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Awake? Join the rest now!

Are you ready to connect with people from your own region?

Do not wait any longer and install Telegram on your mobile or PC.

Something is really going to happen. So folks, DO it !!

On Telegram, there are now over 50 regions and cities that have opened large # awake groups and the number is increasing day by day!
Why? Because the Netherlands REALLY wakes up !!

There is a great need to connect and meet in real life.
Also to take action together locally or travel together to announced demonstrations.

TOGETHER we can help each other by being there for each other.
Not only nationally, but also locally.

How are we going to do this?

Via Telegram region # awake groups.

These groups can be found on Telegram.
Search for example: wake up Amsterdam, wake up Zwolle, wake up Limburg

These groups are all managed individually by people from their own region.
But my region / place of residence is not listed?
Then you send an email to

Then the group is created and you become the administrator of your region.

And then?

You are completely free to discuss and share things with each other.
And to plan meetings with each other.

Once a week, the #wakker team will provide an update and an idea for a local action. You are certainly not obliged to participate. And of course you can also do things yourself as a group.
More about this in the update in your #waking group.

For the current group list, please visit the Facebook page:

Love the team of #wakker

This initiative is not from CommonSenseTV but we support it 100%
Can we help you with something ?? Do not hesitate to ask and mail to

Make smart use of our platform and our wide reach!

We are the Netherlands!

Telegram groups:


Wake up Apeldoorn

Wake up 046:

Awake Parkstad:

Wake up Roermond:

Wake up Amersfoort:

Awake Throw and fight zone:

Wake up Delft:

Wake up Groningen:

Awake Zwartewaterland:

Awake Flevoland:

Wake up Schagen:

Wake up Den Bosch:

Awake North Holland:

Wake up Eindhoven:

Wake up Rotterdam:

Wake up Spijkenisse:

Awake Bergen and surroundings

Wake up Utrecht:

Wake up Oudenbosch:

Awake Hellevoetsluis and surroundings:

Wake up Ede:

Awake Twente:

Wake up Dronten:

Wake up The Hague:

Wake up Heerhugowaard Alkmaar Langedijk (HAL):

Wake up Maastricht:

Wake up Venlo:

Wake up Leiden:

Awake Zeist:

Wake up Tilburg:

Wake up Horn:

Wake up Harlingen Franeker:

Wake up Sneek:

Wake up Dokkum:

Wake up Leeuwarden:

Wake up Haarlem:

Awake Hoogeveen:

Awake Assen:

Wake up Emmen:

Wake up Goes:

Wake up Middelburg:

Wake up Vlissingen:

Wake up Breda:

Wake up Helmond:

Wake up Waalwijk:

Awake Gelderland:

Wake up Amsterdam:

Wake up Zwolle:

JOIN! Young and old! No more excuses. Awake? Getting together!

Would you like to let this beautiful country for centuries fought by a few bureaucrats through the gutter?


And it will be said again worldwide ...

Those Dutchmen again !!

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