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We want answers now!

We want answers now!

Quite frankly, the video of Flavio Pasquino in conversation with Thierry Baudet came to me very much as a call, but it is clear that we hardly have any real representatives of the people. have more than the parties in the room would have entered, with the debate that the FvD requested!


For me it is totally undesirable that characters are using all kinds of illegal practices to steer us in a direction that is dubious to say the least, because they are completely outdated, dated and based on systems that have not been better in the past. world stood for.

All it stands for is more control and power over us, a small elite, who manipulate us into slavery and while we own nothing and should be happy, they bathe in luxury, that is actually already happening in Brussels, but that is apparently not enough yet!

In my previous two columns I may have unintentionally kicked a number of people in the shins, yes, I am simply not a supporter of the Batavian Republic, I know that there is a lot wrong with our current constitutional state, politics and justice, but I am strongly opposed against that assumptions will lead to people being convicted.

You still need facts and evidence for that, something that a Thierry Baudet is able to put on the table, but the people of Red Pill Journal clearly do not, otherwise Wouter would now walk around free again, the necessary videos from Revolutionair Online, Wees the Resistance, Tipping Point and Red Pill Journal may even serve as a burden of proof against those involved.

I have great respect for people like Rypke Zeilmaker, who comes with demonstrable evidence, Thierry Baudet who fights against the beer quay within politics, but now also visited BLCKBX to tell his story there, there is only one way in which you can fight winning and that is working together, so not putting it in the back of others from behind, because that is sowing division, I have heard Micha, Wouter and his followers do that a bit too often, so that you can no longer talk about correction, rather about deliberate damage!

That is why I see these people as obstacles rather than useful, because their first result has yet to be achieved, while the necessary others, like Baudet, come with hard evidence.

With his party, Baudet has to deal with many individuals and people who think that, just like the VVD, they can quickly grow up, have a career, I actually see more in a Baudet with a movement behind it, but access to the House of Representatives can offer him a platform to speak for the population, as can be seen in the beginning of the video above, for example, when these errands that he does, but are done often enough, will certainly give effect.

People will find out very soon that the old normal as we knew will no longer return in its full capacity, pay attention next autumn!

After my interval with Wouter Raatgever, among others, which I actually didn't want to make, because there may be people who think I hate this person, which of course is not the case, I want to return to the beginning of my column, there is therefore a group of people who have certain plans for humanity, who roll out an agenda and want to change our current society, to date we see the negative consequences of this and an accumulation of stupidity, because solar panels and windmills never deliver the sufficient capacity to provide us with sufficient power, centralizing food production will soon lead to famines, having control over people robs them of their freedoms will soon take an enormous toll if nothing happens.

So to stop such an error of humanity, we have to work together, let everyone do his or her own thing, have faith in each other, CSTV is a great platform to share ideas with each other. exchange, the EU has actually never worked well, thinking in national interest is something completely different from what current politics is doing now, you can only really mean something to someone else, if you mean something to yourself and that's where Dutch politics runs currently completely out of whack.

It is high time that we as citizens get real representatives of the people again, who are once again subservient to us, a sovereign Netherlands please!

Chris Collard.

The Lockstep document in Dutch:
Lockstep scenario







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