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Nothing functions normally anymore and almost everyone seems to find that normal and okay, or even desirable.

In no time at all, most countries in the world have been turned into dictatorships with only a flimsy, meaningless layer of democracy over them.

A non-existent virus has been introduced and an extensive panic campaign has been launched to terrify the entire world population. A picture of the virus is shown every day and everywhere, without mentioning that it is a computer animation and that that picture is not the 'virus' at all. Because they don't have a picture of that. That virus does not exist. A trick that they copied from the bitcoin scam.



In no time, our well-being and freedom has been wiped out. Our mental health has been destroyed with constant scare stories and absurd measures for almost 2 years.

For almost a year now they have been trying to kill our physical health through poison syringes that people are queuing for.

99,9% of the people who have had such a poison syringe injected have no idea what they have been injected into their body.

98% of the people who put and recommend the syringes don't either! Meanwhile, hospitals are filling up and hugo has to lie in every possible way to hide the fact that the vaccine is completely useless at best but more likely is even the cause of the disease wave.

jacques attali announced that a long time ago. I've already published his words on CSTV a few times. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just search our site or the internet to find out who jaccques attali is and what he said.

Oh, you know what, I'm in a good mood (not!), you can read it here, present:


In a process of roughly 10 years, our entire monetary system has been undermined and is on the verge of imploding.

We are entering a period of massive inflation and there is nothing the central banks can or will do to curb it.

In these 2 articles I have already explained that and what I have predicted is exactly happening:

March of this year:

August of this year:


How I hate it when my bleak predictions come true. I would love to be wrong.....


Out of desperation, people seek refuge in a non-existent thing like bitcoin and other invented crypto 'currencies'.

The same trick is applied here as with the sars-cov-2 virus. It doesn't exist, but we show a self-made picture (computer animation) of it every day and people start to believe that it is real.




If you don't understand the ins and outs of crypto nonsense but want to know, I've devoted an article to that too:


Who's stopping them? Who will stop all this madness?

No one!

There is no parliament that can do anything anymore. There is not a single judiciary that is still independent and watches over our rights.

During the Chinese student uprisings, someone else was able to stop a tank.


During the uprisings against the violations of our (fundamental) rights, the state vigilante groups with their accompanying war material are mercilessly deployed.


The (minister) presidents of New Zealand, of Australia, of Canada, of Germany, of the Netherlands, of Belgium, of France, of Spain and I know many other countries, have all been trained by Klaus Swabs World Economic Forum.

There they have been indoctrinating and brainwashing current and future politicians for many years through the new world leaders program. Do not think that it is all a coincidence that all these countries are now conducting the same panic campaigns, implementing the same measures and turning our countries into dictatorships.

(One of our regular visitors, ing. J. Onno Dekker, has done a lot more research on the WEF's vassals, he will undoubtedly add a list of names in the comments. Thanks in advance)

Don't think it's a coincidence that all dictatorial regimes now massively diabolize the right-thinking people because they don't want a poison syringe in their body. That syringe should not go in to protect your health. Those syringes have to go in for a completely different reason. Soon you will be forced. Yes, downright forced. Think about it.


Meanwhile, hospitals are flooding with people who have serious organ problems.

hugo shouts along with his fellow dictators, out of the blue, that it is the fault of the unvaccinated. As if in print, he says that 8 out of 10 patients in the hospital are not vaccinated. He is not interested in experiences and testimonials from practice. The numbers of his rivm companions (who are paid by him and thus produce what he desires) are the guideline of the assignment he has to perform. Actual figures should not be disclosed.

I understand that you can't stand the head of this (random) moronic frikandellen farmer, but listen to his drivel and puke your bowl full:


Medics working in hospitals who are not featured in hugo's promotional videos claim the opposite. In the Netherlands there are already many who have expressed themselves, but also in other countries the doctors can no longer go along with the circus of lies:


The panic spotlight is currently focused on Romania.

The Romanians don't want the poison syringe. They have a lot of experience with the lies of the government in the past. Incredibly more than we can imagine. So when the government tries to force people to have something injected into their bodies, they become very shy (a peasant expression, I come from the countryside). There is now a media campaign that almost all Romanians are now dying because they did not want the poison syringe in their body. I have a Romanian friend who confirms that most Romanians don't want an injection, but he doesn't know about mass deaths. I heard through the media of a Romanian who managed to kill three relatives in one week. All under 50 years of age. I'll do some more research on this and get back to you.


But now back to Hugo:

It is simply not possible what hugo the liar claims. “The only way out of this crisis is the vaccine.” "The vaccine is a godsend."


oh yes hugo? Last year around this time there was very little herd immunity. Last year around this time, little natural resistance had been built up. Last year around this time and also later in the autumn/winter season, the hospitals were just able to manage it all, despite the fact that you have dramatically reduced the capacity of care for years. We are now a year further, there is natural resistance and herd immunity. 87% of people have had an injection with Hugo's miracle cure. And now the hospitals can no longer handle the influx of those few people who have not had their injections?


Tisjeboy explains it in a very calm way for the people who are slow to understand:



hugo also called the editors of CommonSenseTV, following the invitation to enter into a debate and answer the questionnaire. But he said:

“John, Marcel, I've been so busy lying to the room where there are also a few idiots walking around who are always asking those annoying questions. And I do know the technique. That's what I learned at Klaus Schwab school, first completely distracting attention from the subject and the question and then briefly, with a lot of fake empathy, respond to the original question and then with great indignation at the questioner how he actually did it. into his head to ask this, while I'm working so hard to make sure everything runs smoothly." “Great techniques to sideline everyone”.


I said to hugo: “Yes, but listen, our questionnaire is serious. We just want an honest debate about that!”.


But hugo said: “Marcel, between us said and said nothing, you know how it goes. I'm not suddenly going to play open cards at CommonSenseTV! I have my orders and I carry them out. How to do that, I studied hard for that and I'm quite proud of that!".


So dear readers, we should not expect anything from Hugo other than what he always does. Lying and cheating and carrying out the agenda of the WEF.



In the meantime, the whole nonsense menu of 'corona measures' is being put back on the table and the various countries choose their favorites one by one and then supplement them next week with their other favorites to arrive at the full menu in December. a few more hors d'ouvres.

The future image of captivity or even shooting people who do not want to participate in this madness is also being gently (well?) massaged in.


Step by step, people are being framed further. The schoolmaster recently had this statement (don't look if your bowl is already full):


Do you remember when I predicted at the beginning of the summer that it would all be temporary? No, that wasn't about the relaxation of the temporary measures!

The measures are just as temporary as the cook's penny. The ever so quiet Belgium has only removed the muzzle from the menu as of October 1, but the hunt for non-muzzled people has already started again on October 29. Incidentally, the Belgians were so brainwashed about the muzzle stories that most never dropped them at all. In Spain, the muzzle requirement was abolished simultaneously with the Netherlands, 25 June, but here at least 50% of people still wear the 'bosal' outside on the street, along the beach and even during a forest walk in the vast mountains.


Now let's pay attention to someone who is well-informed and has set himself the goal of correctly informing people:

Mike Yeadon, the former Pfizer scientist, has become a well-known figure who now loudly warns of the dangers of not only the vaccines, but the larger agenda. He describes the 6-step plan of the New World Order, of which 4 have already been completed.

If you don't know who or what Pfizer is yet? Pfizer is the main supplier of the poison syringes. Pfizer's syringes aren't necessarily more dangerous than Johnson, Moderna, or AstraZeneca's, but Pfizer is the world's largest supplier of medical poisons and Pfizer's syringes are the most widely used and therefore cause the most suffering. .

Well, Marcel, you are now very harsh in your judgment of a renowned pharmaceutical company that does its best to develop and sell curative medicines. Most media are full of praise for the medicines and the benefits this company brings to humanity. Why do you have such doubts about that?



Shit, Marcel, didn't you already write about Pfizer's shady practices?



Ok, but now to Mike Yeadon, a scientist who worked for Pfizer for many years. Here's what he has to say:


We are now starting phase 5 towards New World Order corona pandemic. The masses still have no idea what the bigger agenda of the fake corona pandemic is and where we are all going.

It is a total plan that consists of six steps. We have now completed the first four and we are now at the beginning of the fifth, the second to last. When all six phases are completed, the entire planet is in the hands of the satanic sect known as the Illuminati.

Here are the six different phases with corresponding dates:

Stage 1: Simulate a threat and create fear. (December 2019 – March 2020)

Cause a pandemic in China.

Cause thousands of old people to die.

Increase the number of sick and deaths.

Proclaim from the very beginning that only vaccines can save humanity.

Focus all attention on covid-19.

The result will be general panic.


Phase 2: Sow the weeds and arrange for division (March 2020 – December 2020)

Enact more unnecessary, restrictive and unconstitutional coercive measures.

Paralyze trade and economy.

Observe how the majority will obey and a minority will oppose.

Demonize the sleepers and create a horizontal separation.

Don't give the dissident leaders a platform.

Punish disobedience.

Make the PCR test commonplace.

Create confusion regarding cases, infected, sick, hospitalizations and deaths.

Bans all effective treatments.


Phase 3: Come up with an insidious and deadly solution (December 2020 – June 2021)

Offer everyone a free vaccine.

Promise protection and a return to normal.

Set a (vaccination) goal for achieving herd immunity.

Pretend that part of the economy has recovered.

Hide numbers on vaccine side effects and deaths.

Pretend the side effects are "natural" consequences of the virus and disease.

Pretend that variants are natural mutations of the virus.

Justifies the maintenance of the mandatory measures by continuously raising the threshold for herd immunity.

Punish doctors who perform “illegal treatments” that make people better.

The result will be doubt and the feeling of betrayal among vaccinated people, while opponents will become discouraged.


Phase 4: Install apartheid and the QR code (June 2021 – October 2021)

Make sure there are shortages of things.

Introduce the corona pass (QR code) to reward the vaccinated and punish the sleepers.

Create an apartheid society where vaccinated and unvaccinated are pitted against each other.

Remove the right to work or study from the unvaccinated.

Remove basic rights from unvaccinated people.

Make unvaccinated people pay for PCR testing.

Result will be the first phase of digital control, impoverishment of opponents.


Phase 5: Create Chaos and Martial Law (November 2021 – March 2022)

Cause major shortages of goods and food.

Paralyze the economy and close factories and shops.

Explode the number of unemployed.

Get a third shot (booster shots).

Cause more deaths among older people.

Introduce mandatory vaccinations for everyone.

Make sure that the myth of variants, the effectiveness of the vaccine and the herd immunity is magnified.

Demonize all antivaxxers and hold them accountable for all deaths.

Arrest the leaders of the sleepers.

Make sure everyone gets a digital identity (QR code): birth certificate, identity document, passport, driver's license, insurance certificate.

Set up Martial Law to be able to take out the opponents.

The result will be the second phase of digital control. Prison for or clearing of opponents.


Phase 6: Eliminate all debt and make money disappear (March 2022 – September 2022)

Cause the economic, financial and stock markets to collapse and banks to fail.

Make the customers pay for the bankruptcy of the banks and use the money in their account for this.

Activate the Great Reset.

Money as we know it is disappearing.

Eliminate debts and loans.

Introduce the digital wallet.

Confiscate land and land.

All unapproved drugs are banned.

Make it clear that there is a requirement for biannual or annual vaccinations.

Provide food rationalization and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius.

Extend the measures to third world countries.

Result: third phase of digital control. The entire world is now part of the New World Order.



You may think that phases 5 and 6 go a long way, don't you? Maybe a little too much doom and gloom.

But go back in time a few months, half a year back in time, a year back in time, a year and a half back in time.

And then think about what you, with your knowledge and your experiences at the time, would have thought of the 4 previous phases. Re-read all articles on CSTV that made predictions over the past 20 months. You may not have believed it then, but look for a prediction that didn't come true!

Do you still think that steps 5 and 6 will not take place?


I keep warning. And many with me.

Something we at CSTV have been warning about for ages: Prepare. The spray sheep don't. They have complete faith in the dictators in all their fear. But we do know better. Prepare yourself for at least a few weeks without electricity, without internet, without supermarket, without petrol.

The silent hints given in the newspapers and on the major news services have not sprung from the minds of awake journalists. These are messages that the governments already place on the press services. The Austrian government is advising people, through the army's website, to prepare for complete blackouts.


Don't ignore those kinds of signals. Take action. If it turned out not to be necessary afterwards, great! Happy! But better safe than sorry!


Still, I'm afraid there's no stopping it.

It's all really going to happen and there's not much we can do about it. They have the masses with them. They have created enormous divisions between the followers and the opponents of the narrative.

How they managed to sow division between the opponents is still a mystery to me.

Or is that perhaps our own fault? As far as I'm concerned, not everyone has to agree 100%, but everyone who fights for a good cause, in whatever way, should stand shoulder to shoulder.

And so are the CommonSenseTV readers in the comments. Help each other. Support each other. Complement each other. We are all fighting for the same cause. One in one way, the other in another. One knows more about this subject, the other more about that subject. But our goal is the same, right? Do not verbally attack each other!

In the army, the infantry has a difficult task. The kitchen service and the military band have it a lot easier. But in the end they all need each other. And that goes for us too!!!!!!!!! And trolls who put minuses to your comments ... Oh well, those are just pathetic people. Don't care.


Dear readers, our group has become quite close by now.

But I notice that few sheep dare to take the leap over the dam. They continue to believe in 'government'. Or they succumb to hugo's exclusionary terrors. Then just a syringe.

A government that they, quite rightly, never had any faith in before. But under the leadership of Klaus Schwab, these terrorists have been instructed with techniques of popular manipulation that Jozef Gubbels could have picked up on.

They all fall for it and have no idea which trap they are swimming in.

Let's keep doing our best to wake up as many people as possible. Share CSTV's posts with as many others as possible.

We must form a united front. We are really very few. Realize that well. Anyone who (rightly) no longer watches the nos and jinek, anyone who no longer reads the telegraph or the ad, anyone who only visits CSTV, Blackbox, Weltschmertz and so many more informative websites, might get the idea that we are very many, but the opposite is true.

Witness the video, which has been widely shared, of a civilized, unsprayed lady, at a respectable age, who was removed by 6 officers and 4 boas, to loud cheers by the vaccinated terrace guests, because she wanted to drink a cup of coffee in a restaurant.


We cannot make a comparison of the bedroom gear with the events of the 2nd world war.

And they are absolutely right.

What is happening now and what is yet to happen is much, much worse.

“Never again!” We've been screaming for 75 years. Well, Mischa once explained that very nicely. Every time they come up with something even more gruesome. Better do 'this' again, then at least we know what to expect.



rutte, the young, de croo, macron, sanchez, trudeau, ardern, Merkel

and all you other filthy filthy gore trolls, nazis, scum of the earth,

may you rot in hell!!!



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