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We are going to take the Netherlands back NOW! It is our duty!

From day one that the so-called pandemic was declared, we have tried to make it clear that Corona is anything but dangerous and that this planemic is used to serve a completely different purpose. 

In this article, bold statements are made. But after living as slaves for 5 months and knowing what one is planning with us, then you should do that. Hopefully people will start thinking about this, because if they don't, they will be held jointly responsible. Hopefully they realize what's going on here.

The farmers' protest will take place tomorrow, but also a huge civil uprising! Tomorrow is the chance to take back the Netherlands!

Civil disobedience. By NOT wearing face masks, NO distance of one and a half meters and ignoring all absurd measures.

Tomorrow is the day that we can lay down the Netherlands and save it from destruction

But it has to happen NOW!

No patience! No bananas. No talking! No floating stuff that slows everything down. Before you know it we will be in a lockdown again and the weaker ones among us will become even more afraid and cannot be persuaded anymore. We are 5 months later and although nothing is wrong, we live as slaves!

Cut down with patience!

There must be action NOW! THIS is a struggle over life and death. This is a battle between GOOD and EVIL! This is a battle for the future of our children.

Of course, the following does not apply to people who are already wide awake.

This is not just about farmers. Many say: "Yes, but the farmers have something to lose." And you don't ?? You lose everything you loved. Your company, your pride, your friends, your mind, because it is a human characteristic to get used to new situations. You who have a normal job think you will keep it. Blessed are the innocent!

Do you have any idea what to expect? What future do we want to be forced upon us? They are already very far!

This is about something. Don't think this will just pass. Only WE can stop that. It MUST happen.

Don't be afraid of being intimidated by the state with their criminal records and fines. A revolution doesn't care about laws and we already live in a lawless country. It will be deleted very soon when we drag this mess of dangerous idiots from The Hague.

Get up and stand behind the farmers!

Be aware that a government cannot do anything against a people of a country that is rebelling. This must be a huge CITIZEN RESURRECTION. The farmers take the initiative. Follow our farmers and make this rebellion SO BIG that people around the world will say:"It was again those Dutch who did it first!"


Stop working, go on massive strike. Secure everything! Stop following measures. Do NOT be intimidated by fines and take them to court or throw them in the trash. Do not be afraid because if we let the government go on it will be much worse than that fine.

Do it, and do it all together, wherever you are.

Then we will be out of this bizarre situation in no time and there will be an investigation into those responsible. And they will not escape punishment!

We don't want violence. But you can count on people in our society who should not come across persons such as Hugo de Jonge. And when you realize what this man is doing, it is not good to justify, but to understand it somewhat.

Let's avoid that and let justice be done.

If we don't do it NOW, we will be in a lockdown again within 1 or 2 months. How?

Because of the lies of the politicians and the media that many people will fall for again. Namely, the "New outbreak" of "New infections". 

This is false information. The more people are tested positive for Corona, the lower the mortality rate. So the less dangerous the virus is. Good news is turned into bad news.

When the so-called outbreak started, people only talked about numbers of deaths. Not anymore. Because then you will see the context and you may sometimes start doubting this fake pandemic.

You can find all the articles about corona on our website and everything that is happening now, we have already predicted. Not because we are so smart. No, we look up the facts and put them down for you. Because we love the Netherlands and so much want a normal society again. And it can be so beautiful in 2020 with all the knowledge that we have available.

This process, this evolution of humans in the digital age is slowed down by the media and politicians. Knowledge is power. And, if this battle is won, they will never drive us crazy ever again to enter a lockdown again. People are getting wiser and wiser… They realize that it is their last chance.

Do you realize that! The most insane things we see every day is also an act of desperation by the elite. They are only successful because we have mainstream media. Without the media, nothing would have happened.



Touch each other! Show your love to those around you again. Hug each other. Embrace each other. Shake hands. It is so important to our health that we can breathe freely and move freely and touch each other to build resistance and immunity.

Natural and healthy things our government is trying to take from us with DURESS! 

Think! During his campaign, Donald Trump daily draws stadiums full of people, the majority of whom do not wear a mask and instead of holding a meter and a half away, they are huddled together. What would happen in such a situation? Which also repeats itself WORLDWIDE, If this virus REALLY be dangerous? Then we had a big problem now.

But we don't, because you're not going to die from corona. 99,7% are not affected at all, but 100% of the Netherlands is extremely affected by these measures.

Do you know that the government is disappointed that we are not dying and yearning for many deaths? In several countries, it has already been proven that people are paid to register their loved one as a COVID dead later on when he or she had another cause of death. The pressure on doctors is enormous. They come out more and more, but they are censored and have a good chance of losing their jobs.

The measures are aimed at scaring you. Nothing else. Demoralization. Look at the people looking at you like you have the plague. Think! Take a look around you without fear and see from above how crazy we are all doing, because a number of madmen in The Hague tell us this.


It is hard to imagine, but many people still believe in this corona madness. How it got this far is a mystery, but probably fear also eats away rationality. If it hadn't been so serious, you would almost laugh at those people.

As long as we have tried, and not only us, to shake up the ill-informed crowd.

But it has to be said loudly ..

You are not acquitted of ignorance!! You are required to listen to the truth. To the people who want to tell you something. Who want to take away your fear and want you and your children to have a good future.

When you get stuck in your fear and fear, this country will go to the abyss, partly because of You.

If you continue to keep a distance of one and a half meters, you will contribute to an unhealthy society for us and our children.

If you continue to wear mouth masks, you are partly responsible for the large amount of deaths that will result. It is related to psychological complaints, less resistance, not breathing freely and you are prohibited from all natural circumstances that every person naturally needs.

When using the fallacy: "Yes, but what can I do on my own.", then you are also responsible for the demise of the Netherlands. TO DO! And urge your environment! All opportunities are there. Especially this week!

Hugocaust, a man without feeling or empathy

What if you do NOT stand up to this government?

These measures go against every logic, and anyone who continues to accept this is partly to blame for the demise of the Netherlands. That sounds harsh, but it is the truth.

If you are one of the stubborn people who also has a very big mouth by laughing at the concerned good people who want to save you from disaster, then you will regret it. Very sorry!

Laughing, you still have your job and some people laugh about concerned, awake people. Crying you will lose that job, reality and the future for your children will surface and you will think: If only I ...

But many will turn your back on you. And see you as people who were on the wrong side of history.
After all, everyone has been warned in one way or another during this period.

We citizens, together, left or right, white or black, are in charge and could have prevented this. At least in our ever so beautiful Netherlands. Where pride still existed but we were pulled apart by a virus and distraction such as BLM nonsense.

And if you lack the willpower or time to look further, listen to those you know don't talk nonsense in general.

If you do not rebel with your fellow citizens, you will be on the wrong side of history. You see that we no longer live in a free society and you see that law no longer exists in the Netherlands. Demonstrations are crushed and intimidated, harassed, imprisoned children and the elderly and we live in a police state where you are almost afraid to take to the streets. Because they can catch you any time they want. Everyone breaks the one and a half meter law several times a day. Accidentally often. But it is a reason to catch you. The Hague police even held a full bus with grandfathers, grandmothers, parents and children hostage for 7 hours.

Mark Rutte - Fear propagation from day 1 - “Almost everyone will have to deal with Corona” Do you know anyone? Oh no?

You will be billed for that “New Normal”. Think about that very carefully!

If you don't get up and don't resist, you will lose a lot of respect from your fellow citizens.

You will get the bill like all of us. But you will be held jointly responsible. Maybe you can't quite imagine that. If you read this article back within a few months, you will understand exactly.

You will become a person who went "on his face" in a gigantic way and pulled the others along when it was not necessary. And they will blame you for that.

Forget your political affiliation. It does not matter. Think about your future and that of your children, friends and family around you. Think of the Netherlands. Inform yourself and… Wake up! Do it for your kids!

It takes very little effort against what is at stake here and what we all have to lose.

If you still don't notice and are not aware that we are in a situation that is in no way justifiable, then you have gone very far and their trick is to frighten people so that they don't more rational thinking quite successful. But that does not excuse you!

Because there is also something like willpower and wanting to listen to other people who want the best for you and want the Netherlands to become the Netherlands of the past.



And then something else. Now in short, but soon expanded with sources. We are led by people who are either pedophiles or want to normalize pedophilia. Nonsense? Check this out! (source) (source)

If you do NOT get up with the rest of the citizens, you are also jointly responsible for the upcoming policy of sex and children. Read this carefully. This is what awaits us. Our children are ours and not the state's!

We have already shown extensively what the pedophile agenda is from WHO. The big sponsor of RIVM and the thoroughly corrupt organization that deals with our health.

In the new normal, people want to go to a society where children of 6 toddlers of 3 according to the new world order have to help discover their body.

The WHO documents literally say that 6-year-old boys or girls can help these toddlers to masturbate.

We are only the messenger, they put it black and white on paper. (source) (source)

The official documents can be downloaded here in .pdf

Just a short example of what the future will be if we as citizens do NOT intervene now. This is precisely the line that “people” such as Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge follow.

The European standards regarding sexuality of YOUR and OUR children !!

  • Provide children ages 0 to 4 with groping information on each other's bodies. Masturbation.
  • Make children between 0 and 4 years old aware of gender identity
  • Give your children aged 0 to 4 the right to research gender identity.
  • Provide children aged 4 to 6 with information about child masturbation
  • Provide your children ages 4 to 6 with information about homosexuals
  • Teach children to develop respect for different sexuality standards.
  • From 6 to 9 years old you inform your children about different forms of anti-conception
  • Provide information about touching and masturbating to kids from 6 to 9 years old.


To illustrate these plans a bit ...

These children are old enough according to the European Directives ...

… To teach these toddlers to masturbate. Subtraction. Fingering. Enjoying their and others' bodies. Whatever you want to call it. No matter how loud and bizarre it sounds. It's the truth.

And this girl is already ready for the real thing.


Dear people, excuse us! This is what THEY want and will do!


This is not information intended only for parents. They can still ruin it for these satanists. This is an outlined plan of what our future will look like and what will be taught in the “New Normal”.

Once 1 or 2 generations later, no one knows better and PEDOPHILIA has become a normal thing.

This will be taught in schools and it will become the norm.

These points above are taken directly from the documents of the WHO and The European Guidelines for sexuality of children.

Here in .pdf


Fight for your country! Fight for your children! Fight for justice and for a future, a society based on common sense!

It is your duty!

Read more about the civil uprising tomorrow here:



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