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The lost VVD'er Ghislen Nysten: #IkSprekMeUit

The lost VVD player 

Ghislen Nysten left the VVD last week.

He was party leader of the party in Limburg, but Ghislen could no longer look himself straight in the mirror to speak on behalf of a party that oppresses the Netherlands and takes away ordinary citizens their freedoms.

"Kill a cockroach with an atomic bomb.", as he called it himself.

Ghislen wrote an open letter to Mark Rutte:

Ghislen Nysten said that the curfew was the very last straw.

Also on social media he publicly distances himself from the diabolical agenda that, notably the VVD, is pursuing.

Once you get it, you see it. We are very curious whether there are not dozens or hundreds of VVD'ers who think the same. The policy has nothing to do with right-wing liberalism.

He made #IkSpreekMeUit trending on Twitter today. Good thing!

Call for former VVD'er Ghislen Nysten

The former VVD'er Nysten made the following appeal via Twitter:

Nice responses from (former) politicians to my call to #IspeakMeOit trending.

We are going to do something with that. Do you participate? Let your voice be heard on Friday if you find the corona measures disproportionate.

Use with that this hashtag. What should you do?

1. On Friday, March 5, from 16:00 PM, you tweet your message using the hashtag #IspeakMeOit.
2. Indicate where your boundary lies. What change do you want to see? What do you think is disproportionate?
3. I retweet the most beautiful tweets.

Let us (you, me and other politicians) make it clear to The Hague that there are dissenters. That there is a dissent. That works when we do it together.

#IkSpeechMeUit is trending right now. But that can be better!

Here you can follow the threads:


Good to see that a VVD'er sets an example for the rest of the party.


VVD Group Chairman resigns: "I can't look at myself in the mirror with a clear conscience!"


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