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In Italy, people are seriously debating the possibility of only allowing people to enter Facebook by registering with a passport or ID card.

The proponents say that "Otherwise the internet will become a sewer." but opponents claim that it is to expand the power over the citizens and it is a serious breach of privacy.

Proponents also say that this way fakenews will be contested. (source)

The fakenews generally come from the mainstream media itself. CNN is the largest example that has lost millions of viewers due to fakenews, one-sided news and moodmaking.(source)

It is still unclear, even in Italy, that sensible citizens are perfectly capable of verifying their own news and drawing their own conclusions about how they judge the news. And that group of sensible people is getting bigger and bigger. It is part of the evolution in this digital age.

As soon as something is fake new, it often comes out super-fast. That is the power of so many people who are connected to each other. In this way the truth is revealed and fake news is always dismantled.

Do you remember the ABC fakenews a few weeks ago? They broadcast a so-called video of violent bombing in Syria. In reality, these recordings were made at a shooting range in the United States.

What if the alternative media had not been there? The so-called junk media, as Ollongren calls them?








En "If you want to shoot Thierry then say Paf?"
Would the mainstream media broadcast that? Would we ever get to know the state of affairs in Germany as a result of immigration? The daily dead German citizens who fall? No is the answer. They don't want that.

So put CommonSenseTV and other alternatives in your favorites!

We would know so much NOTHING if we only started from the mainstream media.

And what about this? Also in our own Netherlands?
Read all about's framing here and how they are dragging us to court for unmasking their lies and framing.
Everything about Nuaken fakenews distributors
Are you tired of the manipulative media? Read the articles above and see the videos. And please share it as much as possible !! If it catches on, we'll continue to unmask them!

The arrogance of the politicians and the mainstream media that only they hold the truth is shocking and it is naive to think that these media act independently and without interests. 








Return to Italy. This bizarre new law is proposed by a center-left member of parliament and taken very seriously by the middle-left government

Luigi Marattin, a member of parliament from the middle-left social-liberal party Italy Viva says:

“Now is the time to take action! In this way, the internet becomes a sewage drain and manipulation and false information is released. ” 

You can see this debate happening in all countries. This is also the case in the Netherlands. Terrified that alternative media influences public opinion to the detriment of globalists, as you see long ago.

And don't people have the right to be anonymous on the Internet?

"The right to anonymity must be assured but also compatible with protecting the public from the Internet where anyone can write whatever they want." said the same Marattin

The opponents, including of course Lega Nord by Matteo Salvini, fight this insane plan. According to the opponents, the IP address is enough.

This discussion has also emerged in Great Britain and the Netherlands. Independent Member of Parliament Ian austin the government asked about the plans to stop people from entering Twitter without being identified.

“In any case, privacy and anonymity on the Internet is an important principle of a free and open Internet.

There are dozens of good arguments why an individual should have the ability to remain completely anonymous.

Consider, for example, whistleblowers or victims of human smugglers, modern slavery and domestic violence. ”, according to the conservative Matt Warman.

Anonymity is extremely important. Especially in countries with a totalitarian regime. In this way, those people can still express their real feelings and opinions somewhere without being arrested and imprisoned. Or worse: the death penalty.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below this article. 






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