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By Norbert Pols,

Ultimately, the entire population will be vaccinated.
Yes, you too will just get the shot. That is not new. In April 2019, before the word “Corona” was mentioned, it was already decided that vaccination should be included in the employment contracts of some professional groups. The next step is “all occupational groups”, followed by the people on benefits and in the end no one will be able to run errands if there is no proof of vaccination.
You will soon be obliged to the left or the right to accept a syringe with contents unknown to you, because otherwise you will not be able to survive.


The good news is that you have rights and can legally decline the injection. The bad news is that, in a vaccinated society, you are a disenfranchised loner. You cannot earn, receive or spend money. You cannot flee because you do not leave the country unvaccinated, so you can die.

So yes, you have rights and you can claim them. You can claim all kinds of rights, but you lose the right to survive unvaccinated. There is a document online that tells you how to bypass the syringe. That is a false security behind which many anti-vaxxers will hide. It only responds. Ultimately, the unvaccinated human will beg for the syringe for a peanut butter sandwich, because you can't get anything without proper documentation.

Mouth masks

Before that, we first get the battle for the mouth caps. It's all strategy. How flexible are we all? It is now high summer, Corona does not survive at these temperatures and yet people are walking around each other. We have been conditioned to keep our distance. At some stores you now have to throw a coin in the trolley again, even though the trolley is still 'mandatory'. 'The new normal' has long since entered and you will see that wearing a face mask in the local supermarket is mandatory before winter. There is nothing you can do about that, because the retail chains will oblige you to do so.

Here too you have rights, but not within the supermarket. This may be different in public space, according to the document below you have numerous rights, but the social pressure will oblige people to mouth masks. Like muzzled dogs, we will do our shopping and they will continue to carry the thing on the sidewalk. This is not about the law. This is about SMEs slavishly following the unfounded government advice to change your behavior.


The hospitality industry seems to be at the forefront. It will now register its visitors. Hopefully this will be the final blow for an industry that has allowed itself to be humiliated with the Corona regulations from the outset. With the introduction of the smoking ban, the catering industry has come to know the government's knoot and the industry's memory seems intact. Guests are now willingly summoned to keep their distance within their own family.

The catering industry has meekly limited its production capacity by limiting the number of guests and working with shifts.

You will soon have to identify yourself as a guest so that you can be registered. This registration is put in a database and, if someone is diagnosed with Corona, you will be at home for two weeks and the pub will be closed for the same amount of time. The next step is clear, catering staff will be compulsorily vaccinated. The guests still have a choice, if you have been vaccinated, your life will continue, if you are not, you will be at home for two weeks.


This then becomes a nuisance for employers who have to report healthy employees sick. So after the catering industry, an employer will tend to have a preference for vaccinated personnel.
And yes, you have all kinds of rights to claim, but you are going to lose this like the smoker lost in 2001. There it started with the slogan, “We will solve it together”, then the smoking room came, then there had to be deflection and then the extracted smoking room was forbidden.

The technique worked, people's behavior was changed with fascism. Companies were forced by legislation to influence the behavior of their employees until the last free soul was left with its dirty habit.

We are a weak species

The majority will soon be fitted with a mouth cap. After that comes the vaccination and you can rely on the law until the corona law puts an end to it. The new normal is pure fascism and count on us not to solve anything together because more and more people will give in. We are a weak species, stricken with individual interests and thus lose our freedom as a collective.

Many people will be outraged at how freedom is secondary to the health of individuals. Ultimately, 'passive smoking' was made even more harmful than smoking itself. That too was swallowed like sweet cake by a bunch of individuals who are overloaded with fear by a government that has intervened very hard in our lifestyle.

Norbert Pols, August 12, 2020



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