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Vomit balls!

Dear reader,

After I got into my last column, to which I thanks @Your best friend is watching you came across a video of Willem Engel, who spoke very negatively about something he had said about the flood disaster that hit Limburg, among other things, which caused the necessary alarm bells to ring in me, I would like to introduce you to someone here, with a enormous sick fixation for Thierry Baudet and the FvD!

You could actually say that these people come up with conspiracy themselves, they love symbols and make connections between people, which are completely crazy, rainbows are already suspicious, let alone Avatars or owls and they make the strangest connections, but as soon as you If she points this out, then of course you belong at least to the right-wing extremists and you are very quickly classified with the Nazis, so laugh a lot.

The person I want to show you here calls herself @critical-intelligent sound, but quite frankly, she is far from intelligent and with her annoyingly shrill voice and her overdone view on corona and vaccination, you would even call her a dangerous madman. can call her, so I call her: Dom Noga cube, because of the symbol in which it manifests itself.

Here's her video, and she has more, through this column you can of course also look her up on YouTube: critical-intelligent sound and then you automatically come to a series of videos, some of which can be called very extreme, extremely anti FvD, very pro vaccination and against the protests that have been going on for quite some time now within our society and extremely pro EU!

Now, of course, I am not trying to follow political parties, I like to follow my own course, because as it looks now, we may again be saddled with a Rutte cabinet, which, as it stands now, is the tactic of the longest Adem, with the aim of continuing as before, while a completely different course has become a dire necessity.

That I have called this column "vomit balls" is because a number of people have apparently been hatched by an owl, these owl chicks resist the resistance that the population is developing, they are very generous with the reference to the Second World War , as if the Nazis were right-wing, that may seem comical, but if you've watched some of their videos for fun, then this is even worrisome!

Let me put it this way, there is no political party in our polity, which I will fully endorse and I am of the opinion that the necessary changes should be made, but it seems that our politics will not be prepared to do so at all, we are still stuck with an EU and with a majority of EU vassals within the House of Representatives, so they are no longer real representatives of the people!

But that there are still so many vomited owl balls among our population, it's worth figuring it out with tweezers, you don't even have to be an FvD voter for this, but people who still stand behind that we continue to be held hostage by corona, trying to maintain this madness at all costs, they can rest assured that there are still normal people out there.

I have become a proponent of it since I no longer believe that our politics will get out of this itself, power should again lie with the population and politics should anticipate that, so no longer as it is now, the population should to be able to pronounce, not to play each other through sneaky movies, but simply to use common sense again.

Chris Collard.

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