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Vaccine Propaganda and Vaccine Information

Incredible, but true.

The University of the Netherlands ...

(I honestly had never heard of that)

… Has made a promotional video for the AD, but especially for the regime, in which you are explained that it is best to get in line as soon as possible to have the mRNA vaccines (vaccines that are not vaccines) injected into your body.

'How dangerous is the corona vaccine’,

is the title of the video.

Professor Dr. Marjolein van Egmond explains that it is probably all completely safe and she also claims that 1 in 100 people will die if we do not take the vaccine.

I have news for Mrs. Van Egmond: Everyone is going to die, that's life. But the odds of dying from covid-19 if you don't take a vaccine is about 0,0001 (rough estimate), and the vast majority of those are people over 80 years old.

Truly true, this aunt Truus claims with dry eyes that 1 in 100 people dies from corona.

According to Van Egmond, there are only mild short-term side effects with vaccines. There are no long-term side effects.

Never! She asserts. Well, a small blow to the arm, in extremely rare cases a long-term side effect can sometimes occur. But that is actually your own fault. The fault of your body!

And that it is being developed and approved so quickly, she also has a quick explanation for that.

I have rarely heard so much nonsense spoken by someone who can call himself a professor doctor ……. According to the UMC, she is a scientist oncology and inflammation.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the University of the Netherlands is not a university at all, but an information project that currently functions as a promotion institute for the regime's corona policy.


Here you can watch the video (unfortunately you have to go through an 18 second commercial first):

University-of-the-Netherlands ~ how-dangerous-is-the-corona-vaccine ~


If you feel with this promotional video that you have been correctly informed, then you do not need to read any further …….

But I don't think that's true of most CSTV readers. So….

Then look for real information.

Dr. Carrie Madej, is an internist, osteopath and director of the Phoenix Medical Group of Georgia, where she has a full-time practice in internal medicine. She has been conducting intensive research into vaccinations for 20 years.

Her messages are banned from Youtube and Facebook, so you will already know what time it is. Apparently he has something to say about the regime CANNOT may be told.

Fortunately, her video message can be seen on bichute (Dutch subtitles):

Or if you prefer to read, you will find the transcript of her story at the bottom (in Dutch)


And from our own Emeritus Professor Dr. Pierre Capel we also get a fascinating brief explanation about vaccines and what that does to your body:

My good friend Sander sent me the video below with the opinions of many doctors worldwide. This video has also been censored on facebook and youtube. These are the opinions and recommendations of doctors. Of course you are not allowed to know. You just have to listen to the WHO, to Klaus Schwab, to Bill Gates and to Ab Osterhaus. They know what is good for you. By the way, did you know that Pfizer's CEO, Albert Bourla, is a friend of Klaus Schwab? And did you know that he has since dumped all of his Pfizer shares? Well, we don't have to determine who he befriends, nor do we have to determine which shares he wants to buy or sell or not. But it is all a bit weird.


If you want to fully immerse yourself in it, you can read more here (English), 

but I will already give you the conclusions (translated into Dutch:

The question is what we are actually protecting with a covid-19 vaccine. The vaccines are not even designed to prevent infection, but are bad to reduce the severity of the symptoms. And in the meantime, it can potentially make you a lot sicker if you catch the virus. These are many risks for a questionable benefit.


Transcript of the video message from Dr. Carrie Madej:


See also my column:

Beware! Vaccine danger !!!!


The Covid-19 Vaccine That Is Not A Vaccine


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