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US - Illegals are allowed to vote and change results

The election council of the State of Illinois announced that in the 2018 elections 547 illegal immigrants were entitled to vote, of which 19 actually voted in 2018.

But 19? Isn't that out of a population of 12.7 million? True, but then the following questions remain open:

1) HOW is it possible that non-citizens are able to participate in elections?
2) Has this led to a change in the election results?

The answer to the first question lies in the laxness with regard to combating voting fraud in Illinois.

And has this led to a change in the election results?

Most likely YES: In Macon County (105.000 inhabitants) where 7 non-citizens are eligible to vote, the result was determined by a 1 vote difference between the candidates.

19.655 for Tony Brown (Democrat) versus 19.654 for Jim Root (Republican)

1 vote difference!


Macon County Sheriif election:

The State of Illinois:,_Illinois

Non-Americans, in Illionois, were entitled to vote in 2018:

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