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Column: WE LIVE !!!

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A newborn baby tries to take off a doctor's mouth mask.

What a nice picture. The innocence, empathy, the wonder of the new open-minded unbiased new life.


When I look at this picture I will come home again. By myself. I feel my feet on the ground again. I feel like then back in the day when everything was still normal.

When I look at this picture, I feel that too ik nothing has changed. And nothing has changed.

I only notice that somewhere far away, a small group inhumans, who are given a little too much power by some other people, is beating wildly around them.

Entirely self-centered driven by ultra strong selfishness.

But those ultra-egoists are so far away that nothing has actually changed in my environment and neither have I.

So I'm going to talk to other people around me. I say look there! Do you see them too? Very far away there.

Unfortunately, not everyone can see them properly. For some face the ultra-egoists te far away making them not perceived could be.

But happy see enough others they do. And that's why I am happy that I am not alone in my perception: Others see fortunately the ultra-egoists too.

Some of the others I know have a keen eye. Some of the others are bad or myopic.

Those others with a keen eye reassure the visually impaired by saying: calm down we're just going to take a look at those ultra-egoists.

The sharp-eyed others start talking to even more sharp-eyed others.

And like the others with a keen eye enough others have spoken with a keen eye, then they go semen on the road.

They observe together. They run together towards the ultra-egoists. When they got close, and they will observe together. And ask questions ...

Hey! Ultra-selfish what are you doing? What are you doing?

The ultra-egoists are startled and jump up nervously. Just like them got caught are.

They look at the others in horror. But they don't care answer.

Then an ultra-egoist emerges. And gives an answer.

But the others have a keen eye and controleren therefore the answer that the ultra-egoist gave and come to the conclusion that the ultra-egoist lied!

Lie after lie comes to the surface. The ultra-egoists just lie.

And hurt all people they come close to.

The sharp-eyed are going to do this bad news to tell the visually impaired.

Some believe the unfortunately not. But other visually impaired people suddenly do.

At one point, there are so many others out there that they can be the ultra-egoist group to surround.

The ultra-egoists are now detained by the others.

The nearsighted people are startled by this and are finally waking up.

All those others semen, both those with a keen eye and the visually impaired, come back home together and to become himself.

Want home there is never something changed.

After observing, naming, asking questions, talking, traveling and eliminating the problems, I want to come home with you (or go out again).


Paul van Dyk - We Are Alive (Take A Deep Breath)

Spread the freedom!

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