Van Haga is the only one ……

“The cabinet is stacking blunder upon blunder in the corona crisis. The measures meanwhile are destroying lives. Wybren van Haga makes a crystal-clear appeal to the cabinet: stop bumbling and release the Netherlands! ”

I am pleased that there is at least one member of parliament who stands up for the rights, welfare and prosperity of the Netherlands.

But whether the 'blunder on blunder' is what is happening here, it is now impossible to maintain with dry eyes.

In reality, there is not much going on, but Rutte and De Jonge keep on pretending that the whole world is ending.

Well, the world is about to end, but that is not because of this flu virus.

This is due to the disastrous policy and the measures that 'our' brand new dictators do to us.

But the most fearful thing is that it happens almost everywhere. The exact same agenda is being rolled out almost everywhere. Merkel and Macron are the main leaders of Europe and they are the forerunners in this idiocy. That's not because all these people are stupid goslings who stagger after each other in the hope of doing something good …….

That we could still believe that, that time is over.

This speech is spot-on, but it all doesn't help. They keep going and with Christmas the measures will be tightened even further, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, Belgium, France and Spain.

The umpteenth Virus Truth lawsuit has of course also been lost. Virus truth had this time filed a lawsuit against the use of PCR tests as a diagnosis for 'infected patients'. The whole world is already aware that the PCR test is not intended to diagnose and that the PCR test cannot. But the judge was of course carefully instructed to deliver 'the right verdict'. If not, the whole house of cards of this nonsense would collapse. And of course that should not happen to Mark, Angela, Emanuel and Alexander.

And I already have a piece of news for you: The third wave is coming.

Because when we are a bit past the peak of the test idiocy and the number of false positives starts to drop, then the new test will be introduced. And do you know what? This means that many, many more people will become 'infected patients'.



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