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Van der Linden & Rooken steal FvD: Baudet dismissal is against statutes

Thierry Baudet was expelled from Forum for Democracy today, and according to the official FvD account on Twitter, he was also deregistered as a director at the Chamber of Commerce. However, the question is whether these actions by directors Rob Rooken and Lennart van der Linden are lawful.

Thierry Baudet (left), Rob Rooken (top) & Lennart van der Linden (bottom)

Yesterday, the Board of Forum for Democracy set the condition that the General Members' Meeting should be allowed to decide on the appointment of a completely new party board and the expulsion of Thierry Baudet. A condition for convening the ALV was that Baudet would immediately resign from his board position. Today it is known that Baudet has not resigned his board position, nevertheless he has been expelled from the board and expelled by the board.

Tweet Forum for Democracy - November 26, 2020

Tweet Forum for Democracy - November 27, 2020

The answer to the question whether Baudet was legally expelled from the board can be found in the statutes of the Association Forum for Democracy. Article 28.1 states that the members of the party board are appointed by the General Meeting. Article 28.4 states that members of the party management can be suspended and dismissed at any time by the body that appointed them. According to article 28.1, this is the General Members' Meeting. According to article 28.4, at least two-thirds of the members must agree to the dismissal of the board member, this only applies with a member turnout of at least 66,6%.

You can find the statutes of Forum for Democracy at the bottom of this article.

The other way in which Baudet can be dismissed from his board position is if he would have chosen to do so himself, this is not the case.

We can conclude that Baudet - spiritual father of FvD - has worked out against the statutes in his own party. Directors Rob Rooken and Lennart van der Linden have, before consulting the members, dismissed Baudet from his board position, thus showing that they are anything but democratic and have nothing to do with the members and the spiritual father.

Appendix: Forum for Democracy Statutes

FvD% 20 Statutes% 202016

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