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We MUST refuse to comply with this DEFINED mouth masking duty

Spread the freedom!

Stop this perilous madness!

It has to be said. It must. This is simply no longer possible and this has to stop.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can justify the mandatory use of a mouth mask. And there is everything to be said for NOT wearing them.

We keep silent about all the dangers of face masks. It has long been known that they don't work, and yet an obligation? With all the negative effects and dangers associated with wearing mouth masks? Have we gone completely crazy?

It is for our own health and for that of our children. You simply CANNOT force yourself to wear something that DOES NOT work but CAN (seriously) damage your health and will also damage it. When a government is going to force you to do so, we must understand that this government is imposing irresponsible coercive measures on us. Utterly absurd and unnecessary. Come out of the dream that this government cares about us.

Take it from people who live in a country where mouth masks have been mandatory for months. What do the people who wear face masks two-thirds of the day look like? How society is disrupted? How do you not recognize your children again? If you are going to wear a mouth mask and your children are going to put on a mouth mask, then you have no idea what you are getting into!

Look before you leap! Please say ...

If you don't take it from us, please read carefully ...

The national government on the duty of masks:

“In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, the cabinet wants to make it compulsory to wear a face mask in shops, museums, restaurants and theaters from 1 December. Also in education (with the exception of primary school) people will then have to wear a mouth mask. For contact professions, the rule applies to both the customer and the professional, such as the hairdresser or the driving instructor. A mouth mask was already mandatory in public transport, but from now on this is also the case at stations and at bus and tram stops. The masking obligation applies to everyone aged 13 and older. Who does not comply with the rule, risks a fine of 95 euros. "

“A mouth mask must completely cover the nose and mouth and it must be designed to prevent the spread of viruses. Medical mouth-nose masks are intended for healthcare; mouth masks are suitable for use in shops, at school, on public transport and at the hairdresser. Therefore, preferably use masks that are for sale at the drugstore or supermarket.(source)

Fine, let's do ...

We read the instructions for use:

This mask does not offer any protection against harmful, toxic or otherwise health-threatening substances or concentrations thereof, which include particles, dust, smoke, mist, fiber (asbestos, glass or rock wool), gas, vapor or microbiological contaminants. such as, for example bacteria, viruses, spores or fungi can occur.

And then a very important warning:



Do you send your children to school with a mouth mask? Are your children capable of not misusing a non-functional, but dangerous, face mask?

The government obliges you to do something that is criminal because improper use can lead to death. Put it on and see if you are using them "right"?

And have a look here:

RIVM regulations on Ebola: [p.20];

"The patient is not wearing a mouth-nose mask. Motivation: wearing a mouth and nose mask increases the risk of aspiration when vomiting
and does not contribute to the prevention of transmission as only a theoretical probability of aerogenic transmission is assumed
with aerosol-forming procedures (see §1.1) "

Come on, folks. Enough is enough! We are being abused, humiliated, squeezed and destroyed. What you see is real!


Here is the video from RIVM itself about… mouth masks. Removed by the RIVM itself:


The people who do this to us are completely separate from God. Let your mind speak.

Ark Minister of Medical Care:

"Mouth masks do not serve any medical purpose but serve to influence behavior":

What do you mean we're getting cheated on?

Spread the freedom!

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