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Recently, an unknown politician, Indian Rishi Sunak, has suddenly been lifted onto a pedestal by the Conservatives (Tories) and the Media and hailed as the "next Prime Minister".

In the midst of a COVID-SARS-2 outbreak, this unknown is presented to the British People from scratch.

But what does it stand for?

A few years ago he wrote the book The Modern Face of Britain in which Mr. Sunak indicates that mass immigration makes society much more diverse.

He wrote the book precisely in that vision than a kidneys ago The Modern Face of Britain in which Mr. Sunak indicates that mass immigration is making society much more diverse.T-British Prime Minister, according to the Tories.

In addition, Mr. Sunak has a similar background to Emmanuel Macron: He worked for Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banker.

His parentage is worrying about his views on immigration.

Someone of non-British origin views Britain as a promising welcome port or business site for a Globalist economy, rather than a bastion of Anglo-Saxon culture.

One thing is clear, even under the Tories, the population continues as usual, even behind the door of 10 Downing Street.

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