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Vaccine Party

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The GGD calls on young people: “you can be vaccinated with priority”.

They have a stash of syringes from Jansen left and it is first come, first served.

The phone lines were immediately congested.

The interest was overwhelming.

Young people queued for hours.

The GGD organized a DJ, it became a dance event.

Take the syringe and you can dance along.

It is now known that the 'health council' advises all children from the age of 12 to inject this poisonous syringe.

This will undoubtedly also be the turn of the small children and babies.

The Health Council's advice concerns the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, the only drug that, despite many disastrous consequences, has been 'approved' for teenagers from the age of 12.

Although corona is usually mild with them, it can still cause problems, says the organization.

According to the Health Council, it is therefore important to inject everyone.

We have, of course, known for a long time that this only entails risks and does not yield any profit. Everyone is now falling into lies because there are fewer terrorist measures during the summer holidays and people think we are on the right track. But those measures will simply return after the summer.

Vaccination also has drawbacks, says the Health Council. The Pfizer vaccine, like all drugs, has side effects. Most are moderate in severity and disappear after a few days. There have also been reports of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium) after Covid-19 vaccination.

But a grouch who pays attention to that, isn't it Hugo? Organizing children's parties with ice cream and sweets?


And then the app. “Have you installed it yet”? “Hey, cool, which brand did you get”?


I fully understand that these kinds of messages are largely propaganda that is passed on by the regime to the mainstream media and who then publish it all indiscriminately. But I also really believe that there is hardly anyone among the young people who will go in search of other information about everything that is being forced on us in this plandemic and the vaccine terror.

This is about your body and limbs. Surely it cannot be the case that masses of people, including young people, who are online all day long, have never received any signal that other versions of the 'success stories' exist. about the pcr test, the virus, the measures, the 'vaccines' and so on wander around. How many mouse clicks or screen touches do you need to find exactly the opposite information on all these subjects than what is proclaimed from the government narrative? Wouldn't that make you think?

Or would Hugo just be right?

With a frikandel you don't wonder what's in it. So you don't have to wonder about that when you get a shot.....

Would it be so? Could it really be the case that 90-95% of people, including young people, who by nature should be a little more inquisitive and curious, really don't question everything that happens to all of us right now?

Apparently the only thing they care about is: When can we party again, when can we go to LLoret de Mar again.

I find that very scary. And that brings me to an even more frightening thought: Would that also apply to the members of parliament who should actually be our representatives? Except for a few, nobody is there to ask questions, who does research.

The hard core of these terrorists, kaag, rutte, the young and grapperhaus, they of course know what is going on and have (assigned) their plans to carry out.

But the rest are apparently just brain-dead followers. Of the same level as all those sheep who line up to have something injected into their bodies of which they have no idea what it is, what it is for and what consequences that will have.

The difference is that the MPs cannot go on to say that they knew nothing about it. They know about the discussions that Van Haga, Van der Plas, Kuzu, Baudet and a handful of others regularly have. Okay, they're playing with their phone calls during those discussions or watching Netflix on the couch at home, but they should be aware, could have been, that there were dissenting voices and it should be their duty, their honor and their conscience to then delve into the materials. If there is ever a reaction from a member of parliament, it is to silence and ridicule the critical members of parliament. Instead, I want to hear arguments that can disprove the views of so many real scientists, real immunologists, real medical specialists, and so many others. If they have them, I'd love to hear them. But it is deafeningly quiet. Already a year and a half.....

We have had a 'corona dashboard' for years. You can follow an up-to-date overview of all infected patients and I know what nonsense more. You would say that it is therefore wise to add the results, positive and negative, of the spraying experiment to the dashboard, in order to keep a good overview of the operation, the side effects and the deaths caused by the experiment. But there appears to be no need for this. Spraying as much as possible appears to be the only goal. Information about the victims of the syringes, you have to dig deep to find it. And hugo makes a point when in a deserted room a brave Van Haga makes another attempt to ask some questions.

By the way, it seems that Hugo has followed a course 'how do I give Mark Rutte answers'.

In the past he could only feign anger, but now he can suddenly spout semi indignant, semi intellectual nonsense, turn asses and turn around, all strategies to which it is very difficult to answer.


There is a virus, whether created or not, that causes deaths among the sick/weak and nauseated aged 80 years and older.

The answer they have come up with is a syringe that causes deaths among young healthy people.

Despite all the evidence. Despite all the studies from medical experts, despite all the deaths, they just keep on going with this syringe experiment. At what point should you decide to stop doing this?

I'll tell you: Not at any time.

This whole squirt experiment has nothing to do with your health and mine. This is a project that comes from a different agenda and must be continued at all costs. All things considered, I can only conclude that there is a completely different plan behind this. I have written about this many times and have brought up a lot of evidence. But understand, dear people, at the top of this terrorist organization they know much more than we know. And their methods are devious, mean and merciless.

Don't underestimate that.


Spread the freedom!

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