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MONEY WASTE: Parliament relocation appears NOT necessary during renovation Binnenhof

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During the renovation of the Binnenhof, the MPs, their employees and officials will temporarily leave the Binnenhof. The old Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been renovated for 161 MILLION for this purpose. But now it appears from new, independent, research that the move would not be necessary.

BBC Construction Management states that “phased implementation is very well possible” and that they prefer it. The investigation was conducted at the request of the presidium of the House of Representatives, which functions as the day-to-day management of the 'House of Democracy.'

In 2015 cabinet Rutte II decided that the renovation of the Binnenhof will be done in one go, instead of several phases. The House of Representatives will move to another location in The Hague for at least 5,5 years. In addition to the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Council of State and the employees of the Ministry of General Affairs, including Prime Minister Mark Rutte, must also have a new workplace.

161 million for conversion

State Secretary Raymond Knops of the Interior, who is politically responsible for the renovation, hopes for a speedy departure and a rapid renovation of the historic complex in one go. This is because it would cause less inconvenience, be cheaper, faster and safer. In addition, a building has already been converted for 161 million euros to house the House of Representatives during the period.

The House of Representatives is largely dissatisfied with the chosen approach. For example, they have questions about the current preparations of the Central Government Real Estate Agency. Many MPs also fear that they will watch from a different place how this project will last much longer and consume much more tax money.

Precisely for this reason, the President of the Chamber Khadija Arib has ordered a new investigation. The report emphasizes that the Binnenhof consists of completely different buildings, each with its own installations and constructional requirements.

These buildings can be 'disconnected' during the renovation. Then the renovation will take about 6 to 7,5 years, and the MPs would not be bothered by anything. But the Central Government Real Estate Agency is more likely to consider a term of 13 years or even longer.

This is the umpteenth time that the Dutch government is wasting money.

Next Thursday, the House of Representatives will have to make a decision.


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