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Vote fraud in Georgia (US) confirmed

Vote fraud in Georgia confirmed

During a Tucker Carlson (FOX News) show, he exposed the alleged electoral fraud in Georgia.

It was a neck and neck race in Georgia. Biden won by just 13.000 votes in a state of nearly 11 million people.

It has been found, among other things, that more than 30.000 people who did not live in their county (any longer) voted and voted there anyway. That's illegal. A criminal offence.

A group called VoterGA, after being sued by the court, has finally obtained the data to start their investigation. And the results are shocking.

A telling quote from this excerpt:

“Why do we all think it's okay what's happening? We're okay with it because we've been told we should be okay with it. We are undermining democracy if we dare to question what happened in the 2020 elections.”

It is the same as what is happening now with the corona hoax.

Listen to Tucker Carlson:


Please note that this is only for Bolton County and Fulton County in the state of Georgia.

Georgia has 159 counties. (source)

We know that a lot of people in high positions in Georgia are now closer to crying than laughing. They thought they could get away with it, but thanks mainly to brave citizens who never give up, experts in election software and elections in general, whistleblowers and others involved, the cesspool is opening. And this is just the beginning.

In Pennsylvania, Arizona and other keystates, too, the fraud has, no doubt, been massive.

This is easy to argue because there has already been overwhelming evidence of massive electoral fraud in all keystates in hearings held between November 2020 and January 2021. But time was too short to finalize the evidence.

During these sessions, mouths literally fell open in astonishment. It was impressive to see.

I've said before that I watched over 30 hours of footage from those sessions. We still have those images in our possession. Any person who claims to me that no large-scale fraud has taken place is not to be taken seriously by me. I have seen it with my own eyes. If I've watched 30 hours and you've only gotten some mainline from the MSM, then it's only natural that you're seriously listening to my story.

It is the same when you know a lot about certain matter or have seen something clearly yourself, you then point it out to me and I deny it and think I know better. That would be absurd of me. That's not how it works in an adult society.

But we are still a long way from a mature society. Yet this crisis may well be the start of something beautiful or something that was badly needed. As black as the future may seem in the short term and how many people we (I think) are going to lose, the wake up call was necessary.


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Off topic: From Monday I will be fully operational again. I listened to my body and friends and took a week of relative rest and used it to caption some videos and get some rest.

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