanor McBean).

Spanish flu: No virus to be seen ...
McBean is supported by science. More and more studies show that the 'Spanish' flu was not caused by a virus at all, but by a bacterium.

In Part II, we saw that Frederick Lamont Gates had vaccinated the soldiers in Ford Riley with a vaccine against meningococcus immediately before the outbreak of the 'Spanish' flu. Meningococcus is a bacteria. It was therefore a bacterial vaccine based on a serum from horses that was injected three times. That the vaccine bacterial was can be read in the first pages of his report. See for that part II. Gates reported in the report side effects such as flu-like symptoms such as coughing, vomiting and diarrhea soon after the vaccine was administered and disastrous for soldiers living in barracks and trenches traveling in tight trains to the Atlantic coast for a boat crossing to Europe. In the final phase of the First World War, the Rockefeller Institute, which employed Gates, sent the bacterial serum to England, Belgium, France, Italy and other countries.

That a bacteria and not a virus caused the death of up to XNUMX million deaths, according to official estimates, according to the autopsies of thousands of flu deaths from that time. Researchers studied more than XNUMX autopsies. All showed a bacterial lung infection: “There were no negative lung culture results”. Bacterial pneumonia was the cause of death in a minimum of 92,7% of autopsies of deaths from the so-called 'Spanish' flu of 1918-1919. (David M. Morens, Jeffery K. Taubenberger and Anthony S. Fauci, "Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness ”, National Institute of Health, 2008).

There is no evidence of an isolated and identified 'Spanish' flu virus for the simple reason that the electron microscope did not exist at the time. The above-mentioned study from 2008, carried out by, among others, Anthony S. Fauci at the instigation of the National Institute of Health, therefore suggests: “Despite the availability of published data on four pandemics that have occurred over the past one hundred and twenty years, there is little recent information on the cause of death associated with influenza pandemics. ” That a virus is the primary cause of the 'Spanish' flu is an unproven assumption that is deliberately repeated. Fauci's study concludes, "The majority of deaths in the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic were probably directly related to secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common bacteria in the upper respiratory tract."

Another study from the same year also concluded that the flu deaths did not involve a virus as the cause of death but rather colonizing strains of bacteria [injected] that could cause very fatal pneumonia (John F. Brundage and G. Dennis Shanks, "Deaths from Bacterial Pneumonia during 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic”, Volume 14, Number 8, August 2008, Emerging Infectious Diseases journal, CDC).

Spanish flu: Murder by injection
After extensive investigation, legendary researcher and whistleblower Eustace Clarence Mullins (1923-2010) raised the bell about the vaccination scandal started in 1918 by the Gates and Rockefeller families. He concluded in his book Murder by Injection, The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America (1988):

Medical historians have finally come to the unsavory conclusion that the great "flu epidemic" of 1918 exclusively was due to the widespread use of vaccines. It was the first war in which vaccination was compulsory for all military personnel. The Boston Herald reported that in one month forty-seven soldiers had died from vaccination. As a result, military hospitals were not filled with wounded combat casualties, but vaccine victims. The epidemic was dubbed 'the Spanish flu', a deliberately misleading name designed to hide its origins. ” (P. 85, chapter 4, Eustace Mulins, "Murder by Injection").

The very revealing and awakening truths in this book and Mullins' other writings were indigestible to the rulers. He had to be disbelieved. As a result, his character was murdered all over the controlled mainstream media, with the appropriate history-falsifying instrument 'Wikipedia' at the forefront.

AIDS: Pandemic was practice version for the COVID scandal
In 2003 Dr. Gary Null the documentary “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS. ” This shows that the 'AIDS pandemic' was staged in exactly the same way as the current 'COVID pandemic' and was actually the practice version of it. The revelations and awareness resulted in the character of Gary Null being very brutally murdered by Wikipedia and other controlled mainstream media.

Statements in this documentary by experts such as Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test in 1983, Dr. Stefan Lanka, and several other censored scientists, exactly match statements by concerned scientists about the current COVID plandemic. Mullis ** says about the AIDS 'epidemic', about the PCR test used as a means of deception, about the constant adjustment of definitions, about the fact that the test only detects human proteins but no virus and about the monstrous deception :

  • “That is not an epidemic. The number of cases has increased exponentially because the number of [PCR] tests has increased exponentially. […] Everyone has been fooled!"
  • "The original definition of AIDS has no resemblance to the current definition of AIDS."
  • “The [PCR] test should not be used to determine whether a person has AIDS or the HIV virus. […] The proteins found are ordinary proteins found in human cells. “
  • "It's all Orwellian deception."


Fortunately for the architects of the current COVID scandal, he died by accident just before the alleged corona 'outbreak' on August 7, 2019.

The revelations in “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS” show that, as with COVID, the number of positive tests rose as the number of PCR tests increased exorbitantly after people were frightened by the never-proven, alleged 'killer virus' through the corrupt mainstream media.

The immune system was, according to the scientists in this documentary, affected by "one of the most toxic drugs ever": AZT and later by the antiviral drugs that had all kinds of very harmful side effects. As a result, countless healthy, frightened people died as a pop singer Freddy Mercury. In fact, millions were killed like this: genocide. Dr. Alan Cantwell (see below) speaks of one holocaust.

Symptoms of immune deficiency that were previously characteristic of other phenomena such as poverty & poor hygiene (Africa), drug use or diseases such as TB, as now with COVID, were subsequently attributed to AIDS. The HIV tests resulted in a 'ludicrous amount of false positives'. As with COVID, definitions were gradually adjusted. The definitions to diagnose someone as an AIDS patient were considerably broadened, so that healthy people were also administered medication such as AZT and died. As with COVID, people who had an underlying disease were diagnosed as AIDS patients. As a result, up to 70% was false positive. Artificial false estimates were made, as with COVID, of a "massive epidemic." These numbers did not turn out to be true. The pharmaceutical industry made billions.

Determination of the viral load measures small numbers of RNA fragments which, as with COVID, are then attributed to the HIV virus without evidence of existence, but in fact these fragments are like 'normal cellular debris' in every body. present, say the scientists in the film “Deconstructing the Myth of Aids”.

AIDS: No virus to be seen in any field or road
The HIV virus, like COVID, has never been detected by isolation according to the gold standard, the Koch postulates. In the documentary 'House of Numbers' blackened out by mainstream media, including Wikipedia, acclaimed Nobel laureate Dr. Kary Mullis *** how he wanted to write a scientific paper on HIV as the likely cause of AIDS. “I had to substantiate this [the existence of the HIV virus] with something before I could write and submit it. And I did the rounds and asked a lot of people. … There has to be someone who knows this, so you go to the experts and ask them. And so I asked all these people, one after another, and none of them had the proof. None of them! And I really started to get it on my hips. That's when I first noticed: They don't know! Nobody really knows! This whole thing is one big sham! ” (Excerpt '”Why I Began Questioning HIV”From the documentary“ House of Numbers Deluxe Edition ”, Brent Leung, 2009).

Conscientious and sincere critics such as the acclaimed and brilliant Professor Peter H. Duesberg, the documentary “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS” shows, as with COVID, censored and portrayed by the mainstream media as 'dangerous' (= psychopathic character assassination). His book “Inventing the AIDS Virus” in which he demonstrates that the alleged HIV virus was never isolated and identified according to Robert Koch's postulates, and thus fabricated, has been controlled by mainstream media outlets like 'Wikipedia 'mocked and deliberately taken out of context.

Critics of the virus infection lie went so far as to inject themselves with 'contaminated' blood in front of the press. For example, Dr. Robert E. Willner, author of “Deadly Deception, the Proof that Sex and HIV Absolutely do Not Cause AIDS” (Peltec Pub Co; Sept. 1, 1) repeatedly ingested the blood of a positive HIV patient, as at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on December 7, 1994 in the presence of the international press. Like many other critical doctors, his license was revoked and his character murdered in the mainstream media outlets, the tool of history falsification 'Wikipedia' leading the way.

Other truth-loving scientists, such as Dr. Robert Young, offered cash for an isolated and identified HIV virus. Young offered $ 5.000.000 million for proof of the HIV virus, according to Robert Koch's postulates. After twenty years, no one has yet claimed the amount. Young indicates that he no longer has this amount due to the fact that the mainstream media, after his critical attitude, murdered his character and destroyed his reputation. The appropriate mainstream media tool Wikipedia leaves no chip of him whole. (Dr. Robert O. Young, "Dismantling The Viral Theory”,, June 20, 2020).

AIDS: Lucrative patent on non-existent virus
Nevertheless, part of the hereditary material attributed to the HIV "virus" was patented in 1988 (complete viruses have never been isolated and identified). Such a small particle, a protein, however little present, could be easily multiplied (amplified) with the just invented PCR assay (1983), until there is enough of it to analyze it. The number of amplifications could then be adjusted up or down. Depending on the number of amplifications, one could influence the number of positive test results, misleadingly called 'contaminations'.

This PCR test would be next it become the ideal tool for mass deception in pandemics, starting with AIDS. The maker was awarded the Nobel Prize. In other words, as the inventor, Kary Mulis, already stated: “Everyone is [being] fooled! […] The proteins found are ordinary proteins found in human cells. […] It's all Orwellian deception. ”

This is a gold mine for the pharmaceutical industry: patented 'virus' particles and the malleable PCR test to detect them. The ideal marriage! The renowned scientific journal Science speaks of a 'key role' with lucrative potential:

Harvard University has been granted a US patent on a key component of the AIDS virus. Many researchers believe that this component, a protein known as GP 120, is key to developing better diagnostic tests and new vaccines for AIDS. the patent can thus be potentially lucrative."

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, stated above “The proteins found are ordinary proteins found in human cells”. But that did not stop the pharmaceutical industry. Companies started to use the piece of genetic material for the vaccination industry: "Some companies use fragments of GP 120 to develop vaccines." They sponsored the scientific research in order to obtain the right to use the highly lucrative patent, which also succeeded: “Harvard has granted an exclusive license to use the patent to Cambridge Bioscience Corp. from Worchester, Massachusetts. So far, the company has contributed approximately $ 350.000 to Harvard to support [Harvard researchers] Essex and Lee's AIDS research. ” Corruption and conflicts of interest à la Ab Osterhaus were not uncommon:

The company's financial support for their research has been an 'unusual arrangement,' says Brinton [director of the Harvard patent office], because [Harvard researcher] Essex is a member of the company's scientific board and a small number of shares in the company has." (M. Sun, "Part of AIDS Virus is Patented", Science  Feb 26, 1988: Vol. 239, Issue 4843, pp. 970).

AIDS: l 'Histoire se répète, genocide through vaccinations
The Spanish flu was caused by vaccinations, starting with experimental vaccinations against meningitis. At the instigation of the WHO in the XNUMXs, homosexuals and blacks were given an experimental (hepatitis or smallpox) vaccination as laboratory animals that destroyed the immune system and led to 'AIDS', according to researcher Dr. Alan Cantwell in his book “Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot(Veritas Press, 1993). On page 51 Cantwell writes:

On May 11, 1987, a very important AIDS story appeared on the front page of The London Times, one of the world's most respected newspapers. The headline read, "Smallpox Vaccine Caused AIDS Virus." Written by science editor Pearce Wright, the story suggested that the smallpox eradication vaccination program sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) was responsible for triggering AIDS in Africa. Between the years 1966-1977, nearly 100 million blacks living in Central Africa were injected by the WHO. ”


Dr. Alan Cantwell, microbiological researcher and dermatologist (specialist in carposi sarcoma, the 'gay cancer') tells in a interview with New Insights TV about his book, among other things about the US Department of Defense, where the microbiologists working there were explicitly instructed to create a 'super powerful germ'. Our immune system would have no defense against this so that one could cause a 'diliberate contamination' (deliberate contamination) in gays and blacks. This was an experiment and foreshadowing the intended current COVID vaccination.

Immediately after the cessation of the African smallpox vaccination program in 1977, which was associated by The Times with the AIDS epidemic there, from the year 1978 to 1981, gays were commissioned by the American RIVM (CDC) on a large scale. injected as guinea pigs with an experimental hepatitis vaccine'(Just as, incidentally, soldiers at the beginning of the twentieth century were given an experimental meningitis and TB vaccine on a large scale, which led to the' Spanish flu '). It seems that the colossal death toll in Africa was starting to stand out too much and that for that reason they were looking for a new group who allegedly also fell ill with the HIV killer virus. Subsequently, the hepatitis vaccination experiment may have been stopped in 1981 because otherwise, as The Times had done, the link could be made between the vaccinations and the AIDS cases among gays who, right after these vaccinations, started from the early 1987s. made the world news. The alleged AIDS pandemic was prolonged when AZT began to be administered in XNUMX.

All of this led to another, according to Cantwell, 'Holocaust', this time in the gay community (New Insights TV, 1995: “dr. Alan Cantwell discusses origin of AIDS and KS").

Cantwell, following his revelations, has been through the mainstream media outlets including 'RationalWiki'completely ridiculed.

AIDS: HIV was a fraud, just like COVID is now
During the Spanish flu, people who refused the prescribed medication survived. People who did not take the HIV medication testify in “Deconstructing the Myth of Aids” that they still exist for that very reason. A gay man ** says the following in this documentary:

"I believe I am still alive after being [HIV] positive for twenty years because I have not taken AZT or any of those drugs."

I myself can also attest to this. I have personal experience with the alleged HIV test and infection and can state with 100% certainty that a 'positive HIV test' is just like a 'positive COVID test' completely meaningless is. For twenty years I lived with a partner who was tested positive for HIV and was not on medication. Countless times I have been 'exposed' to what the mainstream media structurally presented as 'very risky situations'. Despite the avalanche of fear propaganda, both my former partner and I are in excellent health.

My current partner, who was "HIV positive" according to the HIV PCR test, stopped after twelve years with the cocktail of poison pills that he had to take daily on the advice of his "specialist". That was almost a year ago now. Most of the 'ailments' he had have disappeared and he is feeling better than ever before, while some three hundred and fifty people from his 'HIV positive' circle of acquaintances died (killed) before 1995 after being poisoned with AZT.

Swine Flu: The virus does not exist
Also in the second false 'H1N1 virus epidemic', after the 'Spanish' flu, better known as the swine or Mexican flu, a virus has never been isolated, identified or proven according to the postulates of Robert Koch. This was already stated in 1976 by, among others, Dr. J. Anthony Morris, one of the US government's top vaccination experts. “There is no evidence that swine flu is fatal… It is not contagious… There is no evidence that swine flu [Swine Flu] will spread. It has not been isolated anywhere since it was (allegedly) found in Fort Dix, NJ in February ”(Chapter:“ Ford the Puppet ”from“Swine Flu ExposeEleonor McBean).

For the determination of 'contamination' with swine flu, the World Health Organization and the American RIVM (CDC) recommended the well-known PCR test that gives false test results for COVID (CDC protocol or real-time RT-PCR for swineflu influenza A. , April 28, 2009). Moreover, these results can be perfectly manipulated. That is, the number of positive test results, misleadingly called "contaminants", can be adjusted up or down according to the desired preference based on the number of amplifications. The inventor of this test, Kary Mullis, has in all keys assumed that the PCR test is unsuitable as a diagnostic tool and cannot be used for virus detection. 

Swine Flu: Repetition of moves
The Swine-Flu scam is exactly like that of the COVID and AIDS scams. The courageous Chairman of the Council of Europe Health Committee, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg described this scam as a "fake pandemic driven by pharmaceutical companies that could make billions of pounds from a global fear-mongering campaign." According to the British Ministry of Health, 2009 people would die in Great Britain alone in 65.000. Only 251 alleged Swine Flu deaths were ultimately counted.

Wodarg speaks of contracts that, as with COVID, have been concluded far in advance, whereby the government, and therefore the taxpayer, pays for all financial risks: “The governments have signed contracts with vaccine manufacturers whereby they get orders in advance and take almost all responsibility . […] In this way, vaccine producers are assured of huge profits without financial risks ”. Wodarg called the Mexican or Swine Flu one of the greatest medical scandals of the twentieth century, but this has now been largely overtaken by the COVID fraud, the greatest crime in human history. (Source: Daily Mail, January 18, 2010, “The 'false' pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu, claims Euro health chief ” PDF).

Wodarg's character was subsequently murdered in the mainstream media and his reputation destroyed.

Swine Flu: Patents for Profiteering
Just as with the coronavirus, for which several lucrative patents have been granted (US 7,220,852 B1, EP 3 172 319 B1) - including one to state 'expert' and vaccine millionaire Ab Osterhaus (EP 2 898 067 B1) - there is a patent on the biotechnically produced but in reality never isolated 'Swine Flu virus' which, well before the alleged outbreak in 2009, had already been approved in 2005. This by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine et al. patented 'Swine Flu virus' is explicitly intended for use in human vaccines according to the patent description (US Patent and Trademark Office: Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof, patent # 8124101).

The European Patent Office considers that biological material isolated from its 'natural environment' (as is the case with SARS-CoV-2), or produced through a technical process, is patentable, even if it has previously occurred in nature . (This 'isolation' is thus not the same as isolation and identification according to the Koch postulates). However, in other jurisdictions, such as the United States, natural products that have not been modified by humans are not eligible for patent protection.

In all cases this concerns 'pieces' of 'wild' hereditary material that are attributed to the 'virus' and are put in a sequence (sequence) so that they are patentable. It is therefore not about the complete genetic composition of the virus (= genome). A complete 'virus' has never been isolated and identified separately from the host cell (Irene Vázquez, “SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus and patents”, ABG Intellectual Property, February 20, 2020).

Sequencing and regrouping these pieces of protein with hereditary material is done with a computer. A complete series is a computer construct, so a fabrication and not at all the result of 'empirical' research with an electron microscope (= research based on observation). The relevant 'scientists' then hold a meeting about this pieced together series, who then reach an agreement (= consensus) along the lines of: “Approved by the Dutch Association of Housewives”. Such a complete series on which there is consensus is ultimately labeled a 'virus' and patented. This fictitious 'virus' only exists in computers and laboratories and not in nature. Dr. David Rasnick, chemist with, among other things, long experience in the pharmaceutical industry puts it as follows:

“The virus maniacs use computers to compare the menagerie of series in order to arrive at a 'consensus' sequence for HIV, coronavirus and all others. The consensus series exists [only] in two places: in computers and in RNA sequences [= hereditary material] that are synthesized in the laboratory [= composed of several components] ”(“ David Rasnick: New Strain of the Coronavirus, or a Giant Con ? How Deep do the Lies Go?, January 26, 2021 PDF).

More about these digitally constructed fake viruses at the end of this article.

Swine Flu: Paralysis, sleeping sickness, and death from vaccination
The side effects of the toxic swine flu vaccines, including sleeping sickness or narcolepsy, anaphylactic shock (a very serious allergic reaction) or even death, were not recorded or concealed. Especially defenseless children were easy guinea pigs:

“In the Netherlands, approximately half a million children between the ages of 23 months and 2009 years have been vaccinated with Pandemrix from 6 November 4 onwards. At that time the high number of serious side effects at GSK was already known [below a PDF list of the GlaxoSmithKline scandals]. The Lareb, which collects side effects of medicines reported in the Netherlands, has 3754 reports about Pandemrix entered. Of these, 137 have been designated as serious. Thirty cases are related to narcolepsy. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is negotiating compensation for approximately ten children. ” (source: NOS. “Information about side effects of swine flu vaccine withheld”, 21 September 2018, PDF).

Unfortunately for the pharmaceutical mafia, large-scale vaccination has never been achieved in the Netherlands. The collaborators of the mainstream media, the state 'experts' such as Roel Coutinho and the financial stakeholder Ab Osterhaus, as well as the puppets of politics, could not get this fake pandemic off the ground. The thirty-four million vaccines provided by Minister Ab Klink for one hundred and forty-four million euros already bought in from your tax money, found, apart from some resale (in itself a scandal) to poor countries, their end at the place where they belong: the rubbish dump.

In 1976 there was talk of the first Swine Flu pandemic which, like the 'Spanish' flu, started in a barracks: Fort Dix, New Jersey. None of the soldiers there had been in contact with pigs, although, like the bats in COVID and the monkeys in AIDS, according to misinformation from the mainstream media, that would be the source. However, as with the Spanish flu, all soldiers had been vaccinated beforehand, namely with it Port Chalmers flu vaccine that would protect against all forms of flu. Five hundred soldiers immediately fell ill with vaccine poisoning, writes Dr. Eleonor McBean, of whom sixty-six had to be hospitalized. As with COVID, death certificates were forged, which, according to McBean, is standard practice in vaccination deaths (Source: Chapter 'No Swine Flu Epidemic' in “Swine Flu ExposeEleonor McBean).

According to the booming fear propaganda of the mainstream media in 1976, up to XNUMX million Americans would die from swine or swine flu in the short term. Forty-five million frightened Americans were then vaccinated against this alleged 'killer virus'. Many experienced (serious) side effects. The official figures reported four hundred and fifty vaccinees with Guillain-Barré syndrome as a result of the vaccination. This syndrome causes muscle weakness, paralysis or death (WSB-TV, "Rush to create flu vaccine in 1970s led to outbreak of deadly illnessscientists say ”, 1 November 2020, PDF).

Zika: A never isolated and identified 'killer virus'
In 1947, the Rockefeller Foundation patented the alleged Zika Virus derived from body fluid from a rhesus monkey from the Ugandan Zika Forest (patent ATCC® VR-84 ™). Of course, this putative virus was never isolated according to Koch's postulates, but part of cell material put in culture in a Petri dish. After all, with the invention of the electron microscope, Koch's postulates had become untenable because they showed that 'viruses' cannot be isolated but are inextricably linked to body cells, like 'exosomes'. That is why Thomas Rivers amended the postulates in 1937 at the request of the Rockefellers. See for that Part I..

Seventy years later, the patent was only cashed in by Sanofi Pasteur, the world's largest producer devoted entirely to vaccines (Wikipedia). This company was founded in Lyon in 1897 by Louis Pasteur's assistant, Marcel Merieux, whose Pasteur Institute was financed, among others, by Rockefeller and Guy de Rothchild. Its origins go back to the vaccine division of the Pasteur Institute, which was bought by Merieux in 1885 and renamed 'Pasteur Vaccines', with the result that his family became wealthy and wealthy (source: historical overview Sanofi-Aventis | Media Citizen's Blog, November 17, 2009: PDF).

The Netherlands ordered COVID-19 vaccines for mass vaccination from Sanofi Pasteur, but the administration was stopped after problems with the vaccine in the elderly. (Algemeen Dagblad, 11 December 2020, 11 million corona vaccines bought by the Netherlands back to drawing board: 'Setback').

Zika: shrunken skulls, brain damage and paralysis after vaccination
Sanofi Pasteur and GlaxoSmithKline are the manufacturers of the Tdap vaccine. The latter multinational was started in 1873 by the Jewish entrepreneur Joseph Edward Nathan and is known for the countless scandals of vaccine and other "drug" poisoning for which billions in pain have been paid to victims. Not a problem in itself, as this multinational had sales of £ 2016 billion in 81 alone. Among the victims, countless lifelong victims of their vaccine against the 'Swine' flu, which causes sleeping sickness (narcolepsy), among other things (PDF list GKS scandals).

At the end of 2014, the Brazilian Ministry of Health introduced the new tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough (= Tdap vaccine) vaccine, approved by the FDA in 2005, as part of its vaccination program for pregnant women. However, immediately in the following year (2015), the Brazilian government sounded the alarm when all of a sudden, 4180 babies of vaccinated women with shrunken skulls and brain damage (microcephaly) were reported and 3448 additional cases were examined for this birth defect. (Source: "Zika Virus in Brazil”, January 2016, República Federativa do Brasil,

In addition to shrunken skulls with brain damage, an increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome, an autoimmune disease that causes paralysis, muscle weakness or death, was also observed as a direct result of vaccination against swine flu (see above).

Both the misshapen skulls and this syndrome are said to be caused by the alleged Zika virus that had never made such a victim in 23 years. Parroting each other, the news media around the world reported this. In the Netherlands too, this mantra was repeated uncritically and the virus is said to have already infected people, according to the NOS in its relentless fear propaganda. “The Zika virus does not only seem dangerous for unborn babies, it can also potentially lead to meningitis and Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare nerve disorder that affects muscles. […] In Brazil, where the virus is common, a striking number of children with immature brains were born in the past year. This can lead to an intellectual disability or an early death, ”writes the state broadcaster. (NOS, January 2016, XNUMX, “Zika virus may not be alone dangerous for babies", PDF).

Autoimmune diseases such as Guillain-Barré are a known consequence of vaccinations. Collaborating official bodies refuse however, do basic research and protect vaccine manufacturers rather than citizens.

On October 10, 2016, Cochrane files a complaint with the European Ombudsman about maladministration at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), an agency of the European Union, regarding the safety of the vaccines. Cochrane is a global independent non-profit organization made up of a network of researchers, health professionals, patients and caregivers. Cochrane does this on behalf of a number of scientific institutions in the medical field from several countries. Cochrane's complaint is based on its finding that the EMA is structurally guilty of extreme secrecy, opposition, misrepresentation of facts, lying, concealment, conflict of interest, corruption, unscientificity and deception when it comes to vaccinations and their side effects. Cochrane notes the following about the serious side effects:

"It is possible that much of the serious damage that occurs after vaccination is autoimmune diseases. However, because we don't know if these diseases are caused by the [in this case] HPV vaccines, it must be a research priority to find out. ” (p. 1. Cochrane, October 10, 2016; “Complaint to the European ombudsman about maladministration at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in relation to the safety of the HPV vaccines). ”

Zika suddenly turns into a killer virus after 70 years of innocence, according to unsound test
Rockefeller's alleged Zika virus that until 2015 had never posed the slightest danger (!) Would suddenly be the cause of all the misery. A beast would transmit the virus, just like a monkey with HIV, a bat with COVID-19, a horse with 'Spanish' flu and a pig with 'Swine' flu. In this case, a mosquito would be to blame.

The 'proof' was provided by a faulty test. The Brazilian government writes: “The diagnosis [of the Zika virus] is nowadays made via the PCR test”. This is the same test used to 'diagnose' HIV, COVID-19, Ebola and Swine Flu. The inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis has several times explicitly and emphatically said that the PCR test cannot diagnose and is not at all intended for that and never has been.  

Zika: Example of a fake pandemic to cover up oppression
Fake epidemics prove to be the perfect means of increasing the power of the ruling class. As a remedy, the Brazilian government recommended increasing government control by, among other things:

  • Increase in the number of laboratories performing PCR tests and develop a rapid test.
  • Significant increase in the number of PCR tests per month.
  • Establishing coordination and control centers at the national, state and local levels.
  • Have 100% of households inspected by health workers (contact tracing) supported by 50.000 military personnel.
  • Mass campaigns on the radio, television, in the newspapers, posters and social networks.
  • The rapid development of a Zika vaccine by companies such as Sanofi-Pasteur (and the purchase of 100 tons of insecticides; Brazil is a major customer of Monsanto!).


The virus has now been found in Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, the US and Australia and in 18 countries and regions in South and Central America. (Source: "Zika Virus in Brazil”, January 2016, República Federativa do Brasil,

Soon a worldwide fear porn was unleashed on the indoctrinated masses. On January 26, 2016, the World Health Organization warns that the Zika virus is 'spreading explosively' and will infect millions of people. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the infectious diseases division of the US Department of Health and driver of the current corona scandal, speaks of a 'global pandemic'. (CBS news, January 28, 2016, “Zika virus at 'pandemic' level, National Institutes of Health says”, PDF).

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Ebola: Again those bastards!
The 'terrible' Ebola virus would cause a veritable torture to certain death with internal bleeding and wipe out entire communities. Although people have lived together intensively with animals for millennia - until well after the Middle Ages people often slept in one room - we now have to fear them seriously. Just like the 'Swine' flu (the piglets), Zika (the mosquitoes), AIDS (the monkeys), the 'Spanish' flu (the horses), COVID (the bats) it would have been caused by bugs again. This time not the bat but the bat, an African delicacy (Nature, November 30, 2005, EM Leroy et al: “Fruit bats as reservoirs or Ebola virus").

Ebola: Lucrative patent on engineered 'virus extract' for vaccine preparations
A new vaccine goldmine was in the offing. In 2010, the American RIVM patented the alleged Ebola virus (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC) under number CA2741523A1. This makes it one of six companies with an Ebola patent 'for scientific research'.

In patent description states, among other things: “The invention provides / includes vaccine preparations comprising the 'inventive' [= modified] Ebola virus, including recombinant [= regrouped] and chimeric [= mixed] forms of the virus ”(“ 0026: The invention provides vaccine preparations, comprising the inventive Ebola virus, including recombinant and chimeric forms of the virus ”).

Ebola: Never isolated and identified a complete 'virus'
Although the patent misleadingly refers to an 'isolated virus', it nowadays only means that cells with the alleged 'virus' have been 'isolated' (sample) from a patient and put into culture. The Koch postulates are simply explained as 'invalid' for viruses. The postulates require that the virus be identified and isolated independently of host cells as an independently operating pathogen with an electron microscope. This misleading presentation of viruses as isolated is what the so-called 'fact' checkers spread as it passes through Facebook and Google funded 'FullFact', in order to keep the news and newspaper believers in ignorance.

Mass deception funded by big tech using so-called fact checkers.


Dr. David Rasnick, who worked in Africa for years, states about the alleged Ebola virus in one mail exchange with investigative journalist Jon rappoport:

“I have studied in detail the literature on isolation and Ems [= electron microscope images] of both Ebola and Marburg viruses. I have no Convincing evidence has been found that the Ebola virus (including the [Ebola-related] Marburg virus) has been isolated from humans. There is certainly no confirmatory evidence of human isolation. ”

Dr. David Rasnick received his PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology and worked with proteases (a class of enzymes) and protease inhibitors for 25 years. He is the author of the book "The Chromosomal Disbalance Theory of Cancer." He was also a member of the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel of South Africa, the continent where the Ebola virus is said to have hit the most. Due to his honesty and independent stance, his character and work have been discredited by the controlled mainstream media outlets, Wikipedia first. Rappoport, who has been writing about the practices of the pharmaceutical mafia for thirty years, is hushed up and censored in the mainstream media. His blog is taken from the air. (Source: Biblioteca Pleyades, Inventing Viruses, a Staggering HoaxAugust 6, 2015 screenshot mail exchange).

Of course, the presence of the non-existent 'Ebola virus' is conveniently 'demonstrated' again with the completely flawed PCR test with which one can manipulate to your heart's content and which has been explicitly declared unsuitable by the inventor, Kary Mullis, as a diagnostic tool for proving alleged viruses in the patient (WHO EUAL Public Report January 2019, version 2.0).

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Ebola: Anxiety porn is running at full speed
Mainstream media propaganda is running at full speed, trying where possible to stir the fire of the invisible global enemy, in order to make people susceptible to new freedom-depriving measures and a multibillion-dollar vaccine as a 'solution',> problem> reaction> solution. : “In the current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than 3.000 people have now been infected. About 67% of these people die. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this outbreak a international emergency".

But salvation is at hand! In the meantime, the first vaccine against this ghastly human killer would have been found. About the genetically modified vaccine based on the above-mentioned patented 'inventive virus', the Medicines Evaluation Board writes in 2019: “The new vaccine is a genetically modified live attenuated vaccine(CBG, "First vaccine to protect against Ebola”, MEB, October 22, 2019, screenshot).

Ebola: 'Infection rates' based on deception, false diagnoses and assumptions
Terrified by mainstream media propaganda, frightened, brainwashed citizens will be the first 'cases' diagnosed with the PCR test when they join hospitals for their attribution to Ebola flusymptoms: sore throat, cough, headache, fever, joint pain and chills.

As mentioned above, the PCR test multiplies very small amounts of "viral material" that is associated with the killer virus. Enormous amounts of these proteins are needed to label someone as "infected," meaning that huge numbers of people who are undergoing these tests will also be wrongly diagnosed with Ebola.

This means that one does not need to look at the havoc that the multinational big business - including the IMF and the World Bank with their strangleholdings - have wreaked on the African continent with the rulers sitting there as their vassals. Naomi Klein describes and documents this situation in detail in her bestseller 'The Shock Doctrine(Knopf Canada 2007). In countries such as Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Republic of Guinea, poverty and disease are therefore the main components of daily life. To maintain this situation for the multinationals there is only one adage: release this human misery especially not on; maintain the polluted water supplies, preserve the stolen land so that people cannot grow healthy food themselves, do not install basic sanitation, do not invest in the health of the population, rob the rich supply of raw materials and destroy nature. As a result, the population remains helpless in their need for survival, so that they have the psychopathic corporate parasites cannot throw it off and keep it free in their unscrupulous pollution, destruction and exploitation of the land.

The disease symptoms in any false 'world-threatening epidemic' consist of a conglomerate of phenomena that are subsequently labeled. Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport has conducted a detailed analysis of the true cause of the 'Ebola outbreak'. He is writing:

"De real reasons for the “Ebola outbreak” include, but are not limited to: industrial pollution; organophosphate pesticides (causes bleeding); overuse of antibiotics (causes bleeding); severe and debilitating nutritional deficiencies (that can cause bleeding); hunger; drastic loss of electrolytes; chronic diarrhea; dire poverty; war; stolen farmland; vaccination campaigns (in people whose immune systems are compromised, vaccines can easily wipe out their last ounce of health). ” (Jon Rappoport “Ebola: the new fake outbreak, The virus is the cover story ”, March 2, 2021,, PDF).

The fact is that non-existent viruses function as a 'cover story' in order to conceal the real motives and causes and to keep the corporate causes of the untold human suffering out of the wind.

The infamous internal hemorrhages that they attribute to Ebola, hyped by the mainstream media all sorts of have causes, most of which are the result of the dire misery resulting from the exploitation of Africans by multinationals:

"It is impossible to separate the virological diagnosis of an Ebola virus infection from the diagnosis of hemorrhagic [= bleeding] fever in general. The clinical picture of the disease is indeed too nonspecific to formulate any hypothesis about which virus may be responsible for a particular case. ”

That is one of the conclusions of the 280-page 1977 report on Ebola following an international meeting on this disease in Belgium (p. 73 in “Ebola Virus Haemorrhagic Fever: Proceedings of an International Colloquium on Ebola Virus Infection and Other Haemorrhagic Fevers, Antwerp, Belgium, December 6-8, 1977. ” Published by Elsevier, Biomedical Press, 1978). 

It takes a separate article to counter all the disease symptoms falsely attributed to pandemics, so I suffice to refer to Rappoport's summary about Ebola in his recent article “Ebola: the New Fake Outbreak” (Jon Rappoport “Ebola: the new fake outbreak,” March 2, 2021).

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Viruses and virus pandemics are frauds
The above shows that the viruses that allegedly caused the pandemics were never found. Like the pandemics, the underlying 'killer viruses' are a hoax. Pasteur's micro-theory is based on mere fraud, deceit and profiteering, we saw part II.

The 'father of modern vaccines', John Franklin Enders (1897-1985), however, would have shown that viruses, in this case the measles virus, could indeed be the cause of tissue and cell death (Enders JF, Weller TH, Robbins FC.: “Cultivation of the Lansing strain of poliomyelitis virus in cultures of various human embryonic tissues ”, Science. 1949; 109 (2822): 85–87).

His experiments, however, have never been checked by counter-investigations, but on the contrary followed uncritically. He did, however, receive the Nobel Prize for this lucrative invention in 1954.

German biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka offered € 100.000 to the person who could provide proof of the existence of the measles virus. This proof has never been provided to this day. A candidate for this award has been unsuccessful by the court. The judge ruled in 2016 on the basis of an investigation by five experts appointed by the court that the existence of the virus has never been proven, not even by Nobel Prize winner John Enders (Landesrechtsprechung Baden-Württemberg, OLG Stuttgart Urteil vom 16.2.2016, 12 U 63/15). Stefan Lanka characterizes virus theory as persistent belief:

“The death of tissues and cells is incorrectly regarded as the isolation of the virus. Whatever one may say further: fact is and remains that one virus was never isolated in the truest sense of the word - that is: shown as a whole or characterized biochemically. The electron microscopic photos of the alleged viruses, for example, actually show just regular particles of dying tissues and cells, usually at best in model form. However, since those involved BELIEVE that these dying tissues and cells are viruses, this death of cells and tissues in the form of various cell parts is also referred to as the "multiplication" of viruses. The parties involved still believe this to this day, and, again, especially since the inventor of this method is still seen as an authority after winning the Nobel Prize. ” (p. 3, Dr. Stefan Lanka, 'Fehldeutung Virus' /'Misconception about viruses', Wissenschaftplus Magazine, January 2020, translation: Arjen Lievers, editing: Brecht Arnaert).

The inventor of this method was the aforementioned John Enders with his publication on it from 1949. His method, however, has never been verified by control experiments, but simply followed uncritically, whereby the virologists overlook the fact that they inadvertently killed the cells in the laboratory by themselves. to starve and poison, says Lanka. This death is then attributed to a suspected virus. Ender's paper not only forms the basis for measles virology, but for all virology since 1954. This includes the corona scandal.

What virologists present as "viruses" is essentially cellular waste that contains genetic material. This is then added to a vaccine: “A vaccine is therefore nothing more than a mixture of cell waste [including exosomes] and bacteria. In other words: components that would be released directly by a normal body. This mixture is therefore toxic. It is what the body excretes as waste. But it is mainly injected into the muscles of children during the vaccination process, in an amount that, if injected into the vein, would immediately lead to certain death ”(p. 3, Dr. Stefan Lanka, 'Fehldeutung Virus').

The existence of a virus was decided in the virologists meeting
The complete genetic composition of a virus (= genome) has never been found. What should pass as 'genome' does not actually exist, but is a computer construct, a digital fiction, composed of pieces of hereditary material (RNA) from an RNA database. This supposed 'viral genome' is not the result of empirical (= by observation) research but the product of agreement after a meeting of virologists. Dr. David Rasnick already pointed this out to us above. Stefan Lanka describes it like this:

“It should be emphasized that an actual, fully described virus does not appear in all of the 'scientific' literature. The process to arrive at such a description takes place through a consensus, in which the parties involved traditionally argue about what does and what does not belong to the virus. This has taken decades for the measles virus, for example. ” (page 4, Dr. Stefan Lanka, 'Fehldeutung Virus').

The PCR test: everyone 'infected'
In order to subsequently be diagnosed as being 'infected' by a 'virus', the misleading PCR test that filters the aforementioned pieces of genetic material is used in 'viral diseases' such as AIDS, Ebola, Mexican flu, Zika and COVID. These hereditary materials are protein molecules that every human has. Dr. Kary Mullis already stated: “The proteins found are normal proteins found in human cells”. Each human will eventually test positive according to the number of test cycles (amplifications). Lanka writes:

“It is also striking that the test methods - such as the PCR test - detect molecules that occur in all people. With all 'virus' testing methods, a certain number of people will always test' positive ', and this simply depends on how sensitive the test method is tuned - the number of cycles one goes through ”(page 4, Dr. Stefan Lanka,' Fehldeutung Virus').

Fear-inspiring infection theory, pet of fascist dictatorships
Stefan Lanka further recalls the Nazis as a promoter of the fear-inspiring infection theory in which mainstream media such as De Telegraaf at the time incited the masses to hate a certain population group and dismissed it as the culprit. In the neighborhoods in which this group lived, lockdowns were applied or people were taken to 'quarantine camps':

“The theory of infection could only spread because it was promoted by the Nazis. Before 1933 it was contradicted by all scientists; after 1933 these critical scientists were eliminated. This allowed the Third Reich to adopt the idea of ​​infection (applied to Jews who "infected" societies) as a global dogma, both for their general politics and for the concrete politics of eugenics ”(p. 8, Dr. Stefan Lanka, 'Fehldeutung Virus').

Main characteristic of fascism: censorship, demonization and contempt of dissenters
Annette Hinz-Wessels notes in her book on the Robert Koch Institute during the Nazi era that infection theory only gained international foothold, after all, after the first scientists to criticize and refute the theory of infection were excommunicated, imprisoned and murdered ( Annette Hinz-Wessels. ”The Robert Koch Institute in the National Socialism Museum. ” Kulturverlag Kadmos, 2012).

Remarkably, the characters of virtually all current critics of virus theory have once again been murdered by the mainstream media. In this article I gave many examples. They were excommunicated, concealed, stripped of their licenses, fired, prosecuted, imprisoned and censored. This applies also for Dr. Stefan Lanka.

Gates' 'Final Solution'
Bill Gates calls the proposed vaccination of the world's population the 'Final Solution' (CBS, "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, April 2020). This term is notorious for its use for the "Jewish Question" by Adolf Eichmann, one of Hitler's chief responsible for the mass murder of the Jews. Interviewer Stephen Colbert reminds Gates of the fraughtiness of this term, but Gates appears to be aware of this and laughs it off. The last part of James Corbett's documentary on Bill Gates reveals that Gates' targeted vaccinations are by no means intended to improve health but have a eugenic basis (James Corbett, "Who is Bill Gates”, June 13, 2020).

Eugenics is popular with a self-supreme elite and aims to 'improve' the human race by removing the 'inferior' part of society, the so-called 'useless eaters', through for example mandatory sterilization, abortion, euthanasia. or genocide. These ideas were popular during National Socialism.

Gates' father, William Henry Gates, was a board member of the eugenics organization Planned Parenthood. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation already donated in 1999 1,7 miljoen dollar to the International Planned Parenthood Federation. According to Life Site, Gates has donated $ 14.521.748 between 2010 and 2013 the fifth in line of top 7 donors from Planned Parenthood (Life Site, Aug. 3, 2015, “Planned Parenthood's top 7 donors gave staggering $ 324 million in four years”).

Like from part II it appears that the Rockefeller Foundation is also constantly interfering with population policy and global health. For example, they were at the forefront of the World Health Organization, of which Bill Gates is currently the main financier.

Less well known is that the Rockefeller Foundation helped set up the German eugenics program and even funded the program 'Todesengel' Josef Mengele worked on before going to Auschwitz:

"… And yet it never really stopped."

That is what historian Edwin Black writes in “IBM and the Holocaust(Crown Books 2001) and “War against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race (Four Walls Eight Windows, 2003).

Vaccination? So you are in good hands ...



Quotes & Colophon

* Gates:

"If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%," Bill Gates at the Long Beach, California TED2010 Conference, in a speech entitled "Innovating to Zero!" The verdict was in the context of the alleged climate problem and the reduction of CO2. A reduction in population growth would then be necessary. Given that Gates' father was a eugenist and Gates himself appears to be, as evidenced by his tremendous donations to eugenic organizations, it is not surprising to consider this statement in a wider context.

** Quotes from: “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS”:


  • That's not an epidemic. The number of cases went up exponentially, because the number of tests went up exponentially. […] Everybody has been fooled. ”
  • "The original definition of aids doesn't have any resemblance to the current definition of AIDS."
  • “Test should not be used to interpret that a person has AIDS or HIV virus. […] The proteins found are normal proteins found in human cells. ”
  • "Is all Orwellian deception."


HIV-positive man tested:

“T think I am alive after 20 years of being positive because I did'nt use AZT or any of those drugs”.

*** Quotes from House of Numbers:

Mullis: “I needed to have that backed up by something. Before I could write it and submit it. And I went around and asked a whole lot of people. […] There's got to be somebody that knows this so you go to these experts and ask them. And so I asked all these people one after the other and none of them had it. None of them! And I was getting really freaked about that. That's when I first started noticing: they don't know! Nobody really knows! This whole thing is a big sham! ”

For part 1, click HERE. For part 2, click HERE. You can download a PDF of the article HERE to download. This article may be freely published and shared, but with reference to the source. Investigative journalism takes a lot of time: PLAGIAT = THEFT!

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