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Volkert van der G. once again receives THOUSANDS of euros from the State

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Volkert van der Graaf, has another stroke of luck:

This time, he will receive more than 2.800 euros from the Dutch State, the Council of State ruled. This is due to a mistake made by the minister: he 'forgot' to sign.

It is again a victory for van der Graaf. He has already conducted many lawsuits with the Dutch State and usually WON these.

From May 1, the hitman is really a free man again. He has then finished his 'sentence' of 18 years.

Van der Graaf submitted a separate request to two ministers to view his personal data. When people responded too late to Volkert van der G.'s request, he was already awarded a penalty of 240 euros.

One of the two ministers did respond to Volkert's request, but the Minister of Justice and Security, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, did NOT respond.

Because Grapperhaus did not respond, Van der G. went to court and was proved right there.

In the meantime, the murderer was 'entitled' to a penalty of 1.260 euros.

The minister did not agree and went to the Council of State. But that now also agrees with the Pim's killer.

Including legal costs, Volkert van der Graaf will now receive 2.829 euros from the Dutch state in his account.

It is a nice amount for the killer who is now officially released.

Winning the business can also be placed in another series of successes:

Of the mild punishment Van der G. received, he only had to sit out for 12 years. After all, detainees can leave prison after two-thirds of their sentences, subject to conditions.

Van der G. was therefore also given the opportunity to 'sit out' his sentence outside prison under certain conditions.

However, after some lawsuits, the killer managed to get rid of the restrictions. For example, he no longer had to wear an ankle strap.

It is still difficult for the family of Pim Fortuyn to understand that the killer is released again. Brother Simon Fortuyn believes that Van der Graaf had been given a life sentence nowadays.

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