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VVD election promise: compulsory vaccination or exclusion of children

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VVD excludes unvaccinated children

Politically correct saying you're going to force the vaccine. That should no longer work for smart people in 2021.

They come for your children. That has always been said and it is deadly serious. And it makes sense when you put yourself in the place of the people who want to rearrange the world and cause a huge crisis in their favor.

It is a major transfer of money that is taken from the population and ends up through the layers of power in a handful of big-tech SEOs, multi-billionaires with strange plans and bankers. With some crumbs for the politicians who run it.

The next generation must be ready for The New Normal. Build Back Better. And for some reason this vaccination plays a very big role in that.

To the people who think this is because they are concerned about our health or people who think or claim that this is good and normal: Before you walk away stomping your feet ...

Do not do this. Do not just vaccinate your child. Wait a little longer.

Your children are in no danger. You, if you are under 70, neither are you. It is extremely rare for a 50+ or ​​a 60+ to die of covid or the flu. It rarely occurs with underlying conditions and almost never a person dies without the patient having one or more serious conditions.

Even for a 70+ there it is no more dangerous than before and it is often those elderly people who write to us regularly and express their anger.

When you have made your own decisions all your life and a government is going to interfere with how you want to fulfill this phase of your life, then that is absurd.

You can arrange that with your family. Do you still put on a mask if desired? Fine. And then we have to live the life that is given to us with all the happiness and sadness that we get for free.

Elderly people who are just of a healthy mind lose a few years, but not their mind. Let them decide for themselves.

Elderly people are now locked up. Literally protected from themselves. They are virtually the only "risk group".

And hugo the young tells our children that they have to disinfect their hands like crazy all day long, wear a mask and keep their distance from each other. No affection. Otherwise, Grandpa will die.

Or even mommy could die if you don't, says Hugo. Just saying this while there is not a single serious sample of examples to support this in the slightest is criminal.

The indoctrination takes place openly and shamelessly.

First, ask yourself the simple question: Why do they want to force my child or I to be vaccinated?

Every parent is obligated to his or her child to put aside pride or fear and start thinking logically about something so many warn about. Your opinion of the person is a different story.

As a parent, before you want to vaccinate your children, you have a certain task to look at the facts before making a judgment. This is not a political discussion. It's about your child.

Please read why these people are doing this and then draw an honest conclusion. Big egos are of no use to your children later on. Do you want to risk branding your kids for life?

Bit nudging

Prime Minister Rutte said at the end of last year willing to be to think about a possible 'indirect vaccination obligation' because of the corona virus. Such an indirect duty could prevent non-vaccinated people from entering a government building or concert hall.

“The cabinet will not be for coercion, but you can also do it indirectly nudging, by stimulating people, ” said Rutte. "That is really a medical-ethical point of view, we are currently considering that."


Hayke Veldman

No problem

VVD MP Hayke Veldman said he would prefer people to be vaccinated voluntarily, but 'is willing to consider consequences if someone does not get vaccinated'

Indirect stimulation. A synonym for forced vaccinations. Encourage by denying rights. Any exception that has not been vaccinated automatically has fewer rights.

If it were up to them, the percentage of refusers is so small that they know they will be treated like scum. That's how far they go.

They really still live in that delusion and the near future will show whether the country has indeed gone so bonkers and is getting itself vaccinated en masse.

Hayke Veldman. Notice that name. He is one of the new breed of politicians who are radical and insensitive. This agenda of The Great Reset requires people like this. This is the system at work.

And that requires policymakers with an unscrupulous personality.

It has nothing to do anymore with liberal ideas or right-wing politics. The name VVD no longer has any meaning.

There is no other option for this political trend. Otherwise it is in their eyes error. The brakes are completely released.

The VVD no longer has any ideal. An imposed climate narrative and globalist politics. Something they are ashamed of and therefore do not mention it. They deny their own actions.

Let's hope people see that and let you know on March 17th.

People with a heart get on at the VVD.

Read the full article about this VVD position here.

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