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We don't do it for fear of death, but simply because of the code red.

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The regime has ordered heavy attacks on the CommonSenseTV website. Danny has been busy solving the problems day and night. Among other things, the entire website has been transferred to another server. However, here is the article "We are not doing it for fear of death, but simply because of the code red." got caught between shore and ship. Luckily I still had a rough version on my own computer and am now re-posting it. Unfortunately, all the comments from yesterday have also been lost.


Vaccination coverage should be up to 90%. That is now the most important goal. Not to guarantee your health, but to make sure that the group of troublemakers, who will soon survive this genocide, is not too large. They can control 10%. But if 40% of the population will not cooperate in the genocide, then they will have a big problem.


By the time the sprayed die en masse, a prediction made by many renowned scientists and gloomy forecasters, it is obvious that this is being done to all of us by the regimes and their higher leaders (schwab, gates et al.).


They will not be able to control the angry crowd that will then arise. That is why with more and more urges, more and more compulsions you are forced to accept that syringe into your body. And if urge and coercion don't work enough, an obligation just plainly arises.


Professional liar Rutte already announces it:


What is the probability that we will get a blood test here?

That chance is very small at the moment. Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte repeated it on Monday at a press moment: the cabinet is currently against a vaccination obligation. The opposition is also against an (in)direct duty.

Rutte also does not want to rule out a vaccination obligation, but emphasizes that it seems very unrealistic. “You never know how the situation will develop when you have to go a step further in the Netherlands. But at the moment there are no plans for that.”


Well, then you know ladies and gentlemen. He prepares himself by saying that the chance is slim at the moment and that there are no plans at the moment. He hadn't turned around yet and the plans were suddenly there. We know by now who we are dealing with….


According to, a source of disinformation that many consider reliable,   people who have not had an injection put in the hospital.

Look at this link for a now message with a video of dictator Mark explaining why no vaccination obligation is being introduced yet and (scroll down) a video with the explanation of the now 'scientist' why we, people with healthy mind, soon all end up in the hospital.


Mark Rutte announces vaccination obligation and the 'now scientist' made a nonsense video


I suspect in this creature an IQ that does not exceed his shoe size.



A regular reader of CSTV, Cor, sent me a message about the consequences of mass death.

“There will then be enormous chaos in which the entire logistics of the world will fall to pieces.”

The prediction is that an increasing number of people will die of heart failure from covid vaccine, due to the spike protein. What happens if a quarter or half of a profession/part of the population dies?

I'm just a simple economist. Not an immunologist or micro-biologist. I am a virologist by the way!

Anyone can call themselves a virologist, even without having followed an LOI course. But if vets who, against fat salaries and big interests in the vaccine industry, advise the regime with their scare stories to stir up the population and if renowned and internationally acclaimed scientists who have no financial interests come up with completely different findings, don't tell me I can't blame myself for having a little more confidence in the latter group.

I'll name a few:

John Ioannidis, Mike Yeadon, Martin Kulldorff, Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta, Didier Raoult, Scott Atlas, Peter McCullough, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, Sucharit Bhakdi, Robert Malone, Geert Vandenbossche, Pierre Capel. And in the Netherlands we also have 1.800 doctors and medics united in Doctors for Truth, who have their own practical experiences and support the messages of these scientists.

They are censored and 'declared crazy'. If you don't know them, look them up and listen to what they have to say.

Terrorist Hugo, Witch Marion and Charlatan Ab Osterhaus, they know what's good for you. And if you don't fully trust it yet, they use Katja and Frans to convince you with beautiful stories in the newspaper of the need to accept that poison injection in your body. We owe this to the advice of about a hundred 'professors' who, with advice influencing behaviour, managed to get the regime's propaganda on the right track. But if you delve into the matter, you soon find out that nothing is right.



If it turns out that the damage caused by the 'vaccines' in the slightly longer term will be many times greater than the problems they are already causing, then society as a whole will come under even more severe pressure than the lock-downs. Whether the regime is in on that, you have to ask yourself that question. But Cor sent me the following in his message:


All hospital and care personnel are vaccinated. A number of hospitals are likely to close due to staff shortages,

Food producers/Farmers etc. When less food becomes available, due to the death of farmers and their staff, at home and abroad in combination with transport problems, prices will rise.

transportation. When drivers die, etc., transport will slow down, perishable goods will be destroyed by standstill. The reduced supply causes prices to rise, and people may starve to death. Driven by hunger they will steal.

There will be a shortage of certain items.

middle class. When shopkeepers die, shops become empty. If production and transport are reduced at the same time, shops may close earlier.

Public transport. When a more or less large part of the public transport staff dies, the frequency will decrease and/or the possibilities will be limited.

Funeral companies. When a significant number of people die in this industry, funerals will be very frugal, relatives will have to bury their own dead, and if that is no longer possible mass graves will be made.

Banks. Being completely digital, there are no options other than barter or alternative money.

Existing capital becomes worthless, inflation.

Police and Justice. When some of the police personnel die, duties and supervision will diminish, which is an advantage for criminals. 

Energy supply. In the event of a lack of staff, the organization will deteriorate, administration will become chaotic, digital may be unmanageable, and delivery will stagnate.

The combination of all these situations will create a disaster scenario, where it will be everyone for himself and/or groups will come into 'war' against each other. So except as a result of the vaccinations, (many) people will die from the additional consequences.


I've advised you before and I'll do it again: Prepare! Hopefully it will not be necessary, but if it is, it is very important that you have access to water, cooking facilities and food. Stock up on canned food and other long-life foods (rice, pasta). Better safe than sorry! And if it turns out not to have been necessary, then there is no man overboard.



Does it make sense to make predictions?

The 'conspiracy theorists' often turn out to be right with their predictions about vaccines, virus mutations, the self-proclaimed 'elite' who are all behind this, lockdowns, corona passports, muzzles and you name it.

Almost everything that awake researchers and citizens have talked and/or written about over the past year and a half has come true or will soon come true. The funny thing, however, is that the moment the awake share this information, they are called wappie, conspiracy theorist or even dangerous crazy.

By the time it comes and the predictions come true, we won't hear about it and it will simply be accepted as logical and normal.

In Israel, one of the countries with the highest 'vaccination rate', it is now becoming abundantly clear that this 'vaccine' does not cause any visible damage at best. It is obvious that the hospital admissions mainly concern the injected. Moreover, there is already an increase in the number of deaths compared to last year, when no one had been sprayed yet.

I don't need the spray and honestly do not understand why the sprayed have so much trouble with it.

When you walk under an umbrella in the rain and I don't. What is your problem then?

I don't need a poison syringe. If you feel comfortable with that, good luck. But ask yourself 3 questions: 1 Is it necessary? 2 Does it work? 3 Is it safe? I think 3 times no! We'll see how it turns out. With you and with me. I trust myself and not the WEF, the WHO, bill gates and hugo de Jonge.



We are driven further and further into the trap. They continue their plans. Anyway. Many countries in Europe are already busy tightening the terror thumbscrews during the summer holidays. In the Netherlands there was a summer break, in Belgium they never stopped. But rest assured that from the end of August, September, the terror machine will be running at full speed again. And a vaccination obligation will almost certainly be part of that.

What can we do?

While tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of French people are vigorously demonstrating against the corona pass in the street, the terraces are already full of people who have dutifully purchased this pass, the train passengers are well-behaved. So battle lost!

The terraces and stations should have remained empty. Any opportunity where they impose such terrorist nonsense should be completely ignored. Sad for the entrepreneurs, but that is only temporary and that would really solve something for the longer term. Those few people with their banners on the street aren't going to make a difference.

The division they have created is great and effective. People who understand those dirty games and terrorism are without argument called crazy by the vaccinated sheep. And since they are in the majority, we are increasingly oppressed.



It is not just renowned scientists who are on our side. A few countries also did not want to participate in the plans of Klaus and the WHO.

However, it usually ends badly with ministers who do not want to cooperate. The most recent assassination of a president was of Haiti's Jovenel Moise.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli tested a papaya, a goat and a sample of motor oil for Covid using WHO-provided PCR tests, and all were found to be positive. He rejected the tests and declared Tanzania Covid-free. The best man was murdered and replaced by a Klaus Schwab WEF employee who immediately ordered a hefty dose of vaccines.

Magufuli was preceded by the president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, who also refused to cooperate with the WEF and WHO dictatorship. He promptly died of a heart attack. He too was replaced by a WHO faithful envoy.

Hamed Bakayoko, the Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast and Ambrose Dlamini, who was the Prime Minister of Eswatini (Swaziland) also did not want to participate in the poison injection campaigns. They also died under suspicious circumstances.

Belarus's president, Aleksandr Lukashenko, refused IMF bribes worth $2020 million in September 940 in exchange for which the IMF demanded that the president impose lockdowns, mask requirements and curfews. He announced that he would be president for his people and not an envoy of the WHO or the IMF. As a result, 'they' attempted a coup d'état in which Lukashenko and his sons were to be killed. The president of Brazil has so far only been the victim of lies, scorn and ridicule in the mainstream media. But it seems to me better and safer if he doesn't fly, drive or walk in the woods for the time being…….


And please let's not forget the murder of John McAfee. One of the few billionaires who had very strong opinions and evidence against the governments and all their lies. A man who, prior to his death, repeatedly proclaimed that if he were to die, it would be murder and not suicide, as they would probably claim. And so it happened…


I saw a disturbing but oh-so-true expression in a link Carla posted (translated):

They lie

We know they lie

They know we know they lie

We know they know we know they lie

And they just keep on lying.


The pcr test is demonstrably worthless.

They just shrug and carry on.

The virus has not been proven and all the panic might as well have been spread around the influenza virus.

They just shrug and carry on.

People who are sick could be cured with existing and widely available medicines.

They forbid it, shrug their shoulders and carry on as usual.

All the idiotic measures supposedly enacted to protect you do no harm at best, but arguably they do in most cases.

They just shrug and carry on.

The 'vaccines' don't work. That's what the manufacturers say, that's what scientists say, and it shows in practice.

They just shrug and carry on.

The 'vaccines' are dangerous. Nearly 1% of those injected experience serious side effects or even death.

They just shrug and carry on.

Hospital admissions are skyrocketing in countries with the highest vaccination rates. In the countries where it is lowest, nothing happens.

They just shrug and carry on.

If it turns out that a lot of people are indeed dying from the poison syringes,

Only then are they satisfied and have achieved their goal.



Virtually the entire world participates in these terrorist actions. And that's something to be aware of. No one is going to save us. No one can come and save us. Only we can do it. It will be a tough battle in which they have much more power and resources than we do. We can win the battle, but then we have to remain unsprayed with 40%. Don't succumb to terror!!!!



Name a number under 1.000…..


I came across two more notable videos. I have no explanation for it, but it is at least very remarkable:


Mark Rutte is a prominent member of a powerful lodge of Freemasonry and carries out orders as commanded by the top of the pyramid, 33rd degree and above. Could that have something to do with it?


This one is even crazier:


233 new infections

At the very least, this shows how the mainstream media simply gets its coverage imposed from above.


Karin posted this link in a comment yesterday. A must-see video clip, broadcast on German television. With Dutch subtitles:



For those who want to know how the pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer and ModeRNA) suddenly lost the test results of the control group….

There too, the shoulders were shrugged and they continue:



For those who want to delve further into the dangers of this spraying campaign:

[pdfjs-viewer url=”” viewer_width=100% viewer_height=800px fullscreen=true download=true print=true]

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