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We are being deported, come and fight on November 17th

The need is high!

They are establishing a dictatorship in the countryside.

They just want to have access to it eleven grounds.

And they want to be able to decide for themselves what can or cannot be put on it.

So in a minute we'll be at the grace Gods depending on which official is in the municipality and what he has in store for you.

Can you keep livestock or a food forest or do you have to become an organic farmer?

They are going to impose this on the farmers from above.

Whoever owns the land has nothing to do with that at all.

For example, they can revoke your permit to keep your animals if they think you are too close to nature and you can leave.

You are not allowed to start over anywhere else, at least not in the Netherlands, so you actually get used to it deported.

On Tuesday 17 november we will all have to be there to make a change.

I call on you all to 17e to act.

There are plenty of reasons.

So again.

We call on all Warriors to join us in presenting our cry for help to the King.

Chairman Farmers Defense Force,

Mark van den Oever


Provisional Program Tuesday 17 November 2020 CODE ORANGE

09:00 am Gathering around Huis Ten Bosch Palace s' Gravenhaagse Bos 10, 2594 BD The Hague

10:00 am Handing over a letter with a cry for help from Dutch farmers to King Willem-Alexander

10:15 am Various Speakers

11:00 am Trigger parade and closing part 1


13:00 PM Arrival at CBL, Overgoo 13, 2266 JZ, Leidschendam

14:00 pm Handover plus explanation of FarmerFriendly Quality Mark to the CBL

14:30 pm Unveiling

14:45 pm Registration membership of the FarmerFriendly Cooperative

15:30 pm Closing demonstration

Fighters, see you on Tuesday, November 17, ALL4ONE !!!

Board FDF

November 2020


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