Press conference: Prominent doctors ring COVID19

UPDATE: See the video with sound and Dutch subtitles in this article.

Last Monday, two prominent doctors gave a press conference about the Coronavirus and about the measures and social distancing.

Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi are owners of the Bakersfield Urgent Care and tested more than 5.200 patients for corona at their facilities. That's more than half of all patients tested in their county.

They condemn the lockdowns and draconian measures and do not consider it common sense to lock up healthy people. They also report that they are being pushed to place COVID19 in reports of deceased patients. Colleagues worldwide confirm this.

During the press conference it also emerges that there is a lot of pushing to add COVID19 to the reports of deceased patients. Fellow doctors, who have no interest in this, also confirm this.

The video had over 5 million views in no time on YouTube alone. YouTube decided to delete the video.

Does it not work here? Here's the video on Bitchute:


The entire press conference has since been removed by YouTube.


And now also from our channel. It's starting to get laughable. What does a company like YouTube reveal here, say.


Laura Ingraham of FOX News picked up on this:




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