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We don't know who the Afghan refugees are

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American failure

Who are these Afghan refugees anyway and why did US troops leave like thieves in the night?

A month ago, Bagram airbase was suddenly shrouded in darkness.

The airbase is not just any small airport, it is the size of a city where the Americans operated.

There are shops, gyms and a hospital.

A prison was set up last month where ISIS and Taliban fighters were held.

And then suddenly, after 2 decades, the lights just went out…

Without warning, without goodbye, without any explanation, the US military left after cutting the power. Within minutes the entire area was looted. Hundreds of looters. And not only shops were robbed. A large stockpile of weapons and ammunition were taken and 13 Americans were killed.

How could one come to this scandalous decision? From one day to the next?

And who are those refugees from Afghanistan who are coming in? Planes full? We know that at least some are on the terror list. We also know that people were lied to. Americans would be picked up in planes. Many volunteers were happy to help until they saw the bitter truth. These are not US citizens. But woe betide you to say anything about it in America. You are an instant racist.


A new crisis breaks loose thanks to the incomprehensible decision. Many people will regret or regret voting for the man named Joe Biden. The Twitter group of people who express their regrets is only going to get bigger. (source)

America is becoming, and it seems it is being done consciously, the laughing stock of the world. Or are we in Europe already?

The country of America is going to pieces with these dangerous people at the helm. Look and listen for yourself and draw your conclusions.

Watch a contribution by Tucker Carlson where horrifying details emerge (Dutch subtitles):







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