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We take the RIGHT in YOUR OWN HAND, We establish a fight team

Said the father of a girl who was recently abused by a group of Moroccan youth in the Heemskerk-Beverwijk area.

The group that operates under the name 'the Pilot Group' is notorious in the distant surroundings and has been making the streets unsafe for over a year.

Many reports have been made to the police, also by adult men who claim to have been beaten up by the Pilot Group.

The girl also filed a report with her father together with dozens of supporters from the neighborhood.

The girl's father wants to remain anonymous, but he will not leave it at that. He is not satisfied with the answer from Deputy Mayor of Beverwijk Serge Ferraro.

He thinks that the matter must first be sorted out slowly.

And the mayor himself believes that safety is never 'finished' and 100% safety cannot be guaranteed.

But the Heemskerkers are scared to death and don't dare to walk outside anymore.

And we will do something ourselves. We ourselves take the initiative to set up a vigilante. With a number of men we patrol Heemskerk and Beverwijk here during the day and at night.

The triangle minister, police, justice does NOT do anything.

“We think: Do grown people act? Then punish grown-ups! ”

A large demonstration was held last week for the abused girl and the many other victims of the gang. And to get people up for the civil guard.

Meanwhile, the girl slowly picks up, but she still wakes up a couple of times a night because of the striking blows she received a few weeks ago, according to the anonymous father from Heemskerk.



Interview father: RTL interview

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