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Bas Smit, the husband of retired TV presenter Nicolette van Dam, has collected more than € 30.000 with a donation campaign for the Syrian Sakka family from Heerlen.

The refugee family that came into the news as 'victims' of their racist tokkie neighbors, it turns out on closer inspection a-social and be opportunistic.

See the images that don't lie here:

Nevertheless, they are pampered by left-wing celebrities who think exalted to be above Limburgers, and to be able to lecture everyone about racism.

But van Dam is zelf a paragon of racism and eurocentrism, as proved once again last summer.

Nicolette van Dam gets to be seen in a movie from her husband Bas Smit, a piece of sea bass served with risotto. Then at her house Nicolette suddenly says to the cook on duty, a boy with Asian appearance, “Wǒ ài nǐ”, 'I love you' in Chinese.

According to the critics on Twitter, Nicolette simply assumes that the boy is Chinese. This does not seem to be the case. He says nothing back to her statement.

"Don't you hear what I'm saying to you ?!" she snaps to the boy.

'You speak Chinese, don't you ?! Or don't I speak Chinese? '


'Don't you hear what I'm saying to you, you hired Chinese! We pay you, so facilitate my so emphatically rehearsed moment! '

Nicolette responded to the criticism after her rude racist table talk as follows:

'Oh, am I shot wild for the hyena racists again today? What bloodthirsty malicious haters you are. '

We could not have described Van Dam and Smit better! They smelled blood and immediately seized their moment to shine in front of the camera in the context of racism on the back of all of Heerlen.

The donation campaign for Sakka was a great success, because Bas Smit supposedly has 'fame'.

But Lee and Ramona, who live next door to the Sakka family and now by Muslims from all over the Netherlands, passed through false information and fake news thinking to stand up for pathetic Syrians on MSM, being molested and chased from their own homes, don't get a cent from Nicolette and Bas!

But from Brother Bob and rapper Dave!

Lee and Ramona's house becomes empty looted and all their household goods have disappeared or are on the street. They are now obliged to go into hiding at a secret address.

Brothers rapper DC and Brother Bob are now putting their own donation campaign for their fellow citizens: 'Solidarity with Lee and Ramona '.

Rapper DC is an advocate against racism and also opposes it bullying.

When he learned that his city Heerlen was portrayed by the leftist press as racist and tokkie, he disagreed.

He approached Brother Bob to make a vlog together and he was the first to donate to the donation campaign for Lee and Ramona.

Many people believe it one-sided lie story of hypocrites van Dam, Smit and lil 'kleine.

But DC stands up for reality and goes for the facts.

We have anyways respect for Muslims, also because they stand up for each other when something happens to them in the community.

As Dutchmen, let's also step into the breach for each other!

As it should.

Or do we let each other fall apart again?

Help Lee and Ramona. Donate your skeer!

You can donate here: Solidarity with Lee and Ramona

Spread the freedom!

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