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We massively hijack hashtag from government campaign #ditismijnzorg

Monday will be a new one government campaign start


Another 300.000 euros in tax money will go to the promotion of this.

Influencers are recruited to incite people, especially a photo of yourself with a mouth mask plus the hashtag #ditismijnzorg to post on social media.

Posters with the hashtag of this latest government campaign will hang in 2000 bus shelters in the Netherlands.

We already want this hashtag today caught.

We will do this through our own posters and artwork starting today at 13.00pm to spread.

We hope you want to participate. This can be done by sending the artwork to your entire supporters and asking to post it with the hashtag:


He has to go crazy from 13.00 p.m. on Sunday!

From 13.00 p.m. we are massively hijacking this campaign on Facebook!

1. Select one of the images.

2. Post the image to Facebook.

3. Put in your text #thisishealthcare

4. Spread this message among your supporters.


More Info

Here the artwork to choose from:

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