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Column - Chris Collard

When we joined the EU in 2002, many politicians gave us a list of all the benefits that the EU and the euro would bring to us, now more than eighteen years later it has become very clear to us that the benefits don't outweigh the cons.
Who could have ever imagined that even the right to demonstrate would be taken away from us, we can hardly even speak about rights anymore and it is therefore not surprising that more and more people are gradually taking to the streets for this!

People we should not take this anymore, forbidding peaceful demonstrations, for example because of a virus, which has not been a pandemic at all, which has not turned out to be a killer virus at all and which is being misused by our government to enslave us as a people. reduced to real value, we humans are man enough to be attentive, we don't need government for that.
We no longer want to be ruled by fear and madness for something that is not at all what it is pretended to be!

It is simply outrageous what Rutte III is dealing with, this cabinet is not implementing a policy that is good for us as citizens, this cabinet is implementing what is good for the EU, for multinationals, for pharmacists, this is a criminal cabinet.
Whether it has been the abolition of the referendums, or the taking away of our freedoms by means of an emergency law, or the attempt to take away our voting rights, by wanting to vote for the elections with the false argument because of a second wave of corona. this is very false!

Every effort is made to implement a certain plan, the population is no longer listened to at all, the focus is on a vaccine, which is already clear that it is no longer about the interests and the well-being of the population, but on the interests of pharmacists and apparently one is no longer sensible.
Virus Madness was clearly exposed to how corrupt our government and our judicial process has already become, it is high time to do something about this.

Actually, I have been calling this for some time now, this cabinet no longer consists of representatives of the people, someone who wants to represent the population, who does not turn a blind eye to certain professions, who thinks for the sake of the country, who thinks of the nationals and let's be honest, when Covid-19 visited the Netherlands, then the population followed the measures taken then very carefully!
So Minister Hugo de Jonge may explain to us in detail why there must be an emergency law if necessary!

It has become very clear that the distrust of a significant part of the population of Rutte III is founded, a cabinet that will enforce the population is the exact opposite of advising, because coercion is at odds with our freedom!
What will be achieved with this is that if a pandemic really does occur, the necessary people will determine themselves to what extent they will still listen, because this cabinet has ensured that it is becoming implausible!

Now I am not so afraid of a second wave of Covid-19, I am much more concerned that certain organizations have been given so much power that they can determine and undertake things that are very harmful to us as humans.
That people no longer care about human lives, that may also be very clear, there are just very dirty games, it is only about putting a vaccine into circulation that will be very well earned and nothing else.

For example, there is no more money to be made from hydroxychloroquine, the patent has expired and that this proved to work very well, which was a bitter pill for big pharma, because that would be a significant loss in the number of vaccines to be dispensed.
So this means was of course banned, so one does not want to listen to Maurice de Hond, or to a Willem Engel, because this endangers the route to be followed, would it not be a good idea to start a petition regarding the willingness to vaccinate?

Suppose Minister Hugo de Jonge is handed a petition where a very significant part of the population makes it clear to him not to be vaccinated, there are enough reasons for this and one of them is that a vaccine requires a long probation period before introduction.
Taking people hostage with a drug that does not yet exist, or has not been thoroughly tested, is a great shame and if this virus really was as deadly as, for example, the Ebola virus, this would of course be a completely different case.

So the truth teaches us a completely different story, that the weak and the elderly need to be protected, but understanding to destroy an entire economy by not stepping back in the steps is just criminal and the importance behind it serving is crime.
An official will not have noticed much about the lockdown financially, the ordinary civilian population all the more, about officials, politicians and officials, all that is necessary to note, because it is high time that they are also under scrutiny.

it is time for us to take to the streets and it was good to see that people had also got in the car to support the farmers, we must show solidarity with the people who are there for our food, this Netherlands is not more free land, hardly any democracy anymore, the EU and the euro have brought us nothing but misery and we continue to push ahead on a dead end, or are we pulling the emergency brake?
A number of things have become very clear to me this year, enough is enough!

Chris Collard.

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