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We live under martial law.
Intelligent lockdown, that word is just bullshit.
People have lost their civil rights.
And have largely accepted that, except for some grumbling.

Which forces are the driving forces behind this martial law?

The lockdown must be canceled immediately!
Its harmful effects are vastly greater than what it achieves.

It has become criminal to continue.

We just have to live again !!

Police must go grab criminals and the fines must be REFUNDED!

If there is still opposition in the Netherlands, an intensive discussion should be expected from this opposition, ending in a MOTION OF CONFIDENCE!

It must be over with this FICTION of a pandemic.

It is only WHO advertising and it includes major players.

This virus has been tampered with in laboratories and much more intensive forms of it exist.
If the Dutch government is aware of this in any way, it must be made public !!!

The population has not been made immune in a natural way by the lockdown, so if the lockdown is lifted, the virus will initially flare up. And of course stopping the lockdown is blamed for that.

It is certain that it is an artificial virus that comes from a lab.
Nature will make short work of it very quickly because artificial conditions are always quickly broken down by the body.

Nobel laureate claims: CORONA made in WUHAN

This is in all seriousness put away under the category of fake news or info-democracy.
We are working hard to blind you to the fact that a medicine has been found. Hydroxychloroquine.

It is about corruption, democracy that is broken, sham science, institutions that do not function properly.
All this causes serious damage to us back then.
Economic and psychological

But there is apparently an irreversible conformism in the Netherlands.
A prescribed reality!
An official reality, a conformist reality.

If you say anything against that, you will be copied and seen as an evil person with bad intentions.

We have 150 MPs who all have a staff of employees, there are parties behind it etc.

Where are those who stand up and say, what is left of the controlling function in a situation where the government is completely relinquishing everything to a number of specialists?

They, in turn, have been criticized by other specialists, who have been excluded for allegedly taking a wrong position.

There is no transparency.
We are not given any explanation as to who takes what position.
What positions did the majority get at all ?!

The government wants to let the population jump through a hoop.

Excluded specialists have actually taken over the role of the opposition.
They ask the questions that the opposition parties should have been asking for a long time:

“Who are they actually placed there in front of the microphone and under what influence do they work?
What is the source of the income of the organizations they belong to? ”

Our parliament has completely evaporated.
No measures have ever been taken that can even be compared to what we are now experiencing!

We are dealing here with fake science; a very selective reading of the whole thing.

On April 24, there was a summit conference through the monitor, which was discussed by, among others, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Merkel and Macron about: when the big vaccination will soon start 'then all 7 billion inhabitants of the earth must have equal access to the injection needle'.

There is great pressure to make vaccinations mandatory.
But this is put away as fake news and a conspiracy theory.
But by labeling it as fake news, the discussion is made suspicious.

While it doesn't take any secret knowledge to see what's coming.

Anyone with common sense can add 1 + 1 together. People know and feel that the pressure is being increased.

Martial law is deliberately done so slowly that most people will long for an exit.
Whatever jump they have to make!
Just to get out of that lockdown, house arrest, social distancing and face masks.

And this does indeed create a climate that makes voluntary vaccination possible.

Event201 revealed that 50% of people would be willing to inject an untested vaccine. Which is life threatening.
But fear is a bad advisor and fear is exactly what gets pumped into the masses 24/7 by the state broadcasters and the Maoinstream Media: floodthezone according to the script of the WHO and Event201.

If a vaccine hasn't worked for about ten years, you can't trust it.

But people will line up for a vaccine, and then the deaths from that vaccine will be many times higher than the death toll attributed to corona.

BBC World, heavily sponsored by Bill Gates, featured an interview with two volunteers who volunteered to be used as guinea pigs for the corona vaccine.
They had a substance injected by the company Moderna Therapeutic, the company has just been established.

Normally, a small amount of the virus is injected through a vaccine, the body resists and thus becomes immune.

But this substance will intervene in the cell formation in the human body!

Bill Gates, according to an article from years ago, is very interested in editing human material, but that comes with very specific dangers of contracting cancer.

This is human genetic engineering.
On a large scale.

What Bayern and Monsanto do with plants, Moderna Therapeutics will do with people.
Monsanto, in which Bill Gates has invested a lot of money, is known for its genetically modified soybeans, which is found in almost all of our food.

Moderna Therapeutics specializes in messenger RNA (mRNA), the substance that plays a role in transmitting instructions stored in everyone's DNA to produce the necessary protein needed for each living cell.

Moderna Therapeutics says it has finally found a partner in the Swiss company Lonza this week.
Dr. Fauci recently stated that it was very difficult and frustrating to find a manufacturer that wanted to partner with Moderna, given the scale of production required. But now there is Lonza.

It is expected to start in July.

A week before Tedros Adhanom launched his panic messages on January 30, Gates, the WHO and the World Economic Forum and some banking (aka the Elite) got together and it was planned that Moderna Therapeutics would be contracted for a vaccine for the pandemic that we had not heard anything about !!!!

How is it that the world started to line up so very quickly?
This is due to two sources of information:

One is from Neil Ferguson. From Imperial College London.
He was allowed to use his computer to say that there would be more than a million fatalities in Britain if a lockdown was not done quickly.
To a state of siege.

Macron was informed by the same Neil Ferguson on March 12 and that day Macron also declared martial law for the French.

Rutte called it: we are 'in a state of war'. The Netherlands is under attack.

But the Netherlands is not attacked by a virus, but by people inside, who have helped people from outside to bring about this insane situation.

Neil Ferguson is provided with heavy financial support by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

And the University of Washington is also being paid by Bill Gates to deliver impulses of need for martial law.

Bill Gates has given $ 9 million to the Guardian newspaper, so the Guardian is in tune.
More than 3 million went to the NBC.
Gates gave $ 4.5 million to National Public Radio, a major left-wing source in the USA.
1 million to Al-Jazeera.
And $ 49 million to the BBC !!

So, of course, the BBC is in line and sows nothing but fear and panic about the corona virus and all the negative facts surrounding Bill Gates and his friends are being censored, ignored or removed by the BBC.

The BBC was also involved in a 2018 meeting of the WHO and the Gates Foundation on the occasion of 100 years of Spanish flu, which involved many vaccine pressure groups, but also Edelman, a large PR and Marketing agency.

The slogan is that they have developed a technique for telling a GOOD STORY. A story that is almost impossible to escape.

Their website states the following:

About Edelman. 

Edelman is a global communications firm, founded in 1952 by Daniel J. Edelman, that partners with businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations. Our 6,000 people in more than 60 offices deliver communications strategies that give our clients the confidence to lead, act with certainty and earn the lasting trust of their stakeholders.

We develop powerful ideas and tell MAGNETIC STORIES that move at the speed of news, make an immediate impact, transform culture and spark movements.


A frightened population serves as a market for ruthless people.

The PRESCRIBED REALITY is prescribed every day in The New York Times, but the press is also participating in the Netherlands.
NRC and de Volkskrant happily write about this.

The conflict of interests is being explored by alternative channels, but the MSM and politicians are not responding to it.

There are several prescribed realities:

Russia, for example, is really the big bad wolf, according to the 'establishment'.
Putin is a threat and should be played to the black Piet as much as possible.

The CO2 climate problem. Insane measures that only serve to save financial institutions. That has nothing to do with CO2. It is a prescribed reality.

The Pandemic.
Stay at home. We'll get through this together !!

An immense folklore!
My courage sinks in my shoes.
What are we doing here?
What are we trying to do with Café Weltschmerz and with CommonSense TV?

Will it matter to the bigger picture?

HOW IT IS POSSIBLE that we hear nothing from the intellectual Dutch, writers, Thierry Baudet !!

Before the pandemic, we heard about the yellow vests, popular uprising in France. Revolt in India and Chile and Hong Kong.

Populism and people who rebel.
The Elite doesn't want that.
People have the right to vote, electing populist politicians.
The Elite doesn't want that.
They seem to want to get rid of Trump, as well as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Just to name a few examples.

The sword now cuts both ways:

People are off the streets due to the pandemic, because there is a ban on grouping through emergency ordinances, even new laws and amendments to the constitution.

And elections can be postponed due to a state of emergency. So no populists who have a chance to take over from the current cabal.

It is outrageous and there are actually no words to compel doctors to attribute deaths to the corona virus
Doctors write letters of distress from the USA and England.

There is a drug that is ignored by almost everyone: hydroxychloroquine.

Trump said it was promising, but by recently advising at a news conference that injecting Lysol (disinfectant) as a corona drug is a good idea, he destroyed the credibility of how hydroxychloroquine works.

There were Americans who actually injected Lysol and died of it. But clown Trump, in his own words, was just kidding.

This sends the message: everything Trump says should be taken with a grain of salt, so hydroxychloroquine is no longer taken seriously by the average American, either.

Continuing martial law knowing there is a cure would be criminal !!!!

Being genetically engineered to just get out of that lockdown for God's sake.

What do we do?
Let's depend on what an Outbreak Management Team (OMT) says from RIVM?
And RIVM is also paid by Gates.


The cabinet should deal with the big picture and with the Dutch and not with people who have other interests.
And if there are people on that team who do not want to accept that there is already a cure, it is completely irresponsible!

The cabinet is coming up with the new policy and the order officers are implementing the policy casually.

The mayor of Nijmegen did not say on radio on Woningsdag that he regretted the situation and regrets that King's Day is now called Woningsdag.
No, he was looking forward to it: 'We are going hard today. There is no more warning, it is direct writing! '

There are 25 heads of security regions in the Netherlands.
It has been suggested to stand behind the leader in a situation like this!
The Führer Prinzip.

Belarus and Sweden where there is no lockdown are, just like hydroxychloroquine, kept away from the publicity and from Rutte's speeches.

It is all absurd, unnecessary and terrible.

The schools simply have to reopen immediately!

The Netherlands ranks 26th in terms of reading skills of pupils and students.
On a list of 42 countries.
They do not master the subject that gives them access to all other subjects: the Dutch language.
And they do not know anything about all those other subjects because they cannot read comprehensively.

Dutch cannot read !!!

Rutte's children can now go to school for 3 days and the following day 1 day and the last week 2 days and then it is already vacation again and they cannot distinguish a d from a t yet !!

That is also the price we pay, plus the total destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Large companies connected to the financial system are rescued with large-scale rescues, but the smaller entrepreneur is swallowed up by chain stores, which is one of the worst things to look forward to!

Children shy away from passers-by.
This will cause permanent damage to a child.
While the 1,5 meter rule makes no sense, because only distance of 6 to 7 meters works sufficiently according to many experts to be efficient and to prevent contamination.

It is theater!
We should all participate in this circus act on the world stage with a mask on.

This must come to an end.


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