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VO Council undermines parental authority!

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Where manipulation and deception by politics and government through controlled media leads

For those who missed it. The resistance is beginning to take shape. Not in the form of safe houses, hidden rooms in the secret annex where unvaccinated people take shelter against the New World Order Nazis. It's not that far yet. No, the resistance is currently characterized by cooperation between people in the realization of smaller, manageable goals.

In the past year, for example, it has become apparent that one of the main tasks of education: providing children with a safe environment to further develop themselves, has not only been neglected by teachers and school boards, but that a hostile child-abuse environment has developed. For any conscious parent, this is unacceptable. The parental authority that they have had to hand over to teachers and school management during school hours through forced shopping (after all, there is compulsory education) is abused in such a way that this causes damage to their child.

Falling through the basket
Continuously disinfecting hands with chemical waste is an attack on the immune system. Even a child can understand that. We need bacteria to survive, so that the immune system develops and protects itself against external influences. Imposing wearing a NON-functioning face mask on children is an unprecedented crime any way you look at it. After all, it doesn't work. And forcing someone to do something that is already known not to work, even known beforehand to be harmful and contribute to a bacterial lung infection, is criminal anyway. Educators should be the people par excellence who would stand up directly against these crimes committed against children. This group of people has fallen through the cracks and turned out to be totally unfit to act as guardians of the well-being of our children.

Teachers do not stand up for the best interests of the child
Now that it has been established that they do not stand up for the interests of the children, there is a very understandable desire among parents to restore parental authority. Keep children at home and teach them themselves or discuss this with the school. Conversations with school boards have proven to be very difficult or show that the interests of children are being violated. Participating uncritically in the abuse of children and uncritically participating in the establishment of a dictatorship.

School directors giving medical advice it happens
Parents in secondary schools are much less, say not or hardly connected with each other. The result is that the power of the secondary school management is far too great compared to the parents who want to exercise their parental authority to protect their children completely and rightly against the dictatorial measures. An absurd and inappropriate response to a parent from the school management does not become known to the other parents. School principals giving medical advice on vaccination. It just happens, it is very punishable because only a BIG-registered doctor or nurse has that authority, but in this time you can forget a prosecution. You report to the dictator himself against one of their enablers. The rule of law no longer functions. The trias politica has been violated.

Parents unite and go to war
After dozens of reports about abuses in this area, 1 person decided that this power bloc had to be broken. The parents need to reunite: take a stand against school principals who don't put their children's best interests first and against fearful hypnotized teachers who treat children as life-threatening viral sources of infection instead of healthy children with possible seasonal flu.
WijDeParents was created. A website was developed on which most secondary schools in the Netherlands are listed. A separate telegram group was set up for each school. Parents who did not find their child's school on the site could register it.

Vaccines Were 95% Effective Is The Lie We've Been Sold
Chat groups for parents of children in secondary schools. In this way you can exchange experiences with like-minded parents about the abuses that take place at school. And they take place. Can you exchange the reactions that parents receive back from the school board? Can you report to each other if the GGD comes behind the parents' backs to mislead your child and encourage them to take experimental gene therapy.
95% effective would be the vaccines. We now go to syringe 3 and it doesn't solve anything, except that the number of ambulances with sirens that you hear driving through the neighborhood every day has exploded because of the extensive damage after vaccination. But everyone is silent about that.

Parents who have their child poked will never forgive themselves
WijDeOuders grew to 2500 schools in no time. Supported by enthusiastic volunteers and a willing entrepreneur with a heart for the business, flyers were developed to bring this initiative to the attention of as many parents as possible. And many people have already participated to deliver these in the neighborhoods. Sometimes they stand right at vaccination sites to save hypnotized parents exposing their young child to an experiment from the biggest mistake of their lives that they will never forgive themselves.

Ed Kortekaas founder WijDeParents

One more warning and then hold it accountable
Once set up and functioning properly, founder Ed Kortekaas decided that the time was right for a new purpose. He had heard the many reactions from parents and came to the conclusion that school principals are hiding behind the criminal propaganda from the government. Under the guise of "This is determined by the OMT or the RIVM", which has not been chosen by anyone, school boards think they are allowed to project any criminal form of abuse on the children. However, that is not the case as also during and after the 2e world war has emerged. Each member of the school board and each teacher is responsible for his or her role in the abuse and deception.

Hugo sent the bulletin boxes to the schools as part of the fear torture
Kortekaas then decided to have all members of all school boards of all secondary schools in the Netherlands written to a collective of lawyers, stating very emphatically that they are at all times jointly and severally liable for the crimes they commit, help to carry out and also for all damage that and that actual proceedings will be conducted against them.
This in response to Hugo de Jonge's announcement that the GGD would send injection boxes to schoolyards in order to manipulate children into taking a "fake vaccine", gene therapy in an experimental phase. The vaccine poses more danger to children than it protects them from disease, all behind the parents' backs.

Teachers must absorb the available information and protect children
Ed Kortekaas is very clear about this. “All the information is just publicly available. As a teacher, and certainly from the school management, you should familiarize yourself with all available information. A number of measures are at odds with the interests of the children and are not or insufficiently taken into account. We have now very explicitly informed them of their responsibility. If they continue to support this government policy, it will have consequences and we will also proceed to procedures in consultation with parents and we also call on parents to prosecute teachers and members of the school boards.”

No injections now, but the warm-cold treatment that provides trauma bonding has worked
In response to the letter from the collective of lawyers, the umbrella association to which all secondary schools are affiliated has drawn up a statement to the Secondary Council, which has been posted on the website and which has been sent to all management boards. It states that no bulletin boxes will be sent to schools. That is of course very good news and thanks entirely to Ed Kortekaas and WijDeOuders. However, .. it doesn't say anything further, because the GGD has indicated that it will go directly to the schools and then it is no longer visible at all which manipulation will be used when, with associated peer pressure.

No medical apartheid in the schools!
The GGD has absolutely nothing to do with a school. Stay away from the schools! The parents are perfectly capable of providing information and that is also their responsibility. Offer protection against all the harmful effects of diseases, but also against unreliable governments.

Fake news and undermining of parental authority by VO Council
In the letter, Stan Termeer of the VO Council, Head of Communications & Public Affairs, makes an unforgivable mistake by deliberately undermining parental authority. For example, he states that children from the age of 12 decide for themselves whether they take a vaccine and that the VO Council assumes that children will have involved the parents in that choice. This is absolutely not correct and a direct attempt on the basis of the wrong government propaganda by criminal Hugo de Jonge to feed the image that 12-year-olds should be allowed to decide about this themselves.

The truth is that parents have parental authority. The parents determine whether their child will be vaccinated and agreement between the parents is necessary otherwise there will be no vaccination. The parents discuss it with the child. The child's opinion is not decisive. From the age of 16 this is slightly different, but even then parental authority still applies.

On September 2, the VO Council was informed about this crime that they commit by using this text, which deliberately undermines parental authority, which is absolutely not true, as is also clear from the statement of Professor of Private Law Radboud University Nijmegen and Erasmus University Rotterdam Andre Nuytinck (see effort).

It is knowingly spreading fake news. Feel free to check their page to see if they are still expressing this crime in the article. Below this article you will find the original text of the VO Council with a link to their page.

Let children remain children, parents decide and no one else!
As a parent, you can't even leave a 12-year-old at home alone. A child of that age is not yet considered to be able to deal with the dangers that can occur in a house (gas, electricity, etc). The subject of puberty was discussed at the first high school meeting organized for parents. There, the parents were advised to take the adolescent's entire behavior as it is: an almost insane person because the frontal cortex is still developing. In the case of young people, according to them, this development is only completed by the age of 25e year of life. And these children should be deemed capable of determining whether they can be deliberately genetically manipulated and mistreated by a crime syndicate? See also the passage on this subject on the website of the Brain Foundation below this article.

Catching Criminals!
I call on lawyers to finally take action against the criminals and start proceedings against all teachers, all members of school boards, doctors, officials and politicians who have been guilty of child abuse and complicity in genocide.

At the moment, reports are flowing in to the BPOC 2020 about damage after vaccination and deaths immediately following vaccination. It's gigantic! And the Lareb is doing everything it can to keep the figures they published until recently as shady as possible. Then you know something isn't right. Explore! We owe that to our children.
And teachers: take action against the school management!
We can only lose the children's freedom once.
Not on my fucking watch!

No bulletin boxes in schools and schoolyards
AUGUST 20, 2021

Many schools have received a letter from Open Legal Attorneys about vaccinating students. The reason for this letter was an expression in the media by Minister De Jonge, which suggested that injection boxes would be placed at the schools. We have contacted the GGD about this. The GGD has confirmed that GGDs have no plans – and have never had any – to vaccinate in schools or schoolyards and to send injection boxes to schools. The GGD does go to neighborhoods where the vaccination rate is low with injection boxes. The injection box is then in a public space and certainly not in a schoolyard. You can take the letter from Open Legal Attorneys for information. You do not have to respond substantively to this.

Schools can of course choose to provide information about the usefulness and necessity of vaccinating pupils. The GGD can help with this. The GGD is happy to share knowledge about the virus and the role of testing and vaccination in combating it. In this way, the GGD can support students and parents in making a well-considered choice whether or not to be vaccinated.

Young people from the age of 12 make their own decisions about vaccination. Before a well-considered choice is made, young people are expected to discuss this with their parents.

Placing an injection box in a school yard could influence students' choice of vaccination and suggest that it is out of the sight of the parents. Like the GGD, the VO Council also finds this undesirable.

The Brain Foundation about developing children's brains:

Full brain development begins well before birth and continues until at least the age of 25. At birth, almost all brain cells (neurons) are already present. After birth, the number of connections between neurons explodes.

During puberty, a pruning process takes place to preserve only the useful connections and optimize communication in the brain. The connections between neurons that are not active disappear. Connections that are used a lot are actually strengthened.

Out of balance

This optimization of the brain does not take place in all brain regions at the same time. The emotional areas of the brain are more involved than the rational areas of the brain. The emotional brain areas are extra stimulated by hormones. The rational brain areas are not yet strong enough to control the hypersensitivity of the emotional brain areas.

The adolescent brain is therefore temporarily out of balance. It will not surprise you that this has consequences for their behaviour.

The rational brain is necessary to be able to make informed adult decisions about, for example, vaccinations and is therefore in most cases not yet fully grown by the age of 12 or 17 (ed.)

Spread the freedom!

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