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Vodafone LAUNCHED 5G in half the Netherlands

Vodafone was the first provider to start with 5G in the Netherlands.

As of last Monday, the successor to the current 4G networks will be available in the Randstad and parts of North Brabant. According to Vodafone, ALL of the Netherlands will follow at the end of July at the latest.

The rollout is remarkable because the first 5G auction in the Netherlands has yet to take place because it is only planned for June.

Vodafone avoids this by using its EXISTING 4G FREQUENCIES for 5G as well. This technique is called 'spectrum sharing' and is made possible by network partner Ericsson.

In recent years, Vodafone has already modernized its mobile masts with network equipment that is prepared for the arrival of 5G.

Last month, Vodafone also included 5G in its mobile subscriptions.

Furthermore, there are now a number of devices suitable for 5G, such as Samsung's latest flagship Galaxy S20 and Oppo Find X2. Vodafone, which has already tested with 5G in many countries in recent years, promises customers download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. That is approximately three times the maximum that 4G customers have.

In the beginning, however, the speed will be only TEN PERCENT higher.

5G is currently receiving special attention, partly due to the growing resistance of many Dutch people who fear that the technology will lead to health damage.

There have even been a series of fires in recent months, with two suspects arrested last week.

There is still no scientific evidence that 5G is harmless, but Mobile KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone went on and on and on, quietly continue preparations for a national 5G network.

Until now, T-Mobile seemed to be the first provider to roll out 5G in the Netherlands. Now Vodafone passes the smaller rival:

“We use innovative technology to apply 5G in EXISTING FREQUENCY BANDS and with our EXISTING ANTENNAS”, VodafoneZiggo boss Jeroen Hoencamp is delighted. "This makes us the frontrunner with 5G in the Netherlands."

Vodafone emphasizes that 5G is a technology neutral standard. Although the 700 megahertz, 3,5 gigahertz and 26 gigahertz have been specially reserved for this by the cabinet, 5G can also be used on existing frequency bands. This also happens in other countries, including Belgium and Germany.

5G will become the new standard in mobile technology, reaching speeds up to 100 times higher than current 4G networks.

The Vodafone promotion is a publicity stunt, because at most a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of Dutch people currently own a device that can handle 5G.

Vodafone's network is, all in all, hardly burdened by these users. If millions of ignorant Dutch people will soon have a 5G telephone in their pocket, Vodafone will definitely need the radio bands specially reserved for this purpose by the government.

The company is therefore simply participating in the upcoming 5G auction organized by the Telecom Agency.




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