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Walking tour looking for the virus of The Hague!

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Starts from Parksesteeg 3 Overasselt on July 24, 2020

Tomorrow July 25 is the start of the 2nd day!


Read further below for the route


The tree as an art object by the initiator and artist Sjaak Bruists
will go through the country behind a tractor towards The Hague symbolizes freedom

Starts from Parksesteeg 3 Overasselt on July 24, 2020


1st Day departure at noon
Route 1st day: starting point Parksesteeg 3 Overasselt, via Nederasselt (1st stop) to Balgoij (end of day 1)
Route 2nd day: starting point Balgoij, via Lienden, Batenburg, Appeltern to Beneden Leeuwen (end of day 2)




We are ahead freedom!

Freedom for which people have fought in wars.
Freedom that was enshrined in fundamental right and human right at the time.
Freedom that is now at stake.

The founders of the constitution were aware of the restrictions they had to impose on the state 'political legislature'. The state had to be given just enough power to carry out its duty of care towards the citizens. Too much power comes at the expense of people's freedom. The state naturally wants to increase its power over the people and control of the people is a means to that end. The judiciary must ensure that the government (legislature) does not take too much power, but the judges are not allowed to test their cases against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, nor against the Constitution (as the only country in Europe).

The political game costs money. A lot of money and tax has to be paid for that. Taxes never get lower, always higher. The tax office is an amoral monster. Thousands of people have been deliberately begged to change the allowance system only when it came to light and the resistance swelled too much. In addition, the Netherlands is a tax haven for multinationals. Here they pay a fraction of what they would owe in the country of production. These are often 'low-wage countries' that need their tax revenues more than necessary for their own population, but the Dutch tax authorities conclude secret rulings in which it is agreed in advance to pay one or one and a half percent of the profit in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is enriched in this respect from other countries. Normally, 'healing' is punishable, but with gritted teeth, the countries concerned must monitor how the Netherlands commits this legitimate theft.

We see that large companies are promised huge amounts of aid (e.g. KLM 3,4 billion), while predictions are that the smaller companies will face 10.000 bankruptcies in the next year and a half. And we are not even talking about the tens of thousands of self-employed people who have already had to stop their businesses. Unemployment is going to be a huge problem and the bill for all that support and the problem will cost around 150 billion euros and of course the taxpayers (you and I) will be the ones to bear the costs. Do you ever think about that?

This time creates a lot of fear. Not so much for the corona virus as for all these enforced social restrictions and a government strategy that prohibits active drugs and does not pursue a preventive policy on air and virus purification through ionization is incomprehensible in the context of its care duties.

We are dealing with imposed restrictions on the basis of outdated, often manipulated facts, without transparency and with the exclusion of civil remedies such as the deactivation of fundamental rights, privacy rights and the law on public administration. Stick to deprivation measures and continue with the sanctions and fines policy. All this while doctors and scientists (from the direct field) find it incomprehensible that the incorrect assumptions about the severity and mortality that are increasingly being revealed do not lead to changes. Censorship of the mainstream media and removing unwelcome articles from the internet.
And as 'icing on the cake', the urgent law that deactivates fundamental rights and must be anchored in our legal system.

  • Compulsion for care institutions in which the old vulnerable person is locked up in prison conditions for the relatively short time that he still has and if he dies it does not permit him or her to go through this process in comforting security with and from loved ones.
  • Failure to implement preventive policies to strengthen the human immune system.
  • Creating a society with mouth masks and distance, the usefulness of which is at least very debatable.
  • It focuses almost exclusively on vaccines, while the experts are horrified because there is normally a minimum period of five years to assess effect and health damage and a mutation of the virus can occur every four months. What then does a vaccine protect against? But the order for the Oxford vaccines may already be available in September.


And it will immediately be taken for granted that we are going to be vaccinated, or else sanctions will be imposed on people who don't want to be vaccinated. Freedom of self-determination over your own body disappears with this.

And what about the many questions asked to the Ministry of Health by concerned citizens who want transparency and want to be reassured whether vaccines are safe and do not receive an answer, because no (independent) research is being conducted into this. What has become worryingly clear by now is that the authorization of new medicines is a lengthy process and that the strict rules that apply to authorization do not apply to new vaccines. In fact, pharmaceutical companies have negotiated legal immunity if citizens want to hold them accountable for illness and death from vaccine use. How can you trust the pharmaceutical industry, which makes hundreds of billions of sick people every year, in their sincere moral compass to do good to people, while shareholders are pushing to get more and more money? The best way to do this is to make people sick, to keep them sick and to market medicines at a shockingly expensive price through patents!

It is difficult to see the state in this light as a 'caring father' for the citizens. Many things appear to be far more important than the well-being and health of citizens.

5G (super fast wireless internet) can also be seen in this light. Very important for the revenue model of the Telecom companies, the financial markets, remote warfare, artificial intelligence, but also as a means of control for the state to be able to follow the citizens (offers the possibility of facial recognition wherever you walk) and to deploy as a defense weapon in demonstrations and unwanted group formation. Here too, the public benefits little (4G is perfectly satisfactory), while more and more scientific research shows that the health damage caused by electromagnetic radiation is immense and irreversible in the long term. At 4G there are already many people with health damage from radiation, but 5G and later 6G, etc. will lead to blood clotting and DNA damage. But the Dutch government does not enter into a discussion about health damage.

It is these things and more that have started this movement and who sees it, we would like to see on this walking tour as discussion partners, supporters and fellow walkers.

  • We would like to discuss the above issues in many places in the Netherlands. Support from the alternative media and other groups who perceive the structural restrictions as a violation of our freedom. They are invited to join the group from time to time.
  • Prominents are also invited to join every now and then to have conversations and make video reports.
  • Report to town halls, church squares and market squares to address people and exchange information.
  • Blog (livestream) about this hopefully national event.
  • We want it Malieveld change in it Smiley field and think of T-shirts with 2 hugging Smileys on them.
  • Along the way, there is plenty of opportunity to come up with other wonderful ideas and / or to use wonderful ideas from other people.
  • It must become a journey of connection and transition in which we will experience the many good things that every person has to offer.
  • Prepare a book in which people can write a wish. Good intentions give positive energy!

Sjaak Bruijzen
and support team

The search for the missing virus:

Find the match:

1. Corona
3. CO2
4. Nitrogen

• All 4 cannot be measured by a citizen
• All 4 are a threat
• They cost all 4 boxes of money
• All 4 are invisible
• They destroy all 4 economies
• All 4 can be used to create fear, such as:

5. The 'climate madness'!
6. The 'war on terror'!

They all serve the agenda of the elite 6

Conclusion: they create an enemy every time!



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