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The racism card. Fake and inflammatory

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The racism card is drawn again

We all agree on that racism is out of the question. You cannot judge someone by just his or her color or origin.

That is how I am in any case.

But if there is one thing that makes you tired of it, it is the people who are supposedly “against racism” and who wail every day. The double standard and all that bullshit about races… it's nauseating.

It seems like those people want to be discriminated against but are frustrated because no one is discriminating against them. This way they do not get the attention and they cannot play the victim role.

Then they just turn a few apps into “racism” and the media OF COURSE cooperates with it.

Black people or people with an Islamic background should not be offended and you should not joke about it. You should also be very careful with the word “Jew”. Just write a critical article about someone and mention that he or she is Jewish. You have the dolls dancing. And we should be ashamed of ourselves.

The hypocrisy.

It is often the same (leftist) people who called it on the birthdays: “As long as my daughter doesn't come home with a black one.”, usually followed by the standard sentence: “Because they have a device so big ... " Okay, we all know those jokes and we all know people like that.

Not fancy, but it is quite normal for white Dutch people to joke about blacks or people from a different cultural background. It is also quite normal for this to happen the other way around. Or do you think foreigners don't joke about us? Of course it is. And that is their right! And you can bet that those jokes can go far.

We are all different and certain habits of people from different cultures can seem strange or funny to people from different cultural backgrounds. You can laugh about that. I can lie on the floor laughing when a black person makes a joke about a white person. A little self-mockery is not bad at all.

But when a scientific study is conducted on the average IQ of certain population groups and the result is that black people from Central Africa have the lowest IQ, then that should not be mentioned. We still remember that FvD soap. It was cringing.

The media and politicians stir up this atmosphere. Without them, these groups would be ignored. But Rutte even went with the terrorist organization BlackLivesMatter in conversation. That is not without reason. He had to. In the Netherlands BlackLivesMatter is not yet that extreme, but in America it is an instrument of the liberal extreme left-wing politicians. And they are closely linked to the climate dramatists and the Great Resetters. Rutte is not allowed to kick those people in the shins.

The Dutch do not matter. We'll get rid of Black Pete and Negro kisses and you have to make do with it in your own country.

They do not realize that the rig of BLM itself is also used and abused by the government. Incidentally, these types of groups often also partly consist of white people. It's not about the color. The point is that it's scum. It's not a stuffed group of black people. It is a movement of perilous white and black people and all colors in between.

I am sure that the vast majority of dark or black Netherlands are just as irritated by those figures. As if you are a protected species or someone who cannot stand up for themselves. The Netherlands is not racist and if someone is already being discriminated against, you can go to court and you will certainly feel supported by your environment. Unless you have a bad character. But that has nothing to do with racism.

And then you have the immigration problem. If you are critical of mass immigration you are already called a racist.

But when the statistics clearly show that bringing in these people statistically causes a lot of misery, usually in the sense of crime, then you don't bring it in. That makes sense, right? And if those people have a tan, then they have it. Had it been Swedes or Norwegians, the position against the immigration of those people would be the same.

I am in favor of receiving quality care for people who are in need. In that regard, I am pro-immigration. But the madness of mass immigration, people who come here purely for economic and other invalid reasons and clearly visibly mess things up, we have to keep them out as much as we can. They screw it up for those who really do need help. They too are ignored by this stupid policy. And that is painful. Especially for those people.

But immigration policy in the EU is not based on “helping people”. There is a much bigger plan behind it.

This is a good example from Germany of how we are destroying ourselves and our fellow countrymen from different backgrounds.



The jokes are timeless. Just like neighboring countries almost always make fun of each other but secretly love each other anyway. Look at the Netherlands and Belgium.

Maybe people think that I am very easy on it. Which can. But we face completely different problems together. We are victims of the greatest crime of all time. All of us. So putting things into perspective and self-mockery won't hurt.

As soon as you give groups like BLM space or go along with that discrimination hype, very bad things will happen. Look at the hysteria in America. We don't want that here. Too crazy for words. And… it's POLITICS!

Not everyone will think about this theme like I do. But please, let's make sure they don't turn us against each other. Then we get very dangerous scenes. See the video as an example.

Look here:


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