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We doctors have taken an oath and must warn people: Corona is a scam!

In this video you can see Dr. Heiko Schöning, who wants to warn the people of Germany, and worldwide, about the disinformation about COVID19.

“This year's“ coronavirus ”virus, the SARS-CoV2, is a seasonal flu virus. And that's good news! The measures we all experience have NOTHING to do with fighting this virus. ”

But the bad news is that the country is living in fear. We don't hate it. It is time to realize that we are in the midst of a global crime. ”

“Corona measures are scams and scams. As proof we have conducted extensive interviews with Wodarg, among others, but much more. You can download everything in .pdf. Do it quickly before even the internet turns against us. ”

Dr. Schöning is part of a group of doctors from Hamburg who jointly founded a website and a newspaper with a circulation of over 300.000.

Other doctors who have gathered:

  • Walter Weber, Arzt -
  • Heiko Schöning, Arzt -
  • Olav Müller-Liebenau, Arzt -
  • Marc Fiddike, Arzt -
  • Axel Arlt, Arzt -


Everything is easy to read on their website. Click on Google Translate at the top right and the site is easy to read for those who do not speak German.

There are several videos on their website and on YouTube. Including the 50 minute long PR conference and the .pdf´s

Ärtze für Aufklärung

This video is an excerpt from a 50-minute press conference:

This short version went on for a few more seconds.

Full press conference:


We have to do it together. We, the citizens!

The motivation:

Everything can also be downloaded via .pdf.

See the video here and below that the links to the relevant website (which you can easily put in Dutch by pressing translate at the top right of your browser).

Ärtze für Aufklärung

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