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NOS: We may mislead you, but you are not allowed to say anything about that!

We really do not need Baudet to see that NOS is fake

Every now and then we still see wonderful television because they showed their best side there with the media.

Today Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy was guest presenter of a broadcast of Goedemorgen Nederland. That resulted in nice TV.

At the end Thierry Baudet announced the NOS Journaal and then you can wait for it:

And now the Fakenews of the NOS 🙂

"But now first the Fake News Journal with Mark Visser." 

Delicious right? The media trolls about something that half of the Netherlands has been seeing for a long time. Something you can laugh about as a normal person.

It puts the anger towards the media into perspective a bit, but the media want to spin it in such a way that Baudet provokes something with this. It's so predictable.

But we realize what these people of the media have done to us and how they have seriously damaged our lives by not listening to the people and blatantly censoring other voices.

Today, thanks to media trolling, Baudet has once again shown how incredibly hypocritical and self-absorbed these people are and how important they feel about themselves. It seems as if they really believe themselves that they are a reliable source of information and that they are seen by everyone.

They bite. Stamping feet. The NOS was even furious because WNL let Baudet act as a presenter. You have to check… Something that the NOS does not like may not appear on the screen.

The fact that these media, which really turn everything around, are dealt with here, only contributes to the security of our country. The mainstream media has become life-threatening tools of the authorities and has turned their backs on citizens. They also guide us in the crazy Build Back Better new normal.

Every positive sound in this crisis made is suppressed. We had to and would remain in fear. Who would even think about counting live flu-like deaths per day? Day in day out? Then you are a great danger to society, right? What if we do that with the flu? Or with cancer? You create popular depression.

The NOS responds:

"Especially at a time when facts and opinions are increasingly intertwined, as a public broadcaster you should not create confusion and be crystal clear about your role in our society." 

The NOS continues:

"The fact that we also live in a time when NOS reporters are being treated aggressively by people who accuse us of making fake news, makes this incident extra bitter for us. ” (source)

That's how we know NOS. Not a single self-reflection, but a huge record for their heads.

Would it really never occur to them that it could be their fault that people are so angry and aggressive towards their “journalists”? Would they really not realize this for themselves?

When I watch the NOS one evening, I am also full of “aggressive” feelings towards the NOS. I don't need Thierry Baudet for that. For that I need the NOS who demonstrably tries to sell me nonsense and tries to impose a certain opinion. They arouse that aggression in awake people.

And yes, there are people who turn that aggression into action. That can be disapproved, but if these people are honest with themselves then they know that they themselves are the culprit. And if something is said about it, it is meant to warn people about the media. To see who is actually really dangerous here.

Or have we forgotten who created the climate that killed Pim Fortuyn? Those who have experienced that time will look back on that period with painful feelings. And they just do it again. This time at Baudet. Or from Haga. Or anyone who is out of step.

Maaike Timmerman of WNL liked it and could also laugh about it, but let herself be tapped and turned out to be a woman without a backbone again. This came out of her mouth:

“Journalists are being threatened, people from the NOS can no longer just go anywhere with their logo. They are being attacked ”.

Baudet responded:

"If I think that the NOS and NPO are biased and always tell the same frames and stories, then that cannot be explained in any way."

The NOS should be happy that Donald Trump has no ambitions to become Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

Cancel culture:

good morning Netherlands immediately after Baudet's statement stated that he would distance himself from his statements, according to point viz.

Eelco Bosch from Rosenthal tweeted:

This is what you get from it. The truth is suddenly told unannounced.

Bert Huisjes, director and editor-in-chief of WNL:

“Baudet copied that, yes. He wouldn't get the last word, just took his chance. Something like that can happen, it's live TV. It is annoying. This was an insulting comment that the presenter of the News could not go into in his bulletin. ”

“It didn't stop with that one comment.”, emphasizes the director-chief editor of WNL. “We came back to it immediately after the News. Our presenter said that we 'fiercely distance ourselves' from the term fake news, and a firm one emerged discussion about whether Baudet contributes to a threat to journalists with these kinds of remarks - "we are also concerned about this."

And the very VERY stupidest comment:

 'We have put an excerpt from the show on our site, in which our presenter lashes out at Baudet. I can not do anything else. The NOS is free to use big words - I have also had many angry apps from those circles - but I find it presumptuous that they do not pay attention to the context: the rest of our broadcast. This tends to cancel culture. "

A cancel culture. Inherited from America. It is exactly what the media and the Democrats in America are creating right now: A cancel culture. A culture in which everyone who stands behind Donaldc Trump must be “purified” and otherwise, if it is up to the Dems, rights will be taken away. Conservative media, people with common sense and people who want the truth on the table are being silenced.

And this druid Bert Huisjes will tell us what a cancel culture is?

The media is perilous and we will never forget what they have done to us.

Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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