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VIDEO: Migrants attack each other and islanders. EU does nothing

Two different gangs of mainly Afghan migrants clashed last weekend in the infamous Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.



It is not yet clear why the two groups are involved in a war. (source)

But of course it did not remain between the two groups of aggressive migrants. The local Greeks were also hurt and attacked. Large stones were thrown against passing car windows. The once virtually criminal-less paradise of Lesvos has been forever changed by globalist leaders in the EU and their migrant dreams.

"I think they can handle it," according to a 56-year-old female MEP from Sweden who has no idea what it means to live in such circumstances.

Ylva Johansson


Despite the unsustainable situation in Moria, the EU continues to insist that Greece has enough capacity to deal with tens of thousands of migrants. Not to mention the death and destruction of migrants, but also the Corona outbreak among them. (source)

It is a disgrace to the EU to deal with a country that tries to protect their own borders, including those of the EU. Could these people from the EU want the Greek border to fall and hordes of anti-social Allahu Akbar callers who have no prospects come our way?

How would the inhabitants of such an island feel? You grew up on an island where everything was easy. There was virtually no crime, and suddenly, without having even said anything about it, your island, your home, is flooded with aggressive fortune seekers.

Thousands of islanders demonstrated in January against the overcrowded reception camps. (source)

Protests January

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